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Christie May Have Just Lost His Chance to be Attorney General

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has had such a fall from grace. He is no longer popular in New Jersey. He lost badly in the Republican primaries. He didn’t make the cut to be Donald Trump’s vice presidential nominee. And now, he is probably off the list for attorney general should Trump win on Tuesday.

Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff, and Bill Baroni, the former deputy executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, were both found guilty late Friday morning of  charges that included conspiracy, fraud, and civil rights deprivation in the “Bridgegate” case, in which traffic was intentionally tied up near the George Washington Bridge to harm a Christie political opponent.

Christie glued himself to Trump after he dropped out of the primaries. But he seemed to distance himself after the video emerged of Trump talking with Billy Bush about grabbing women’s private parts. Perhaps, though, he still had hope of playing a significant role in a Trump administration, either within the White House or as attorney general.

It would seem impossible for Trump to make Christie the AG after Kelly, one of his closest aides, was convicted of conspiracy and fraud.

Christie was supposed to be Trump. He was the tough-talking, politically incorrect, no-nonsense fella who was going to take it to the Democrats. But he got out-Christied by Trump, who usurped Christie’s role as tough guy, even making Christie seem diminutive by comparison. And now it seems he’ll have to slog through one more year as governor before putting his name on the masthead of some New Jersey law firm and appearing occasionally on Fox News to remind himself of what things used to be like.

Of course, who knows? In America, there are always second acts.

19 thoughts on “Christie May Have Just Lost His Chance to be Attorney General”

  1. Bridgegate – the reaction in fly-over country – yawn – what? Slowed traffic on a bridge?
    Two Christie staffers found guilty of WHAT? Is that the kind of crime they investigate ‘back east’? pffft.
    What killed GovChristie’s national political future was the Obama-hug after the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

      1. Nope, the Obama hug didn’t really make us turn against Christie here in Jersey. Heck, if it had gotten us money from the Feds for Sandy relief, I’d have hugged Obama myself. Christie has been a fiscal disaster here–from his shady dealings with the state pension fund to ARC tunnel he nixed to the bankrupt transportation trust fund that required a 23 cent gas tax increase all at once–everything he’s touched has gone south. Nobody who wasn’t stuck in that traffic, except the media who soil themselves in joy because it’s a scandal from Republicans, gives a rat’s behind about Bridgegate. I thought Christie was going to be Trump’s Chief of Staff. He could probably still do that.

        1. I feel bad for Christie, over a traffic jam? The fix is in for him. I hope Trump makes him Chief of Staff. For me, Christie is tops no matter what. I would hate for him to disappear, would miss him.

    1. For some reason the local NBC news station here in the Philadelphia market (Ch. 10/WCAU) is fixated on the Bridgegate story…

      “Bridgegate” takes place in NORTH NJ…why the hell is this Philadelphia/South NJ media market so concerned about it…???

      1. Why fixated? Because Philly beams its signal into a swing state and WCAU is carrying water for Hillary.. Dems are panicking and need all the Philly votes they can get

  2. How do we know for sure that MrObama is really a lame duck president: watch the video of him in NC trying to get the attention of a huge crowd who cared more about a Trump supporter than him.
    “hey, listen to me! Hey!…

  3. which traffic was intentionally tied up near the George Washington Bridge to harm a Christie political opponent.

    But BLM and other “protesters” tying up bridge, highway and other traffic to prevent people from getting to work, to the hospital, to their parents to relieve a medical aide, to a school to pick up their child …. that’s ok. A political opponent is more important than that.

    I am bleh about Christie, but this always seemed like a big nothing to me, especially in light of the full scale criminality of the Clintons and the DNC.

    1. Absolutely right Grace! Clinton runs for President, after she feeds foreign leaders classified info — no one can tell me she used that crappy server by mistake, yeah, she did it accidentally on purpose! We will be the laughing stock of the world if the communist/democrats steal the election for her, THE FIRST CRIMINAL PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, HILLARY CLINTON, THE WOMAN WHO CAN’T EVEN STAND UP ON HER OWN, NEEDS HELP TO WALK, OUR NEW PRESIDENT?

      1. Geraldo was going on and on this morning about how Comey violated some unwritten 60-day rule by interfering with the election, and how unprecedented and awful this was. Tucker pointed out it was just tradition, and not some binding statute or law passed by Congress.

        No mention, of course, by Geraldo of all the laws Hillary has broken…far more unprecedented for a presidential candidate and infinitely worse than any silly “tradition” Comey may have breached.

  4. The fact that the criminal Pantsuit Lesbian even stands a chance of being elected Tuesday proves that nothing is impossible from here on…

  5. I disagree about this one. I don’t think Christie is any better if a person than Hillary is. It doesn’t matter if you think it was “only traffic on a bridge”, the point is he’s a liar and engaging himself in that type of behavior (which I firmly believe he did) only indicates to me that he’s capable of engaging in much more and probably has. It’s unethical, period. I’m personally tired of unethical politicians helping no one but themselves and stepping on whoever is in their way. I’m disgusted that I have no one better to choose from to vote for. Maybe some of you are happy with Trump, but I’m not and most of my friends are not. As Republican voters we deserve a better option, the country deserves a better option. I’ve never missed voting in an election but I’m not voting for president this time. I know many will disagree with me, but this time it’s a moral issue. I refuse to support anyone who has engaged in criminal and disgusting behavior. I just won’t do it.

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