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Video || Obama Silences Crowd Yelling Pro-Trump at Heckler

Barely. He had to chastise them to death first.

“Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up. Hold up.”

I’d be impressed if I actually thought Obama gave legitimacy to other people’s views.

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  1. OT…but one of those “What’s going on with people” stories.

    Remember at the height of the Roger Ailes sexual harassment story, when Megyn Kelly said something like, “Roger Ailes has always treated me well. He never tried anything like that with me.” That was her first version of the story.

    Well, in her new book she reversed herself completely, and wrote her second version of the story.:

    “There was a pattern to his (Ailes) behavior. I would be called into Roger’s office, he would shut the door, and over the next hour or two, he would engage in a kind of cat-and-mouse game with me—veering between obviously inappropriate sexually charged comments (e.g. about the ‘very sexy bras’ I must have and how he’d like to see me in them) and legitimate professional advice,” Kelly alleges, according to Radar.

    “Kelly says she rejected every advance, but her former boss “crossed a new line” in 2006, when he allegedly grabbed her and tried to kiss her on the lips. “He asked me an ominous question, ‘When is your contract up?’ And then, for the third time, he tried to kiss me.””

    So, in which version of her story is she lying? The first? The second? Neither? And there we have our issue with Megyn. When is she telling the truth and when is she just promoting a new book?

          • Old speakers axiom? “The man with the mic has the power.” Panels,Host, TV talking heads, when handed the microphone experience the swollen head syndrome, assuming the mic is a sceptre spout forth BS, but believing it is truth! Sorry side of mankind. Egotism respects no class, came be seen top to bottom in human beings. Just observe my little grasshoppers. Observe and learn…

      • I will never watch Magan Kelly again. This last time when she called Trump a sexual preditor when at the same time she admitted she wasn’t sure he was a sexual preditor, that did it for me! Never again. Megan Kelly uses the show to get even with Donald Trump and that is not the way she should be a host of a show. She should be at least partially neutral, to use her show to show her hatred to Donald Trump is just the height of stupidity, she is now being called the worst names all over the internet because of her unproven name calling of Trump while Newt Gingrich was on the show. He told her off good, told her she was cukoo about sex. I just feel she shouldn’t display her hatred of Trump on the show every night and will never watch her again and hope she gets canned in booted in the ass.

    • Megyn with a “y.”
      Dress like a “hoe” and you’ll be treated like one.
      That is all.
      Wait. No it isn’t.
      There are a lot of us women who fought for our careers before you. We dressed professionally and conducted ourselves accordingly.
      Some of us were real “lookers” too. We heard every line in the book – and truth be told, fell for one or two maybe. But, our personal integrity won out and we learned there was no need to compromise our integrity.
      Respect is earned, Megyn with a “y.” You can still earn it with honesty and integrity and maybe a sincere apology for trying to sell your looks rather than your intelligence,

    • Prostitutes have more dignity than M.K.
      After spending the last year auditioning for the Sawyer/Walters spot @ABC, it seems that no one is interested in making a bid for her services. She is a legend only in her own mind.
      There’s always the Weather Channel if the $20M FOX deal falls through!

      • That is a good point. The difference is that Barbara Walters and former Miss America Diane Sawyer have always – always – been ladies. They share a genteel interest in people that isn’t feigned. So they were always able to be (or to fully appear to be) professional and principled reporters, but without rancor or guile toward their subject.

  2. Tuned in to “Special Report” tonight on Fox (which I stopped watching a while ago)…the panel members picked Hillary to win, most predicting a “short” evening. They’re sticking to their anti-Trump guns ’til the end.

    • Well, Mr. Pibb, these are the wise ones, aren’t they? They are in regular commune with the Oracle of Delphi and have been given wisdom, authority, rare insight, the keys to all the mysteries. What they declare is the way it shall be.

      Look at their expensive togas and the laurels on their heads. They are the Chosen Ones, selected to tell the rest of us slobs what to think and how to view the world.

      In truth, of course, they are just guessing in that pompous, sneering manner they display so often, victims of their own life-long confirmation bias. They have no better handle on what “shall be” than we do. No matter how expensive their ties, or how rare and lovely their earrings. I think, deep down, they probably, in quiet moments of truth, would acknowledge that.

      • Panel = Dr. Krauthamer, Steve Hayes, Lisa Boothe and some guy I didn’t recognize…all but Boothe predicted the early evening, basically saying Hillary had enough states in the can.

        Just saw Chris Stirewalt and he said the same thing…Trump has peaked and Hillary really wasn’t hurt that much by the FBI announcement, as she had already lost that ground beforehand.

        Ah, the wise ones.

        • Thanks. CK and SH have been saying this since Trump appeared on the scene. Disappointing. This election has certainly been useful in revealing the elite pundits — some of them just like the GOPe.

          • Manny, in his early days, CK was a science adviser to the Carter administration and was a speechwriter for Walter Mondale. I still like him because he’s an interesting guy, and says interesting things. But on the Trump issues, yes, he’s in there with the never-Trump people and that’s a shame.

        • The funny thing is they, like the GOPe, think that if Trump loses we will all come running back — they think this is a temper tantrum or we are stupid. They think we have nowhere else to go.

          I would rather keep my own counsel and share and learn from other educated and knowledgeable resources than go back and listen to Fox or any other MSM “news” and pundits.

          I am done. To me the media “bias” and misinformation, corruption and condescension is beyond repair.

          • I’m done, too. I basically stopped watching Fox this year, and just tuned back in recently to see what’s up before the election. Don’t like any of the hosts anymore…not even Bret Baier, after him defending their debate moderating antics back during the primaries.

            Although I’m hopeful, I have a feeling Hillary will hold on for a narrow win. Either way, the TV will be off after Tuesday and I will “keep my own counsel” from that point forward – as you so eloquently stated.

        • There’s a small handful on FOX I enjoy and respect. The lefties on FOX are disgusting and make up their own ‘facts’ – we all know who they are. And O’Reilly? Way too fair and balanced for me. I suspect FOX will lose a lot of viewership after the election.

      • I saw that segment. The other guy is Tim Farley. He has a show on SiriusXM. I only know this from reading what it says on screen under his name.

        Here are the two segments Mr. Pibb referenced (let’s hope they’re all wrong):

        Does Trump have enough time to pull off a victory?
        Nov. 04, 2016 – 9:24 – The ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel weighs in:

        ‘Special Report’ All-Stars place bets in Candidate Casino
        Nov. 04, 2016 – 3:02 – Panel places presidential bets four days ahead of the election:

    • Special report: They are and always have been traitors and are helping the traitors, Romney, the Bushes, etc. For what reason? Stupid Special report, hear this, we are going down the communist path with Clinton, that makes you guys commies, too! Guess you are happy about that and they should call Special Report, Stupid Special Report.

  3. Speaking of the Never Trumpers on Fox:

    Britt Hume, such a phony!! He thought the camera was still on a single screen of the reporter in NC, (who was talking about how a vote for Egg McMuffin is a waste), and didn’t realize they cut back to a split screen when he was in the middle of telling his producers to wrap him. He looked furious. He wanted that guy off the air ASAP. Then, at the end, he puts on his phony smile.

    • So many lies. So much exposed. Even if Trump does not win and we descend into some swamp of corruption the country owes him a lot for standing and taking the arrows and exposing the corruption, criminality and hypocrisy in so many of our institutions. No other Republican candidate could have withstood the war from all sides, and still made his point about what is going on in our government, our media and our political institutions.

      And once again, as many have said, watch FBN not Fox. And yes, Brett Baier lost me also. Too bad. I expected more.

      • Yes Grace, I watch FBN now. Hope that doesn’t change. I mean, CK, MK, Brett Bair is no better than MegYn. He and Megyn dreamed up that FIRST FILTHY PRIMARY QUESTION at the beginning. These two nothings thought that question would bring down Trump, ha! They are no match for Trump, Brett Bair and Megyn Kelly, they are really full of themselves, only everyone is not watch Fox anymore. Dumb bunnies, all at Fox. But they do their best every night to ruin Trump. Poor fools, communism is waiting for them with Criminal Clinton, if she wins. And if she wins, we know its rigged for real, as no one goes to her rallies like they do to Trump. Trump is winning but the Reublicans and Democrats are stealing it from him. These morons want may have their first criminal American President. They will be so relieved if she wins, traitors all and they are criminals just like Hillary Clinton, thats why they want her to win.If she steals it from Trump there will be a war.

  4. “Hold up!” The video is priceless. Widdle Barry gets madder and madder because the hecklers aren’t obeying him. He looked like he was about to have a stroke.