As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || The Final Day of Campaigning



And the whole lot of them.

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  1. The handwriting is on the wall. Judging from the body language of the Trump children, Ivanka, Tiffany and Don Jr. on Hannity last night, their internal polling must have been disastrous. They all looked shell-shocked.
    Hannity tried to cheer them up by commenting that Don Jr. was going to be the next

    Looks like we’re going to be forced to endure multiple victory parties by the crass Obama/Clinton cabal as Hillary is dragged over the finish line. Horrors!

    No sign of Huma last night, but Drudge reports that she is back in the good graces of Hillary.
    The one to watch, however, is Chelsea. She appears to be making a move for the #2 spot – her Mother’s keeper. Her husband was kept in the wings last night while she took center stage with her mother…and father. She only has eyes for her mother, however.
    Very interesting family dynamics here!

    • There seems to be no bottom for these soulless people. When Barry rented a house in Washington for two more years, I smelled a rat. He owns her butt and so do many others. Our house will not be the OURS for many more years. Off to the highest bidder and next agenda. God help us. (I hope I’m wrong, but…)

      • Barry is renting a house in Washington for two more years because his kids are still in school and then they will either move to New York or Hawaii. Certainly not back to Chicago. Like Oprah they used that city for their own personal glory by milking it was bone dry and that got out of dodge ASAP never to return.

    • The Trump children looked relieved that their father is not becoming the next president of the United States. It’s bad enough they have to spend the rest of their lives trying to undo the damage to their family name and business by being a quack job but imagine had he won? They must been fearing for their lives and doing a victory dance that he is going to lose pretty handily to the devil in the pants suit.

    • I didn’t watch Hannity last night but this morning on FOX it was all about Trump and every restaurant in every little town FOX sent their people to were excited and all but one in all of these restaurants were voting for Trump.

      Please do not give up-the day has just begun….quit thinking negative.

    • Chelsea Clinton is as useless as a broken rotted rubber band, And if HRC wins she will be Clinton in Waiting — the die will have been cast and we will never be free of this family and their enforcers and enablers.

        • Depends on the submarine: there are deep sea vessels, such as the Triton 36000, which do indeed have windows.

          Seriously, if you absolutely MUST insist on being a contrarian arse, JustTrolling, you really should have better material.

  2. OT: They just can’t help it, they just won’t stop reports that MrsClinton has won in a NH vote cast at midnight. Yes she did. 4-2.
    There were three little towns who reported their votes cast at midnight and the combined votes say MrTrump beat MrsClinton.
    CNN forgot to mention that.