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Video || Melania Hits the Campaign Trail

Melania Trump spoke today in Pennsylvania, in the Philadelphia suburbs. Thought you might want to see.

Note: This speech is 99.9 percent Michelle Obama-free.

8 Responses to Video || Melania Hits the Campaign Trail

    • Don’t think it matters much with five days to go. Let ’em attack her…and if they dare criticize her for standing by her man, well, they really shouldn’t go down that road when it comes to Hillary and Bill.

  1. I listened to her speak.
    While she is not an especially inspiring speaker, her words rang true.
    And when she spoke of the conversations she has with their son, – well, it brought tears to my eyes. Those after school moments in time – those listening times are so precious.
    When Mother came home from work, I remember sitting on the kitchen counter as she prepared the evening meal. (We called it supper.) I thought she hung on to my every word. I suspect she was so tired that my voice was a humming in her ear – but I never knew it.
    When I needed to hear my son, we took a drive – being in the car started the ignition switch of his talking to me. It was my chance to pass on thoughts and ideas and influence.
    Now mother is long dead and our son has his own family…and I cherish the memories and wish for them one more time.
    So, I thank you, Mrs. Trump, for letting me listen to you.
    No matter what anyone says, I admire you as a mother and a wife and I would be proud of you if you were my daughter.

  2. We have grown so accustomed to masculine aggressive “females” a beautiful , soft, feminine woman is almost foreign to us now. She makes me proud to be a woman.