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29 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || November 6, 2016

    Good morning everybody.
    I am so grateful to Julian Assange, a true, courageous journalist. You may dislike him personally, he is probably not a pleasant man, but that is what he is, a true, courageous , intelligent journalist. Compared to him Woodward&Bernstein really were only errand boys for the establishment, it is clear to me now. Thanks to Assange and Wikileaks we know so much about Hillary, her campaign, the Obama administrations politics. We have facts that they want to hide. Did you for example know that Citibank decided on most members of Obamas cabinet ? Obama is only a puppet. The destruction of Libya, so central in the rise of Isis, the refugee crisis , the weakening of Europe, that was all Hillarys doings, she and her gang.
    I hope you will take your time and read this link, John Pilger interviews Julian Assange. So important, so revealing. And again, it is an enormous stain on the Wests banner of freedom that a man like Assange is a prisoner while a person like Hillary is running for president. And my country has nothing, nothing at all to be proud of when it comes to Assange and the protection of the freedom of speech.

    • Right. Then we can be thankful for the cyber-world. In past times, when the dark evil players did their deeds in the dark we were well unaware of the secret phone calls, letters, backroom meetings. Since Satan moved into the internet, e-mail world, all this dog-doo-doo comes forth. One once said, “post it once, it will be out there forever.” And so it is..Have a swell day.

    • Just watched it all….Assange is no hero, but he has shed a light on the dirty inner workings of western politics….we knew it was there, but once revealed, it shakes our confidence that in our own democracry.

      • Yes, it is shocking what we find. Makes one look at politics and politicians in an entirely different way.It will educate a generation of skeptics.

    • You’re right. Without the courageous and patriotic, we would still be in the dark, wondering about all of this.

      But, the FBI, the DOJ, et all, failed us by showing their partisan bias, their political fears and just tip-toed around the Clinton (and Obama) lies and criminal acts. Yes, MrObama is just as guilty of risking national security because he KNEW that MrsClinton was using a non-secure server device.

      IMO, the real heroes today – the NYPD investigators. The much maligned, accused racists and trigger-happy brutes portrayed every day in the MSM, denigrated by the POTUS have stepped forward with the most explosive evidence of wrong-doing found on MrsClinton’s #1 Aide’s laptop.
      The FBI investigation was obviously hampered from the top on down, no homes were searched, no one outside the inner Clinton circle was questioned, blatant money crimes were ignored, all this shown to the public by a fearless citizen and local police department

      • Yes, the NYPD investigators who choose to go by the law-book, they are heroes too.
        But what singles Assange out is the persecution and that he is so totally un-protected. Only the brick walls in that embassy-house protects him, the ultimate journalist, from destruction. Hillary has said. “Why can´t we just drone him ? “

  2. Speaking of WikiLeaks, here’s a headline that shows how terrified and desperate the Clinton goons are about what may be about to be revealed:

    “CLINTON CAMPAIGN: If ‘whopper’ email is published by WikiLeaks in next 2 days, ‘it’s probably a fake'”

    Fake, eh? Sure.

    Who knows what, if anything, is “about to be revealed”? But the Clinton people have been badly battered by what has already been leaked. Their deceptions, lies, manipulation and unethical behavior have been revealed to the entire world in plain black and white, using their own words. Anyone who doesn’t now understand the Clintons, their associates and the Obama administration are all crooks just isn’t paying attention.

  3. I am reposting my comment from Saturday’s open thread since it seems to reveal more about Huma, Weiner and possibility of spying ie, why were there 650,000 emails Weiner’ laptop.

    This snippet below is from the Intelligence Community on Linked In. It is a roundabout way of discussing Huma without naming names and opening up the writer to problems on an open site. It also points to one rationale for their unlikely marriage and furthermore all the emails on Weiner’s computer. It was a transfer point. Only discovered because of the sexting with underage girl and discovered by the FBI by accident.

    Female Islamist Operative
    When a female operative is looking for a useful asset, they look for a male who has vulnerability, preferably something that can be used to blackmail them. The best assets have a sex problem or a gambling problem. The operative bonds with the asset and works her way deeper into the target organization. In the case of Islam, the goal is long-term. This means that the operative may marry and have a child creating a nearly perfect cover. Working for a “moderate” Muslim journal will enhance her cover by giving the appearance of being a moderate or reformed Muslim. This has the value of appearing to be a friend to the Western audience. At the same time the journal position provides a conduit for making intel drops in plain sight. Having a relative who also works for the journal provides an agent to whom she can safely feed intel. The key obstacle in this scenario is how to move the data of interest from a computer that is “on the grid” to a computer that is “off the grid”. Having a rationale/cover to justify using the personal computer will provide plausible deniability. Show less

    Robert roberts says:

    • More than anything this makes me angry. And more than anything if fuels my anger against the Republicans who refused to fight this man while he was in office. They were all we had. We did our part and voted in the best we could find, gained the majority in both houses and they squandered it. I hold them responsible if Clinton is crowned.

      • Agree – the wimps in Congress are totally responsible for the Hillary disaster that is about to befall us. They did nothing to stop the Dictator.

        The historical Rep victory four years ago produced mostly newbies who were so overcome with awe at their grand surroundings in the hallowed halls of Congress, they forgot why they were elected.
        They will, however, remember why they were fired!

  4. If the email and spying possibility is true the election itself is less important than what the FBI finds and equally important how broad and how deep doe the criminality go? This might also explain Obama’s frantic campaigning. He needs Hillary. My vote is with the FBI. They are fighting an internal war in DC and need support against DOJ, etc.

    • Yes, Robert, it does indeed explain Obamas frantic campaigning. It does indeed explain why he and Clintons are such buddies all of a sudden. They are partners, partners in crime.

  5. If, by whatever means, Clinton wins something tells me Trump will not walk away from the fight for America.

    Of all the “politicians” (or those involved in “governing”) he seems to be the only one who is fighting for America, for the country.

    That’s hard to walk away from. 2 cents

    • Hope he doesn’t go away.

      On the other side, if the vindictive Clinton wins, she’s going to redefine the meaning of “sore winner.”

    • Grace, Trump has started something tremendously important, I believe that he has changed American politics. I know that you are not so keen on Bernie Sanders here but he tried to do something similar in his corner.
      They, and their “disciples”, won´t go away.

      • Let’s hope so.

        As for BS, he is an old socialist who has accomplished nothing during his time in office. The Dems bought him off, made a deal with him to run as a faux opposition candidate. I do not see that as admirable in any way. He and his corrupt wife have acquired a nice new lake house. And who knows what else.

        I have great sympathy for his supporters, however, who were sincere.Sanders should be ashamed and embarrassed to see them on the trail when he goes out to support Clinton.