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Video || Obama’s Wrong, the Obamacare Gloom Forecasts Came True

A great video compiled by the Washington Free Beacon refuting Obama’s claim in Miami last week that none of the Republicans’ dire warnings about Obamacare had come true.

“None of what they’ve said has happened,” Obama said. “So now, after 60 votes to repeal this thing that haven’t succeeded, now Trump said we got to call a special session to repeal it.”

He’ll repeal it because much of what they said would happen has happened, and things Obama said would not happen have happened too.

8 Responses to Video || Obama’s Wrong, the Obamacare Gloom Forecasts Came True

  1. Bloody hell Keith stop pilling on…I was part of a phone bank for Scott Brown when we thought we had successfully turned back Obamacare only to be told Harry Reid got out the knife …if you are trying to fire up the troops ….job well done

  2. In 2008, I changed my voter registration from “R” to “D” for one reason: HillaryCare.
    I voted for Obama.
    Nothing, IMO, was worse than the HillaryCare scare of 1992. More than 50% of the electorate and most DEMS opposed this plan. After Hillary’s brief foray into the world of H/C, the DEMS lost the House and many key leaders – Speaker Tom Foley, Gov. Ann Richards, Mario Cuomo.

    HRC has announced that she will keep ObamaCare, but with certain unspecified ‘changes’. No word on what those changes will entail.

    The late Barbara Olson wrote a scathing bio of HRC shortly before her tragic death on 9/11. Here is an excerpt from that book, ‘Hell to Pay’, with a glimpse into the mind of a very dangerous, power-hungry sociopath. It’s chilling. Hillary actually believed that H/C costs could be reduced by cutting the supply of doctors by 25%, and Specialists by 50%!!! ( With this logic, I suppose the obesity epidemic could be reduced by rationing food!)

    Take a look:
    “Blue Light Special”

  3. Our oldest daughter and her husband ran into 2 years of bad health, resulting in hospital stays, operations, specialists and a massive bill for “deductions”. Not able to go back to work for some time, and unable to pay what they owed, they had no choice but to file for bankruptcy.
    Obamacare ruined this tax-paying couple who had good credit.
    Bad things sometimes happen to good people, but Obamacare made it worse.

    Daughter suggested they would have been better off to quit work, go on welfare and get Medicaid. I had no answer to that.