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Video || Biden Votes in Delaware

If he ran, his name would have been on the ballot. And he would probably have won.

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  1. Except Biden would have been forced to discuss issues, and good luck with THAT.

    Cankles made a plausible personality contest of it, but Biden couldn’t possibly have pulled that off: man’s such a lightweight he thinks gravitas is the name of a Mexican beer.

  2. Uncle Joe….say what you will, he is a guy that you would want to have a few scotches with…..what a shame he hitched his wagon to the Obamanation….


  3. Uncle Joe would have won in a landslide. Thank the mob which is the DNC that they basically told him there was no chance he was going to get the nomination no matter what while you can thank Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter for stirring up the pure red blood manics that any credible credit was a RINO and getting the orange face buffoon the nomination. It should been Joe vs Kasich. Instead we got Hillary vs Trump. Nice going!!!!

      1. No it’s because Kasich is not a orange face buffoon who can go thirty seconds without having a meltdown on Twitter (Trumps aides had to literally take Twitter away from him, that is how insane he is!) and would had run on a more palpable platform and had an actual grassroots organization built unlike Trump which both were built using crayons.

        Hillary Clinton is the devil in pant suit and yet she is going to win because you Trumpsters decide a complete buffoon was a good idea for the White House. Like I been saying, we elected lying criminals before. Harding and Nixon prove that. Never had a orange face buffoon in the White House and we never will.

    1. I doubt he would have run. Trump is the clear winner — his learning curve on how to compete in the political arena, and his obvious personal growth during the campaign, and his willingness to sacrifice a part of his own fortune to run mark him as the candidate we needed. Hillary may win because she had the machine and the electronic Red Guard of the mainstream media.

      I have done all I can to help Trump. If I could do more, I would.

      Anyone who calls Trump an orange-faced buffoon hasn’t been paying attention.

      1. No it’s just the Trumpsters who weren’t paying attention. Donald Trump has the highest unapproval/unfavorable ratings in modern presidential history. Let me state that again. Donald Trump has the highest unapproval/unfavorable ratings in modern presidential history. Name a Republican or Democrat presidential nominee since 1940 and you will find they have better polling numbers then Trump. If Trump was a plant, he could not done a better job handing this election to Hillary which part of me wants still believe is the true because reality is honestly too hard to grasp. Donald Trump made this a one party system nationally for the next twenty years. Only way Republicans are going to see the White House in the next two decades is with a visitor’s pass. Take all your conspiracy theories and shove them. Hillary Clinton is a lying criminal and is a God awful presidential candidate yet she going to waltz right to victory because you fools decide Donald Trump would make a good presidential candidate!

  4. I’ve always had the impression that Joe Biden is honest. Not meaning that he is above telling political lies, but that he doesn’t seem as embroiled in the graft as others are – he has not gotten rich, and has a net worth commensurate with his salary. He was a good father. He’s never drank. I agree with Keith. If Biden had run, he probably would have won. However, if Biden had run, Mr Trump would NOT have, so Biden would be facing one of the other Republicans.

    1. Yep and hence why it would been a much better election. We would gotten couple flawed but decent human beings in there instead of the devil in the pant suits versus the orange face baboon (honestly calling him a buffoon at this point is a insult to all buffoons!).

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