As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Trump to Self: “Stay on Point, Donald”

Who was it? Sun Tzu? Clausewitz? One of them must have said, When you’re enemy is destroying themselves, don’t do anything to interfere.

14 Responses to Video || Trump to Self: “Stay on Point, Donald”

  1. I notice when Trump is a little upset or angry at what is going on in the corrupt government he never looks mean. When Hillary, Obama, Warren, Podesta, Whoopi, Wasserman, et al get upset they scream their words out, wave their hands and arms all over the place and get this really scary look on their faces.

  2. Maybe, just maybe the Clinton corruption has finally caught up with them.
    Maybe even the Obama DOJ can’t extract them from this debacle.

    Obama must be sweating bullets.

    And he thought that he had this one nailed down.

    Sorry Barry, welcome to America.

    We ain’t done with you yet.

    • The longer it goes on, the more desperate Obama becomes, the more hysterical the lies he tells about what will happen in Trump wins and the Republicans are in — take away Medicaid, Pell grants, etc. and Mooch’s garden of course.

      His eyes are hooded and he has that lizard like movements. It is all about fear, and danger, etc. Nothing positive about what Hillary will do. All scary stuff. You know, how most Presidents reassure the people.

      His legacy, thanks to his complicity with Hillary, is doubly soiled. Two pigs in sh*t.

  3. Not down w/ the ripe for corruption practice of early voting. Besides, the other side is preaching that and hard. My guess is they want a HRC vote before the Mother of Other Shoe’s drops. And you KNOW there’s more to come…

    • Yea, I’m waiting for that shoe to drop too. You know how at the end of a fireworks show, they save all the really big fireworks for the end? Then it’s BOOM BOOM BOOM. That’s what’s I’m waiting for. Of course, Trump could have something up his sleeve too. We’ll see.

    • I have already voted.
      I voted for the future of America, not the past.
      The Obama administration has shown us what happens under socialism, and Hillary would only exacerbate the same philosophy.

      The corruption that has been allowed to continue under the current regime is indicative of what we would face given another 4 years of the Clintons.

      It was an easy vote for me.
      I love this Country and so does Trump.
      Shouldn’t it be obvious by now that Hillary doesn’t?

      One step at a time America, and this is an easy step.

  4. Trump has a rather hard hitting new ad: “Unfit”.

    YouTube online has this warning:

    “This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.”

    And putting “Unfit” into YouTube on a TV will get you several videos, but not this one.

  5. I will vote Tuesday. Happily and hopefully or Trump and Pence. My down ticket will not be all Republican this time. No more GOPe.

    Of course, I will be voting in Florida.We seem to be a real contender for winning State with the Most Voter Fraud. I suspect in the south mostly, and illegals voting, and usual Dems voting multiple times and driving around with trunks full of votes.