As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

24 Responses to Video || Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech

    • Barely! She’s still bleating on about the “glass ceiling”. As a woman I find the criminal Hillary far, far more offensive than Trump.

  1. NO, I hope to never hear that arrogant, self-satisfied screechy voice again.

    I wonder if Hillary is worrying about them “all hanging from nooses.”

    Probably she and her ilk are planning how to get back in power.

    Will they have to return all that pay for play money?

    • “… and I would like to thank the entire D and R parties because, without their complete corruption and / or incompetence, it would not have been possible for Trump to get a look-in. Seriously, you wonder why people voted Trump? Because, whatever people think of him, you were worse and you had plenty of time in which to prove it.”

      “… and I would like to thank the entire MSM and associated celebs who have outed themselves as completely compromised, bought and paid for. Anyone who previously doubted the extent of media bias may doubt no more.”

  2. Wonder what she was really pondering?
    It was – for her – a strangely gracious speech overall. And not overly screechy.
    But she and Bill look really sick.
    I do wonder how many more years of life are allotted to them – but then I wonder that about myself!
    I do know I would not let this bunch any where near a child of mine. Never, never, never. I believe they are pedophiles.
    And one more thing – I believe Huma thought this was her recognition celebration. She was meeting and greeting for all she was worth. Not sure HRC gave her a second glance. Interesting…
    What a historical, nation changing election.
    Praise the Lord!

    • Noticed that too, Huma’s gotta be looking for the next leg she can hump. This whole crime family needs to be thankful they aren’t in jail yet and lay low for the rest of their lives, but they won’t. They don’t get it.

  3. This year’s pollsters gave an unanimously appalling performance, unworthy of our times…Unrepresentative of the mood of the country.

    Zero hedge

  4. When the world began caving in on the Clinton cartel, I took great joy in tuning in to MSNBC to watch their horror. It was the first time I enjoyed watching that channel.

    At one point, one of their buffoons made a few comments about how they need to “get out the constitution”, presumably because Trump was going to trash it. That was the end of my joy, seeing hypocrisy of that magnitude.

    Thank you President Elect Trump, for sparing me of hearing that screeching criminal for 4 years. I would have had to take a hole saw to my ears otherwise.

    Nevertheless, our country is still in real danger. The leftist movement took a serious blow, but is still alive and functioning. I only hope President Trump can open peoples’ eyes to the failures of liberal politics, by leading us through many conservative successes, and by dismantling the corruption in Washington.

    President Elect Trump’s victory speech was perfect. He seemed genuinely humbled but not overwhelmed. I think we may have another Ronald Reagan in the top position in this country. The silent majority has intervened, spoken, and has made a statement to our runaway, self-serving, ignorant government. As Trump has said many times in his former life, “You’re Fired”.

    Go Trump! Drain the swamp!

  5. It took nearly 30 years to slay the dragon lady. Her words of concession were music to my ears.
    But it was her ‘humor’ that caught my attention when she spoke of her ‘gratitude’:

    “Finally, I am so grateful for our country and for all it has given to me.”

    Really, Hillary? You used your position all of these years to acquire wealth most Americans only dream of. You should be ‘grateful’ that you are not behind prison walls!

    Good riddance!

    • Somewhere in that Hillary yelling session, she started quoting Scripture. I about ran off the road. Here’s Hillary, among the most dishonest, evil, conniving, self satisfied, arrogant, selfish politicians who ever lived, quoting the Bible to justify herself and her actions?

  6. It was a good speech, but she stated she will “work with Trump”. It hasn’t dawned on her that she is OVER. She has no position or power anymore. She is not the incumbent anything, no one needs or wants her. Just…go.

  7. Two reactions from Facebook friends on the election. Friend 1 (now former friend) is Canadian. Friend 2 is Russian. I found them interesting.

    This is the last thing I’m going to say about the election aftermath. Please read to the end for the moral of the story.

    A True Tale of Two Facebook Friends

    Friend 1: Much appreciated that if you voted for Trump please unfriend me. Thanks….just do it.
    [And that’s the kind reaction; the rest are spewing hate]


    Friend 2: I remember very well one post of my friend from Norway [XXX XXX] about candidates for the position on USA President. There were a list of persons with remarks “the first ever” and quite put-down remark about Donald Trump. I also remember that I commented it so that it was not our business who would be the new President in USA that it was Americans business. Now we see that Donald Trump is a choice of Americans. Why??

    If I would be American small guy from small town or village I would also vote for him. Yes, unfortunately it is because I would have to chose between Him and Hillary Clinton. And when I see Hillary face on TV screen I see false I see something artificial. I can’t trust and believe her. Donald Trump is also strange and looks like unpredictable person but.. he is natural and I would vote also for him. So I personally understand Americans and I respect their choice. I wish Good Luck to Donald Trump and Americans. I bless God for Peace and prosperity for all of us.

  8. It was a good speech, conciliatory where it needed to be; energizing her supporters where it had to be. It would have seemed far more honest, from the heart, if one didn’t know the long trail of lies, corruption, manipulation and greed that follows her.

    One thing that stood out was her reference to those who had lifted her up. All I could think of was her collapse in NYC after the 9-11 memorial. “Lifted” her up, indeed.

    • It would have been better if she had given the speech last night..,but she was probably busy throwing crystal at anyone who dared to come close to her.

      • Ironic. And yet another lie.

        I read somewhere that when Podesta was saying HRC not there because not ready to concede she was on the phone, conceding to Trump. Someone in the room said it “lasted about a minute”. HRC, at her most gracious … HA!