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Open Thread || Election Night 2016



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  1. Watch for the corporate media to spin the election results to support Hillary. You’ll hear them say, “At this point, Hillary seems to be leading…..exit polls are favoring Hillary…..etc”. They will interview, for the most part in the early phase of their so-called reporting, strong Hillary supporters. We all know the drill. If Trump seems to be pulling ahead, they will underplay that development, saying things like, “Well, it’s early in the count, this is probably an anomaly, it’s too soon to tell, the big states haven’t completed their counts so Trump isn’t really likely ahead, there are reports of voting machine fraud favoring Trump,” etc etc etc. We all know the drill, and they know the approved script.

    • That is what they did this morning with the dinky Midnight voting in New Hampshire. Mr Trump won them all combined by 32 over 25 for Hillary, and all media reported on all three towns. BUT CNN and USA TODAY had this headline: “Hillary Clinton Beats Donald Trump 4-2” POLITICO headline: “Clinton Wins Dixville Notch”

      • My wife is an election clerk, and is working at the Ward right now. She’ll be home in about 45 minutes and she always has great stories about what she saw and how people acted at the polls. Can’t wait to hear what happened today! The stories always include how local Democrats harass Republicans going into vote (everybody knows everybody in this small town), how some Democrats try to vote more than once, how some Democrats go from Ward to Ward giving phony names in order to vote. They always get caught, it seems, and get escorted out of the area pronto. They just never give up. Corrupt to the core.

        • It would be funny if it weren’t so important!

          Seriously though, that kind of thing should lead to arrest, vigorous prosecution, and permanent loss of voting rights. The Democrats’ project a few years ago to make it impossible to prosecute vote fraud and water down penalties was successful so even convictions get nothing more than a slap on the hand.

  2. Drudge yanked down his pro Trump headlines and threw up completely ambitious ones. This ain’t going to be pretty folks and it was right there for the taking. 63% of voters according to exit polls believe Hillary lied about her emails and it’s a major issue. And yet 71% of voters believe Donald Trump is degrading towards women and it’s a major issue.

    Why on earth you Trumpsters fell for his act I don’t know. I do this. The 75+ percent of the nation is never forgiving the radical right for Donald Trump. Ever.

  3. I’m hearing up to an estimated 80 percent voter turnout in Maine and NH on the local news tonight. Not sure if it will hold, but it’s hard to believe Hillary is the candidate driving the high voter turnout. But we’ll see.

  4. Avoid high blood pressure; don’t scare the pets by yelling at the TV – drop in a nice long DVD/ movie (preferably a comedy) and let the Talking Heads analyze until their hair falls out. They have no idea what they’re BS-ing about and we don’t have to listen to them.

      • My daughter in Canada is watching it-LOL…..well I hope she voted for Trump-I was afraid to ask her.

        I’m only turning it on every 1/2 hour or so because I don’t want to hear the analysts analyzing the analyzers any more this year. Please note the first four letters of the word analyze.

        • LOL Carol, I hear you! They are using the NYT map that changes with every tenth of a point so they keep “turning Texas Blue” and making Paul crazy until he sees that less than 1% of the vote is in LOLOL

    • He’s my Senator. There was no choice. I hated to mark that on my ballot. But, I will be part of the anti Rubio crowd when he is primaried.

        • I volunteered to work for Marco Rubio before people like you knew even knew who he was. I know what I’m talking about. There are better people. Just not this time on the ballot.

          You sound like those women who vote for Hillary because she is a woman. Nothing to do with character, issues, competency. 1st woman president crap.

        • Bwahahaha…you know what they say about overestimating the value of unhatched chicks?

          House, held. Senate, held. White House, won.

          You just got one hell of a bitchslap from history, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving asshat.

          Do svidaniya, suka!

      • When he was running for president, I predicted he would never give up until the bitter end, as he would have no job after his term ended.

        So it was no surprise to me that he jumped into the senatorial race after he dropped out of the presidential race.

        • Marco will always look out for Marco. It was silly of him to make the comment that the Senate bored him, that he had no interest in it etc etc. So, he ate some crow and signed up again.

          I am waiting for him to say how happy he is to be back in the Senate where he will be able to most effectively fight the good fight for America. Blah, blah, blah. But at this point he keeps a Dem on the outside which works for me.

      • I did the same thing Grace and voted for him. He did tell a few crowds to vote for Trump when he was campaigning there at the end so that counted for something with me. I just hope he shows up for work.

    • Won handily. Ditto Portman in Ohio. Kelly is neck and neck in NH despite Trump being down double digits there. Then again all three are adults and serious candidates.

  5. Todd Young wins in Indiana. That was a seat Democrats were hoping to flip. Again GOP senators aka adults are doing well. But Trump is down everywhere he needs to win including Florida now even though Rubio won handily. I seriously hope Paul Ryan and the other adults in the GOP (the few that are left) strangle Trump and Trumpsters by the neck at the Capitol steps tomorrow.

  6. To Megyn Kelly, Bret Baer, Chris Matthews, Karl Rove, Rachel Maddow etc…Just Shut Up and put the numbers up there and we smart people will read them and decide who the winners of each state is. You don’t have to talk. Stop reading things into numbers that YOU wish were there. The end.

    • Carol – Watch Fox Business Network, if you have it. Informative, insightful and pretty much just the facts of the moment. I’m enjoying the low-key, professional approach.

  7. Just pulled up DailyMail……People from London, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Canada and all over the world are commenting and rooting for Trump. It’s amazing!!!

  8. Is it too late to borrow and slightly amend the last stanza of “Casey At The Bat?

    “Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
    The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
    And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
    But there is no joy in Mudville – mighty Hillary has struck out.”

    If it turns out as it looks like it will now with a Trump victory, then the pundits, the smart set, the political elites, the overpaid chinwaggers, the pollsters, the “in crowd”–all those who got it completely wrong about Trump for the past 18 months, will have been publicly exposed as fools, liars and self righteous, arrogant knuckleheads. They all need to be forced to write 10,000 times on the blackboard, “I tried as hard as I could to fool the American people and I now admit I had no idea what I was talking about. I am a fool.”

  9. The media were nearly 100% for Hillary. The people couldn’t understand why their concerns weren’t being echoed in the media. My guess is their reaction to media snubbing brought out the Trump vote. We’re here and we must be heard!

  10. I will never understand Arizona. They have that flake fake Republican Jeff Flake, they just booted out Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and re elected John McCain.

    Not my state. Not my business. But the more I see the way the state votes, the more confused I am about their willingness to gain some measure of control over the problems with illegals. Maybe somebody from AZ can help out here. If you are so inclined. Thx.

    • I’ll try. Phoenix and suburbs are conservative voters rule.
      Tucson and suburbs are liberal and heavily Hispanic.
      The little towns and villages all over the state are mixed in voting preferences.
      We are not one, united.
      Immigrants from Illinois, California have turned what was a solid red state to a mixed bag of every kind of voters.

      AZ is not easily explained. We still have real cowboys riding horses to corral the cattle and high-tech businesses that are innovating the industry.

      • Thank you srdem65. I knew it was something like this — sort of like NY and NYC. My nephew teaches at the university in Tucson and he is a liberal Democrat and I have been to Phoenix superficially. I suppose the population and the demographic breakdown is important here. Anyway it always makes me scratch my head. If I was a conservative American, beset with the problems of illegals and liberals, I really don’t know what I would do.

        Not only in AZ, but elsewhere I feel most badly for ranchers, farmers and others who land and families are threatened and violated.

        Maybe if Trump does win tonight we will begin to see some turn around. Thanks for taking the time to respond. And I know what you mean about people from out of state — they can change the complexion of the state and communities. Another time, place for that conversation,

    • I say we start one of those “fund me” drives and pay their airfare to get out of the country. These will be the very Hollywood types, radio blabbers, and others who will spend the next four years, 24/7, trying to destroy Trump’s presidency, mock every decision, deride every comment and otherwise undermine Trump’s every move. Trump never asked these fools for their permission to run for President, and they will never forgive him for that.