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Video || Clinton Votes in Chappaqua, New York

Hillary Clinton’s wealthy neighbors in the New York City suburb seem pretty excited to see her.

19 Responses to Video || Clinton Votes in Chappaqua, New York

  1. Well, I am off to place the vote that puts Trump over the top in Florida . :)

    …. and, of yeah, affords Hillary more time to get acquainted with her neighbors.

  2. I wonder if their love for her is unconditional? I wonder if she fails miserably, which is what I hope and pray for, the neighbors will shun the Clintons, and they will have to sell their mansion and buy something somewhere else? Maybe next to Barry and Michelle, their new BFF’s?

  3. I wonder if the MSM let the neighbors and the people waiting in line to vote know the Clintons were coming so there would be a crowd there to “welcome” her and act surprised.

  4. In a just country, the FBI would slap handcuffs on the scheming, thieving, grasping, evil crone before she could cast a vote. One of the most corrupt women in history. Those who vote for her should be ashamed AND have their heads examined.