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Biggest Bombshell of all: FBI Investigating Clinton Foundation

This news could not be a bigger deal, and it even eclipses the revelation by FBI Director James Comey that Hillary Clinton’s email probe has been reopened.

Fox News’ Bret Baier reported Wednesday night that the entire Clinton Foundation is under intense investigation by the FBI. The laptops of Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson have in fact not been destroyed and are being reviewed. The gold mine of information that will come from these and other sources is profound.

This means that everyone from Hillary to Bill to Cheryl to Huma to Sidney to on and on and on are in fact under investigation. Any of them could be indicted, including Mrs. Clinton, since the central point of the probe is pay-to-play schemes related to the State Department and the Foundation. But who knows what else the Feds will come up with on this corrupt cabal?

It’s Greek, but I wouldn’t call it tragedy. The Clintons’ greed has caught up with them, and if she loses, it will have cost her the election.

Americans, I think, will realize that by electing Clinton, they would not just be electing a potential criminal. They would be placing into the White House an entire criminal enterprise.

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  1. Grifting, shakedowns, selling access and/or favors and accepting bribes is usually something we hear about in banana republics or dirty small-town politics. The former President, First Lady, and former Sec of State skirted every law, used every means to make themselves wealthy – multi-millionaires.
    For what?
    They aren’t enjoying their senior years on a sunny beach, a cruise around the world, or even relaxing while bouncing grandchildren on their knees. The Clintons are actively, and determined to get back into the WhiteHouse and a position of power regardless of age, their health, or legal woes.
    Everyone, every corporation, every country that contributed to the Clinton crime organization expected something in return for their generosity – and it wasn’t the warm fuzzy feeling of helping the Haitians or anyone who needed assistance.

    1. I’d like to see Comey personally slap the cuffs on Hilliary right in the middle of one of her campaign screeches. THAT would be priceless.

  2. Again, the top people in her organizations who were responsible for initiating violence at the Trump rallies have resigned in order not to be a distraction.
    Hillary needs to step down in order not to be a distraction to the VERY serious issues that are threatening our nation.
    Will she? No. She will have to be involuntarily “hooked” off the public stage just like in the vaudeville acts of old.
    It just boggles my mind that people like Kadzik, Podesta, Abedin, Mills, Lynch, Obama, and all the other players are just fine with supporting someone who is so self absorbed and self-enriching, that any criminal act is ok to commit. And by extension, any criminal act is ok for them to commit.
    I read something yesterday that said the goal of all the power players in Washington is to promote themselves, promote their friends and the children of their friends, and promote anyone that can enrich themselves, so the vicious and putrid cycle continues.
    The American way of life and liberty is on a death spiral and will continue down if this vile shrew is elected.

  3. If the American people elect Hillary, in the face of all the reports of her corruption and her perhaps imminent indictment, there is something very rotten in the United States.

  4. What does it say about our current president that he and his wife continue to tirelessly and blindly campaign on behalf of the most corrupt human being ever to seek the office?

    Follow the money. I suspect the Obamas view the Clintons as “money in the bank.”

    Every one of these people, the Obamas, the Clintons, and every one of their sycophants would be useless in the real world. Those who put these otherwise useless people in a position of power are just as guilty as they are. All they have to offer are schemes. They are street hustlers in slightly-better clothing.

    I contend that the Framers could never have envisioned that any group so self-serving and corrupt would be allowed this level of control over an educated electorate. Thanks, public schools.

    1. What does it say that the press is hounding Brazile, when it was Hillary who gladly accepted the ‘cheating’ info about the debate question scandal?

  5. I didn’t know the Clintons were Catholic – apparently during her stint as SOS, the Clinton Foundation sold more favors than an Italian Pope of long ago.

    1. On a related note, the other day Rudy Giuliani likened the Clintons to the Mafia…saying if Hillary had an Italian last name, she would have been in prison long ago.

  6. This is a very big story. The Clinton Foundation is the core, the furnace, the boiler room, the war room of the vast array of the Clintons’ corruption.

    The thought occurs: As the Clintons have climbed the political ladder, the heft and width and depth of their corrupt behavior has grown exponentially, rung by rung. This is I’m getting at. In Arkansas, it was the Whitewater and the cattle futures swindle (and, of course, Billy Goat’s sexual pathology). Small potatoes compared to what was to come.

    When they lived in the White House, the Clintons upped the stakes exponentially. It was Travel gate, the brazen theft of FBI files on Republicans to dig up dirt, Lewinsky, the theft of White House property, constantly lying about everything, etc etc.

    Post Billy’s Presidency, and Hillary’s failed stint as SoS,it was the Clinton Foundation, the mother of all Clinton corrupt activities with play for pay, illegal access, the email mess etc. The corruption grew.

    So, the higher the Clinton’s climb up the political ladder the more outrageous their crimes become.

    My point: can we even begin to imagine the high level of criminal behavior Hillary and Billy will introduce to the annals of criminal political behavior should she win the trophy and become President? No, we cannot. It is unimaginable. At this point.

        1. What was particularly troubling about the use of the Lincoln Bedroom to raise millions for the DNC was the Clintons not recognizing the ethical sodomization of the American people by using government property to raise money for a political party.

          But look at the money Obama has pissed away flying AFO at $212K p/hour to 2-3 DNC fundraisers a day. He actually makes the Clintons look like pikers, in that regard.

          1. Yes, he has. And if he’s not watched carefully post-Presidency, Obama will make the Clintons’ current capers look like Sunday school hi-jinks.

    1. Marcus, There are rumors of unfortunate deaths in Arkansas also. And WJC did fire those 113 DOJ prosecutors to stop the investigations.

    2. Open borders –Americans and American values will be killed off. These people are not here to assimilate. They are coming here to get a better deal than they were getting when socialism started to or did fail in their countries.

      Single Payer Health “care” and Death Panels.

      Excruciating taxes on everything.

      State Education. And as it came to the Soviets, State Art and Literature.

  7. Even with all that has gone on up to this point, the floodgates will open if this woman gets in the White House. You will see levels of corruption never before imagined. It might be years down the road, but it will be a cesspool.

  8. If Hillary had a smidgen of integrity, she would step out of the race. But, since we all her sense of entitlement to the office will never let that happen.
    It simply staggers me that with everything we know about her, the populace (I refuse to call them Americans) is still eager to elect her. Unreal.

  9. To parody a tune I know well:

    Give it time, all will be clear
    Given time we’ll understand
    All the wrongs this woman’s done, by which we’ve suffered
    We’re mad as hell, and full of scorn
    We’re ina mood for total war
    Lock her up inside Club Fed, and let’s move onward.

  10. They would be placing into the White House an entire criminal enterprise.

    The fact that this could happen is perhaps even more frightening and repulsive. Between the criminality, the electoral fraud and corruption, and the voters who support her for whatever reason we have been infiltrated through and through.

    1. Yesterday on Fox, they showed pictures of Hillary, Podesta (aka the crypt keeper), Weiner, and Huma all on one screen…what a motley crew, I thought. We can’t have these criminals running our country.

    1. Me, too. The Electoral math is difficult for Donald. I just hope enough voters in the swing states realize electing her will mean a constitutional crisis.

      1. If it’s close the Dems have safe closets of votes that can be added to the count. It is not funny and they will do it.

        Every vote should be verified.

  11. It is becomingly abundantly clear that the Rule of Law in accordance with our Constitution is being ‘mugged;’ and, when a federal agency is conducting a legitimate felony investigation and the tenor of the investigation is inconvenient, or embarrassing to the targeted politician or group, the investigation is delayed, obstructed, stonewalled, obfuscated and general quashed as not to ‘upset’ the targeted politician/group or election.
    We, the People, merit better.

    1. Just wait if she wins…Pelosi is already chastising the Republicans for their impeachment murmurs – saying that would go against the “will of the people.”

      I have a feeling we’re in for a big mess after next Tuesday.

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