In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 10, 2016

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:00 am || Meets with President-Elect Donald Trump. First Lady Michelle Obama will host Melania Trump in the White House residence
2:20 pm || Welcomes the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers; South Lawn

All times Eastern
Live Stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm

20 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 10, 2016”

  1. As late as August, Obama , shamelessly campaigning for Hillary, said that Trump was unfit to serve as president and urged Republicans not to stand by him. And yesterday I heard him say, in CNN, that Trump would need to go in ” President school” and he offered his school.Maybe he was joking but, still, hilarious, little Barry is so pompous.So, he thinks he has a lot to teach 70 year old Trump, a successful businessman ? Barry is so yesterday now. So glad not to hear lessons about “racism” and HBTQ from the White House anymore. I feel like the US will start to look like the US we all love and cherish again.

    1. I hope that there is a meeting with Donald and Obama, GWBush, Clinton, GHWBush and Carter….so I can get a look at that picture.

      Would love to see the look on their faces as they see Donald in the Oval Office…and me knowing that Donald is just as ready as any of them ever were.

      Expect Results. <prediction

      Expect Results. <Demand it of Trump

      1. The senior Bush(es) consider Bill Clinton another son.

        This election must have been a crushing blow — one son, failing to make the candidate cut, and one daughter in law failing to win the Presidency.

  2. Obama will try to tell Trump: “this is how YOU will handle the transition.” Hope Trump tells him “WE WON!” Trump should inform him that any damage done or missing items (like when the Clinton’s left) will be billed to Obama.

  3. Announced today:
    GM is planning a 2,000 worker layoff starting in January at plants in Ohio and Michigan.
    What it means in real life- @12,000 people will be living in reduced circumstances for the foreseeable future.
    Why didn’t GM announce this sad news last week, or even Monday – politics.
    With thousands of special snowflakes and assorted spoiled brats taking to the street to protest our democratic process and the will of the people, illegal aliens proudly wave the flag of Mexico demanding rights they aren’t entitled to claim.
    Some ill-informed citizens want California to form their own country apart from the USA as if anyone to the East would stop them – go for it California!
    All this because President-elect Trump has promised to make our country great again, promises to stop the drain of our treasure trickling to other countries, and keep us safe.

    1. The meme among the snowflake/brat “protesters” is that since Hillary won the popular vote, she should be president. Morons. Such an indictment of our pubic education system.

  4. Dear Melania…..please do not let Michelle Obama’s bitterness rub off on your sweet and professional personality. And please do not take any of her fashion advice.

    1. Carol, I’m sure she is smart enough to not let that thug of a woman tell her how to be! After 8 years we will have another REAL First Lady in the WH again!!

  5. Before the Trumps can move into the private residence the joint will have to be stripped down to the bare walls by a hazardous material team and then thoroughly fumigated to eradicate all traces of these racist, communist leeches who have tried so very hard to suck the life blood out of our country.

    Wonder how many taxpayer funded vacations and golf trips the Obamas can squeeze in before Trump is inaugurated?

    While were at it how about one of the first acts of the Trump Administration is to have the Secret Service send a bill to Valerie Jarrett demanding immediate reimbursement for the illegal Secret Service protection she has received over the last eight years? A glaring misuse of taxpayer funds.

    The rule of law must be extended to cover all of these miscreants in Washington who believe they can get away with anything. This also includes a lot of republicans in Congress.

    1. Big holiday season coming up and New Years Eve. The Obamas will probably celebrate in excess on our dime.

      And then they will be gone. With nary a thank you to the American people. Trump has thanked and praised the American people probably more in one day than Obama in 8 years. No more I, Me, Mine. Welcome Us, We, Together.

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