In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Video || Trump Votes

This is raw, press pool camera footage of Donald Trump voting this morning in Manhattan.

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    1. No. It’s just we have voted in lying criminals before as evidence with Harding and Nixon. Never has a orange face baboon been sworn in and never will be.

        1. Later tonight? This will be gift wrapped and finished before 11 PM EST including Hillary’s acceptance speech (cringes at the thought) and Donald’s non concession speech because he is utterly insane.

      1. I have been trying to figure out why you hang out here. Probably because you are just one of those people whose life is not complete unless you are being contrarian and enjoy irritating people.

        How we live is a choice. And your choice is to go where you are not wanted, and revel in the gloom that you bring into other peoples’ lives. A true believer in Misery Loves Company — any company. To you, that is a life well lived.

        Rather sad, all things considered.

        But spew away — it’s a free country.

        1. So in other words you realize Hillary is going to win tonight because Trumpsters decide to put the most unqualified, most disliked major party candidate nominee in modern history as their standard bearer and have nobody to blame other then themselves?

          And why do you exist to live in a bubble? I mean cannot you not figure out that is the reason why since 1992, the GOP has lost (counting today) 6 out of the last 7 popular votes and would been straight Democrats the past I don’t know, 30 plus years had GWB won by the smallest margin ever in Florida (and I freely admit he won fair and square there…the liberals are just bitter for backing a bad candidate in Al Gore while also not taking GWB more seriously soon enough).

          Whether you want to admit it or not the country has changed since 1986 or even 1996 drastically. It’s much more moderate and yet the GOP keeps sending hard right candidates up there. Romney had to run so far right in the primary to fend off the fringe right that he wound up whatever chance of putting together a center-right coalition that could have won in 2012 despite everything else that was going wrong. And instead of learning from that mistake the GOP decides to go even more red blood manic crazy and nominate Donald Trump.

          I honestly think you people rather lose and get nothing so you can complain about everything instead of winning and getting 70-75% of what you want. Reagan had to deal with Radical Republicans in his day and he hated them beyond words. He kept them at bay but now the GOP is just overthrown with crazies so now we are stuck with a permanent residency for the Democrats being at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for I don’t know how long. Perhaps 20 years or so because the fallout of Donald Trump is just getting started. It does not matter what happens in four years. The Republicans could create a mix of Ronald Reagan and Abe Lincoln spliced in with Teddy Roosevelt in a mad scientist lab yet still lose in 2020 because every attack him or her would be the same: “This is the party that gave us this *insert crazy foul Trump rant of your choice*.

          It will literally take the Republicans a generation to get over Trump and honestly, they might not. This might been their nail in the coffin as a national party. And unlike you, I am a American first and foremost. I want to two strong honest parties to keep each other honest and work together to solve problems. Now we only have one party and the Democrats are literally the mob with Hillary as the Penguin. Way to go people..way to go!!

          1. “And unlike you”, I am a American first and foremost.

            Ah, the inevitable deterioration of the discussion. Was there spittle as you typed?

  1. Paul and I voted together this morning too. We had a lot of State and County elections on the ballot, along with a local option to allow the convenience store to sell beer and wine. We want them to succeed so that we won’t have to drive 15 miles for gasoline, so we voted yes on that one, even though we don’t drink.

  2. There are some here who think people who support the Trump campaign are responsible for the terrors MrsClinton promises- a third Obama-like term.
    These detractors don’t understand that it isn’t the person, the man, who draws us in, it’s his message that echoed everything we think and say in private. He wouldn’t have been the Repub candidate if the elected Repubs had DONE THEIR JOB.
    No, we don’t want open borders. No we don’t want our companies moving to Mexico or elsewhere because the tax benefits are enormous there and the work force is cheap.
    Jeb! was the frontrunner, but he thought that 10 million Spanish speaking illegal aliens invading our country was “love”.
    The other Repubs hold elected offices but sat on their hands, refused to do their duty to the people, and then expected us to applaud their cowardice? No.
    There was a time when DrCarson, a outsider unknown in the political arena, became the front-runner! Why? Because he, too, said what we have been saying with our votes in 2008, 2010,2012, and 2014 – we want our laws enforced, we want the President to obey the constraints of our constitution, and we want our Supreme Court to be guided by the Constitution, not political concerns.

    Remember – Justice Roberts wrote the majority vote on Obamacare by claiming it was a “tax”.
    Is there anyone in the USA who believes that? No. There isn’t.
    It became the beginning of the Trump insurgency.
    Instead of blaming hard-working, patriotic Americans for anything, look to the very people who are supposed to protect our country and blame them.

    1. Your statement is so full of bullcrap, I had to roll up my pants to read it. Yes because Trump can stop jobs going to Mexico which otherwise would be automation (which neither candidate discussed but is the biggest issue we might have ever faced as a species since within thirty years we will no longer be the smartest being on the planet). How on earth can you believe this crap? Are you this stupid?? And no it’s not the fault of RINO’s in your eyes like Ryan, Romney and McCain that Hillary is going to win tonight. It’s on you for pushing forward a platform that wouldn’t get elected in 1986! Seriously Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave at your craziness!

      1. Yep. That’s me – stupid, crazy, racist, homophobe, anti-Islam, clinging to my Bible, gun-loving, idiot, deplorable basket-dweller, and worst of all – irredeemably patriotic Dem who refused to support a lying, greedy irresponsible candidate -MrsClinton.

      2. I find your response to srdem an indication of your deficiency of common logic.

        Your comment is indicative of the mindset of the people in this country that are sick and tired of the elites in WDC that get elected and then laugh at us for voting them into office.

  3. After the way the Republican party has acted, it is pretty obvious that Mr Trump might have done even better as an independent candidate (although we would not have had the thrill of watching him beat 16 Top Contenders with just his elbows since the Party tied his hands behind his back. And he STILL WON).
    The other thing we’ve learned is that the old GOP strategy of “We have to have a majority to protect against the Dems” is NOT in OUR best interest. That strategy protects the UniParty.
    So I am thinking this was my last vote “For The Sake Of The Party”. In fact, we would not be any worse off if all Trump Voters refused to vote Republican again and developed a new strategy that ignores the Paul Ryans et al. They turned their backs on the voters’ choice for President, actively working against him, and just assumed we would be there to still put them back in office. That should never happen again to Free People.

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