In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


America is Saved, for Now

Donald Trump’s victory is a great moment for the country, but less for what he will do than for what he will prevent. Because a victory by Hillary Clinton would have meant the finishing touches on the radical, permanent transformation of the nation begun by President Obama.

First and foremost, the Supreme Court and the other high courts will not become a leftist, activist, enclave providing a green light for a liberal president intent legislating from the West Wing. The destruction of the Constitution by those who view it as whatever they want it to be will end. Trump   probably will not exclusively appoint conservative justices, but the ones he will put into the judiciary will in no way resemble Clinton’s choices.

The usurping of American culture by unfettered immigration from nations that do not share our values will be substantially slowed. Whatever is left of American values and morality will be preserved to perhaps fight another day, though the decline of the nation may already be irreversible.

The continued destruction of our military — and of our ability to project power in the world — will stop. The U.S. armed services will be rebuilt. Despite Trump’s suggestions that he will decrease America’s role in the world, he will recognize dangers overseas and use a beefed-up military to address them. America will again be respected, because Trump will be feared, even if he is disliked or ridiculed. He will be feared both because he is unpredictable and he is strong. Obama was entirely predictable and consistently weak. Hillary would have added her demonstrably poor judgment to this mix.

The inexorable expansion of government and the exponential growth of our debt will be slowed. Though he hasn’t talked about it much, Trump will rein in government and work to reduce the deficit. He is a businessman who gets that the public sector doesn’t work. Trump will slash taxes, and the economy, which has barely been growing under Obama, will finally begin to heal.

The march toward the full socialization of our health care system be halted. The failure of Obamacare would have prompted Clinton to create a “public option” for Obamacare beneficiaries or seek the full transformation of the system into a Medicare-type scheme. Under Trump, the growing medical costs to consumers will slow, and the eventual rationing of services will be prevented.

And political correctness, which has increasingly enslaved our country to untruthfulness that bends us toward liberalism, has taken a solid blow on the jaw.

Trump is no angel. But his election prevents the installation into the White House of the Clintons, who have been plaguing our country for a quarter of a century with scandals, criminal behavior, rapacious greed, and rampant immorality. Four or eight years of the Clintons would have been more corrosive to our collective psyche than anything Trump is likely to inflict.

Obama placed America on the road to ruin. The Founders already would not recognize this country. If Democratic rule had continued, they would have understood it to be unsavable.

Trump is no Messiah. But by keeping those contemptuous of American values from continuing to run the nation, he has a chance to save the country.

He doesn’t even have to be that great. He just has to not be Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. And that he will do.

40 thoughts on “America is Saved, for Now”

  1. Haven’t read your report yet Keith but I know I will sleep the best night ever in 8 long years!!
    Ps love you Girly1!!! And all you faithful people.. beyond

  2. I suspect Democrats are busily filling out absentee ballots and “discovering” tens of thousands of ballots under beds. This isn’t over and the question is if the career liar is honest enough to concede that she lost.

  3. Well said, Keith. We begin a new path now, trying to bring a degree of sanity and straightforwardness to the governance of our beloved country. We don’t know how successful a Trump presidency will be, of course. But we do know what a breathtaking disaster Hillary’s destructive presidency would have been for all of us. And so did, obviously, millions of other Americans.

  4. What an amazing night. I can’t wait to hear from all of the experts to explain how Clinton lost. They will never get it. I only know that America was saved tonight from a destructive, corrupt individual that has only looked out for herself and the money she could swindle.

  5. Trump now speaking and it’s a gentle, calm let us come together, this is what we are going to do type speech. Excellent. Even gave Hillary props for her long service to the country.

  6. I won’t repeat what Michael Moore said a Trump victory would be, but I second it.

    10 years of name calling, insults, fear, and a general feeling of despair is now history.
    Thank you, Americans, thank you.

  7. Americans came through for America. Thank God. And thank Donald Trump for taking the truth to the people and believing that we could make America great again.

    He gave a gracious acceptance speech.

    And Hillary phoned it in. Old habits die hard.

    Obama, speechless?

    1. Pence will make a great VP.

      And a big thank you to Senator Sessions for sticking by Trump, through thick and thin, offering good counsel and support.

      1. I am concerned Obama will stick around Washington and be a burr under everybody’s saddle who do not agree with him. Unless he is too busy golfing

    2. “He gave a gracious acceptance speech.

      And Hillary phoned it in. Old habits die hard.

      Obama, speechless?”

      Just one more speech and then they can go away and never be heard from again, except to testify when Attorney General Guilliani drags her in.


    wOW. Empire State Bldg. lit red, with pix of Trump President of US , and playing national anthem.

    Can you imagine being from NY, in NYC, recently President -elect and seeing this. A big deal even for Donald Trump. Talking about having your name on a building!

  9. Bravo! I would add that Donald will stop the snobbish ignorance that Potus and Crookery brought to the table on the world stage. What an embarrassment it has been to watch them flaunt their self-loathing and diminish the importance of the American People and our Principles. God Save The President Elect and God Safe us all!!!!

  10. “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed
    That I would see the goodness of the Lord
    In the land of the living.” (Psalm 27:13 (NKJV))
    Thank you, Lord. Today I see Your goodness and I am deeply, deeply grateful.
    We yearn to be worthy of this blessing and so, we ask for Your Wisdom and Your Strength and Your Mercy in all the days to come.
    Thank you, Lord. Your Mercies endureth forever.

    And my thanks to Keith and those who are faithful and sincere in their comments here. Your thoughts (and musical links) were often a solace to my soul during this campaign.
    I count you as friends.
    May God bless and keep you as we go forward.
    May God place a hedge of protection around our leaders as they guide our great Ship of State to rights.
    May the privilege of this “second chance” be foremost in our minds every day and may it lead us in our thoughts, words and deeds.

    1. Amen. What a beautiful statement.

      I’m kind of new in commenting here, but I also appreciate so much the decency of everyone here. It was so heartening to have one place where I could be certain all the news was true, and where Mr Trump’s campaign was supported by the community and not constantly derided (well except by one alone for the past couple of days LOL).

      Keith, congratulations on having a President who is worthy of your integrity and good humor and time. You’ve surely earned that! Looking forward to reading Cut To The News and your articles and blog in the coming eight years.

      God bless you all

  11. Thank you, the citizens of the USA, you have saved my Country, now I have renewed hope for my grandchildren & the world. Now let’s make America great again. Thanks Donald Trump!!!

  12. Holy cow! I’ve never been so happy to eat crow in all my life. I just pray that things will start looking up for everyone not just those at the top!

  13. Excellent, Keith. ” America is saved, for now”. Yes, and Europe may be saved too, because of the outcome of this election. So happy today.

  14. Thank you, Jesus!!!!! I am so happy that I could literally cry. Haters can keep on hating; Trump won fair and square and liberals have proven what a load of spoiled cheats they are. Thank you also to all of the wonderful bloggers on this site and others who have kept me going through this nightmare that is about to end. God Bless America, my home sweet home!!!!

  15. Thank you, Keith, for summing it up perfectly.

    I stayed up and watched the whole thing, through his acceptance speech (wasn’t too late since I’m in Los Angeles!)…the stake through the heart of the Clintons, Obamas and the whole lot of them. Finally.

    America is saved indeed!

  16. Listening to news right now. Turns out that all those Republican elites who wanted nothing to do with Trump as recently as yesterday, well apparently they (all the Bushes, Paul Ryan, etc.) are tweeting congratulations to Trump, calling him, telling him what a great guy he is, can they help him in any way. LOL….they’ve decided to come out from under the rocks, it would appear. All useless backstabbers IMHO.

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