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Saturday Open Thread || November 5, 2016



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    • Yes, very disturbing. Little wonder the corporate press is trying to avoid the WikiLeaks revelations as much as they can. Did you note all the “Stronger Together” Hillary signs and banners in the video? the theme of “Stronger Together” was used as a logo and theme in Fascist Italy during the era of Mussolini.

  1. Good morning, all….coffee in hand, checked pulse….
    What surprise is in store for us in these last few days?

    Truly believe nothing could sway voters at this point, as the mindset is firmly planted.

    Vote and pray…


  2. Despite Mooch and HRC’s well documented aversion to bad language used by Donald Trump when it comes to women in particular (that is the word pussy) Jay Z and Mooch role model Beyonce gave a profanity laced concert in support of HRC last night. No big news.

    Jay Z pushed a young girl in the face for taking a photo. Again no big news. For some reason I clicked on it. He’s one big guy, she’s one little girl, and that is some forceful push. Pretty disgusting — another hypocritical look at the Clintons and the Obamas.

    • Apparently the shove did not take place at this concert, but 2011. Fact remains, there are a number of similar incidents of such action by Jay Z, Enough to say it is not uncommon. The concert, with the usual music, was profanity laced and Mooch and HRC both admire these people.

      Wanted to make the correction.

      • HRC does not admire these performers. They do envy their popularity and will hitch their wagon to whatever force will garner them more votes. Even with the uninformed….

        Kissing babies was once the way to gain favor, now its kissing arses….

        • True dat. They were only there to fill the venue. I wonder how many of the mostly AA audience hung around to hear Cankles shriek and cackle after the crudeness and vulgarity ended.

    • gracepc, what really sickens me is this pathetic, foul mouthed, slutty performer (Beyonce) has now invaded the CMA music scene. Won’t be long until country music will be poisoned by these thugs filthy language and dress atire!

  3. I don’t know how Trump does it or where he gets so much energy. Four states yesterday-four more today-they said he is going to vote on Tuesday in New York then go to several more states. Unbelievable! I am the same age as he is and I still work but no longer have half the energy.

    Oh, by the way, Tucker Carlson is replacing Greta Sustern at 7:00pm on FOX starting Monday. I like Tucker and he likes Trump.

      • That was understood to be interim because Greta left so quickly, apparently a clause in her contract at that time. Although she was not reluctant to go.

        Hume has been around for a long time and assume he will fill in and etc. as needed. Can’t imagine that after all his hard work he would be willing to commit to long term or grueling.

      • As Grace noted, Brit was just a fill-in until the election was over. He’ll still be around, but he’s been semi-retired the last couple of years, with his guest appearances in the winter months via satellite from his home in Florida.

  4. Obama is using Air Force 1 to campaign. Is he using our tax dollars in a political mission. And why is he running so scared? Is he also cauaght up in HRC’s web of lie and deceit?

    • Yea, the word is she’ll be doing a little 10 minute one-on-one basketball demonstration with LeBron just to get the crowd worked up. Should be interesting. Whoosh!

  5. If Donald Trump had made a “bucket list” 30 yrs ago, it’s obvious that President of the United States wasn’t one of his goals. Over the years he’s said things in public, done things that didn’t go well, and had a messy private life that no aspiring politician would have done.
    He stands up front while his dodgy past is examined and doesn’t deny his actions, doesn’t make excuses, but asks us to look at him now, believe his determination to make things right.
    MrsClinton has spent the last 30 years in the public sector carefully doing next to nothing that might be construed as wrong or short-sighted. She had managed to hide her private life and actions for years, but we know now that it is rife with illegal activities, money laundering, lies and deceptions.

    For the average American citizen, there are two things we fear more than random terrorist attacks or even cancer – the FBI and the IRS.
    Both organizations have reputations of diligence, and the power to ruin our lives and freedom.
    The FBI is investigating MrsClinton’s every move and action, while the IRS is determined to stop political activity of private citizens that is detrimental to Dem politics and agenda.

      • We are now in the very strange position, as a country, if Hillary wins, of having a soon-to-be-sworn-in President accused of high crimes against the State, be indicted in the 70 days between election day and Jan. 20. Imagine the circus we’ll see in Washington if that happens, or if it’s rumored to be in the works.

    • Yes, Trump is the Unexpected Visitor for all these Political Big Shots, R or D, and they don’t like it one bit. We can see them acting out their anger and frustrations,, like the rich, spoiled brats they are, every day right there on the TV screen. It’s driving them crazy to think that Trump wasn’t even invited to the party and now he’s the guest of honor.

      Think of all those Unexpected Guest or Visitor type movies we’ve seen over the years—Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?, Pride and Prejudice, Psycho, Sunset Boulevard, Friday the 13th, Fatal Attraction, etc. Remember how the characters reacted to the Uninvited Guest? That’s what we’re seeing now.

      This is the best election evah! ;+}

  6. It’s the weekend so some of you may have some time to read this Open Letter to the Next President on Foreign Policy by Michael Totten. Don’t always agree with Totten but he has a lot of real boots in the mud, on the ground experience and this is a sound and simple focused policy position.

    It’s also helpful that unlike the ideologues and pro Muslim advisors in Obama’s Administration he has a good grasp of history. We’ve seen HRC in action on the international scene and there is no hope there. And Trump has good access to some sound and experienced FP people. imo

  7. Mr. Koffler, you’ve been working hard this election season. You might want to relax with a good movie:

    WEINER (2016)
    Recently released as a documentary, starring Anthony Weiner as himself and Huma Abedin as herself, it focuses on his 2013 run for mayor of New York. See details from the Internet Movie Database at the following link:

    Last night (Nov. 4), it played on Show Time 2, which is Channel 577 on the Comcast system.

    • What’s amazing is that the population of Hershey, PA is @ 15,000 souls.
      It’s in the middle of PA, not near the big cities of Pittsburgh or Philadelphia.
      That means that people had to drive for miles to get there for the rally.

      • There was an article I read somewhere this morning that said as soon as the j-low and j-zee team was done with their concert more than half of the people left and didn’t listen to Hillary speak. LOL

        Another article said Hillary got 10,000 people but Trump got 15,000 without the guitars, drums, and the J team.

      • I didn’t know where it was. But I am familiar with the area. Very good point. Takes an effort to get there. These people will vote — rain or shine.

        And as Carol points out below 1/2 the people left after the “entertainment” and did not wait around for HRC. Perhaps that will be a factor in their voting commitment.

    • Here is what I observe.
      Hillary brings in entertainers to do two things:
      1. Get a crowd.
      2. Pander to minorities.
      I see Trump out there with the people, us regular folks.
      Says a lot.

  8. Live stream on Breitbart right now-Trump in Wilmington NC…..they are waiting for the plane to arrive… should see the crowd at the airport

  9. This snippet below is from the Intelligence Community on Linked In. It is a roundabout way of discussing Huma without naming names and opening up the writer to problems on an open site. It also points to one rationale for their unlikely marriage and furthermore all the emails on Weiner’s computer. It was a transfer point. Only discovered because of the sexting with underage girl and discovered by the FBI by accident.

    Female Islamist Operative
    When a female operative is looking for a useful asset, they look for a male who has vulnerability, preferably something that can be used to blackmail them. The best assets have a sex problem or a gambling problem. The operative bonds with the asset and works her way deeper into the target organization. In the case of Islam, the goal is long-term. This means that the operative may marry and have a child creating a nearly perfect cover. Working for a “moderate” Muslim journal will enhance her cover by giving the appearance of being a moderate or reformed Muslim. This has the value of appearing to be a friend to the Western audience. At the same time the journal position provides a conduit for making intel drops in plain sight. Having a relative who also works for the journal provides an agent to whom she can safely feed intel. The key obstacle in this scenario is how to move the data of interest from a computer that is “on the grid” to a computer that is “off the grid”. Having a rationale/cover to justify using the personal computer will provide plausible deniability. Show less

  10. If this is true then the Trump Clinton stuff becomes trivial. It show that there was open spying going on. Wiener was just a stooge whose laptop could serve as a transfer point. Also if true then the implications go further and deeper than I had imagined. My vote is with the FBI.

  11. Someone just tried to assassinate Trump. I was watching the rally. No word on what happened specifically, but the person was about 20 feet away (I’m estimating) in front of Trump. The Secret Service rushed Trump off stage and swooped in to get the person. So frightening. Trump came back and coolly finished his speech. That’s courage.