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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 8, 2016

UPDATE: Obama played basketball this morning, an Election Day ritual.

10:45 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

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  1. Real Clear Politics average the day before the Election:


    Well within the margin of error.

    Includes and reflects the oversampling of Democrats by some pollsters, so who knows where we’ll be Tuesday night, at the end of the only poll that matters.

    The title of the link says it all, but that is in a way how I feel too, I just lost all faith in the deeply corrupted American legal system and in the rule of law in the US. Because of Comeys recent announcement of ending investigation in the mishandling of classified information. This announcement hit the author of the article on a deeply emotional level. That was the last straw. He reports of two cases, concerning members of the US military, Bryan Nishimura and Lyle White, who recently were convicted of just that. And they had no intent at all, no knowledge of what they did. And then Hillary…. and the avalanche of other damning information Wikileaks gives us, the Pay to Play….
    The author has zero hope for the country if Hillary is elected, and I , well, I don´t know….there will be a day tomorrow too, and the day after and…
    I hope that Keiths articles and your comments here will cheer me up. Citizens ought to be happy on the Election Day.

    1. “Citizens ought to be happy on the Election Day.”

      swedishlady, there will be a lot of very happy people when Mr. Trump wins!

      If he loses, there may well be an uprising.

    2. I was the first to vote in our precinct this morning. I wore a red shirt.
      My husband was second. He wore a red tshirt.
      The man who was third in line said he and his friend were usually first and second as well as being the only two people in line.
      There were eight of us in line this morning waiting for the 6:30 opening.
      The man was sincerely astounded.
      I sincerely believe no one standing in that line was there to vote for HRC.

  3. To quote the great Don Imus… “It’s Erection Day” :-)
    -Need to VOTE TRUMP :-)
    -Buy case of beer this morning…
    -Stock up at Wawa…
    -Drink, watch FNC and check in on WhiteHouseDossier :-)
    -TRUMP WINS :-)

  4. We already early voted in North Carolina.

    My daughter, who lives in South Carolina, has been in line since before 7 AM to vote. She just made it inside the polling place. She had been outside in a line that wraps around the church. Lines inside are just as bad. Pews are being used to queue people through.

  5. From the posts on this thread, looks like long lines of enthusiastic voters are going to be the trend today–hopefully. I voted two weeks ago as an early voter, and noticed the same even back then. When there would normally be 20-30 early voters per day at the beginning of the early voter season, there were, this year, 200-300 per day already. Absolutely unheard of in this small town in prior years. Enthusiasm. Energy.

    So even with the total warfare declared on Trump by the R and D elites, the talk radio big shots Glenn Beck and Mark Levin et al, the corporate press, the Wise Ones Who Know Better Than US found sitting in every bar and newsroom in America, even with all that, Trump has a chance. A good chance. Why? Because he spoke to the American people, not AT the American people. He seemed to be saying what needed to be said. He said things we were thinking and saying to ourselves, our families, our friends–that the “system” has become corrupt, broken, unresponsive to our concerns. He pointed out that there were highly paid, arrogant people running that corrupt and broken system who should be in jail, who were getting away with high crimes against the state, behaving with mind boggling incompetence and evil intent. Yes, evil intent.

    So, we shall see what the day brings us. No one doubts anymore that this election is a crossroad in our beloved country, a decision point, an election that will be remembered and written about for a very long time.

  6. If HRC wins, might just as well put the Presidential Daily Briefing on FB,, the NYT and the Bezos Blog.

    That way Her Haghness will not be inconvenienced at having to read it at an appointed hour if at all, and our enemies can save money on psyops and plan accordingly.

  7. Ralph Peters (Lt. Col or Col I forget which) — he who thinks we should every single ISIS terrorist, votes for HRC.

    This way, I guess, he figures we can just pick them off as they get off the plane or walk across the border. Go figure.

    Amazing how this election period has revealed both the courageous and the cowardly prevaricators who put their well being before the nation.

  8. Hi Everybody,
    Went to vote and had the same eerie experience I had 12 years ago: youngish poll workers approached me with a smile and a bunch of handouts, then stopped suddenly, backed away and went to someone else. Thought I had come down with an acute case of leprosy. Patted myself down and came across the source of their unease–my American flag lapel pin that my husband bought me the day after 9/11/2001, and which I wear on every national holiday, every 9/11 and Election Day. The first pair were Kerry supporters, today’s pamphleteer a Clinton supporter…I wonder what kind of lapel pins they would find acceptable.

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