As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Clinton Concession Speech

UPDATE: The speech has concluded. You can see the video here.

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  1. OK, I’ll listen to her one last time, but it better be the last time.

    OT: We called this
    July, 2015 we participated in an online poll right here at WHD.
    Who won- Donald J. Trump – beating out every other Repub.

    • Indeed. The Lord has shown us great grace and mercy. Now I hope and pray he keeps His mighty hand on DT and MP as they do their jobs to restore America to greatness.

    • Well, they are playing tweets now. So I am going to go out on a limb and say that wasn’t Hillary on the phone to Trump — probably Chelsea — no, drinking with Mom — maybe Huma. Probably Huma or Mills.

      Talk about dodging a bullet. We got a second chance, hope we don’t blow it. Your column should be a joy to write this Sunday. Please post if you are so inclined.

    • Agree. If there was ever a night when she was going to get blasted, it was last night. There’s a quick way to sober a drunk up and get them on their feet and moving: Oxygen. You put an mask on the drunk and put the drunk on near pure oxygen for a few minutes. Cleans out the effects of the alcohol from the blood stream and lungs very quickly. I’ve seen it work miracles.

  2. WTF? Someone reading tweets. Anybody know what is going on? This is pathetic, even for Hillary.

    30 years in politics and she still cannot do the right thing. We have indeed been spared.

  3. HA! “The question of the day. Are you excited? etc.”

    Nope, the question of the day is where is she and when will she show? Memories of Benghazi — nowhere to be found.

  4. So last night she sends Commissar Podesta out b/c she is a coward and can’t face the music.
    Today she is running late, b/c she has a bad case of the vapors over not winning?
    Or could it be b/c she was actually running for her own self interests and could give a rat’s butt what the American people think now since they didn’t give her TWH?
    I think door #2.

    • Hubby just said she waited until today so she would get better TV viewership/coverage than she would have at 3 am this morning. Interesting thought.

      She is still trying to get the best of Trump.

  5. Kooky Roberts reported she is sure Hillary didn’t get elected b/c it is America’s reaction to a possible woman president.
    What horse pucky. These leftists are really too stupid to even adjust their message.

    • My 30 something daughters just never got that woman president stuff. Neither see gender as a work place issue or a reason not to or to vote for a woman.

    • Agree. Kooky and the others of her ilk cannot wrap their heads around the idea that the American people will elect a person–male, female or in between–who can best lead this country, respect the Constitution, demonstrate courage and ethical leadership qualities, etc.

  6. Anybody ever watch Monster-In-Law with Jane Fonda and JLo?
    There is a part where Jane Fonda has a vision of smashing JLo’s face in a cake – over and over again, all the while she has this eerily calm look on her face.
    That is just what Hillary’s countenance reminds me of. She probably wants to set every Trump supporter on fire.

    • Agreed. The concession speech is for the supporters who have worked themselves into the ground and stayed up all night and deserve to be comforted and cheered by the failed candidate without delay.

  7. Even when she tries, she can’t help herself. Well, that’s done.

    Who are these Fox people????? Pathetic. Purple, like Donald Trump, unified. Cannot wait one day to steal and hop a ride. Just like riding Bill’s coat tails…

  8. Nice diplomatic speech by Obama, he definitely went way out of his way to degrade Trump in every way he could…

    Also nice to give credit and follow the Example shown to him 8 years ago when Bush and his team transitioned…

    • Yep, and he did it in that drone-like, angry, lecturing voice he uses when he doesn’t get his way. This guy can’t get out of town fast enough for me.