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Rosen: “Pretty Certain” Hillary’s Server Was Hacked

Fox News correspondent James Rosen reported Thursday night that a well-placed source in the FBI has told him that that Clinton’s server was almost definitely hacked by several different agents.

Rosen said:

This source, I asked, “Is there anybody at the FBI who believes Secretary Clinton’s private server wasn’t hacked?” And the answer was, “no.” And the source said to me, “It’s pretty certain she was hacked. It doesn’t take a computer rocket scientist to figure that out.” . . . And they believe that as many as five to seven individuals or hostile actors might have breached that server.

Now, think of how those emails look, if you’ve seen any. Many are heavily redacted. Many, of course, contain classified information. Imagine, all that information is hidden from me and you, but an enemy of the United States happily went through it. Including emails sent by the president of the United States.

9 Responses to Rosen: “Pretty Certain” Hillary’s Server Was Hacked

  1. Of course her server was hacked, and there is snow in the Rocky Mountains.
    Were American interests harmed by the information gleaned, did anyone die, was a mission compromised and how did this information change diplomatic efforts?
    We’ll never know.
    Every exchange between the POTUS and his staff or cabinet is defined as private and classified – not available even to Congress or Justice, but hackers know what was said, what was proposed, and there is the crime – that MrsClinton should have known that her servers were not secure, that her messages were not encrypted and would be discovered by our enemies.
    She is guilty.
    She should be prosecuted for her crime.

    • Hillary Clinton has shown us how greedy she is for money, who knows if she used those crappy servers on purpose so that the foreign leaders could look at all the classified documents? Shades of the Rosenbergs in the 40’s who did stuff like that for money. I mean, we know how crazy Clinton is for money, don’t we? She would take money from anyone, terrorists, anyone? We know that she took money from people like that, so who’s to say she didn’t do it on purpose for money? Her an Bill Clinton are consumed by money and power. We know Clinton will stop at nothing to win, to steal the election too. What hurts me the most is that so many people go to jail who have done nothing compared to what the Clintons do? Nixon was a Saint compaired to the Clintons and the Obamas too!

  2. Hillary’s Chappaquiddick server was hacked within 20 minutes of coming on line for the first time. You can bet on that. You think the Chinese, Iranians, Cubans (who are some of the very best hackers around), and the Russians are playing tiddlywinks? They knew Hillary is a moron when it comes to security issues. You think they didn’t discover that computer was loose and barely, if at all, protected?

    Now we discover Huma’s and her sex nut husband’s laptop was also in play with 600,000+ Hillary emails on the hard drive. You think the enemy hackers don’t have every single one of those emails? They’ve been analyzed, categorized, sorted, threaded, prioritized and the relevant ones have already been sent to the appropriate enemy agents working against US interests in the field.

    Huma and Hillary and whomever else is involved in this mess were trafficking in State secrets, willingly (in the case of some of these characters) or unwillingly. This will turn out to be the biggest security catastrophe in the history of the United States.

    • I wonder how much of Benghazi was on her computers — and how many people were named. Like Chris Stevens (sp?) to name just one. HOW many of his requests for security etc ended up on one or more of those emails?

      • Yes, Benghazi and Stevens. I have read that he tried to communicate with her by computer and satellite phone as things were beginning to heat up in Benghazi, bringing her up to speed on the attack and asking for help, and that he did not even receive an acknowledgement from her. She never even responded to him.

  3. All this “hacking” talk…from both sides…And NO ONE ever mentions COMMUNIST CHINA…

    The god-damn RED CHINESE make all our electronics (laptops, mobile phones, etc.) and NO ONE has the GUTS to mention COMMUNIST CHINA is hacking all of our communications…?