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Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 3, 2016

11:15 am || Delivers remarks at a rally for Hillary Clinton; Florida International University, Miami
1:05 pm || Departs Miami
2:10 pm || Arrives Jacksonville, Florida
3:15 pm || Speaks at a rally for Hillary Clinton; Unversity of North Florida, Jacksonville
4:15 pm || Departs Jacksonville
6:10 pm || Arrives White Houise

All times Eastern

26 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 3, 2016”

  1. Lunch with Kadzik, Jarrett, Mills, and Podesta….subject line: how can we implicate and accuse Abedin as the force of all evil

    1. Thanks. I did not know that Obama had changed course and it is now criticizing the FBI.

      What link or channel do you use to get LD or others at FBN on YT?

  2. Why is Obama campaigning? He has two and a half months left as president. He should go to work on behalf of the American People. No President in America’s history has every pulled a stunt like this.

    1. I don’t know if that is true but it sure should be!
      How horrible to have a “leader” rooting for a criminal under FBI investigation. I want my money back,sick of this!!

    2. Alright, it’s worth one response I guess. All these negative Trump comments are so uninformed. Of course, sitting presidents have campaigned for the next candidate!

      And when you call Hillary Clinton a criminal you are showing your disdain for the American justice system which assumes a person innocent until proven guilty. You decide before any trial that a person is guilty because someone tells you this? That is so not right and not what America does.

      Do you folks ever go to see what fact checkers say about lies of Trump vs Clinton? You should because you can see about 78% of Trump statements in speeches and debates outed as lies. But Clinton has somewhere around 13% and you should stop calling her the liar. These are just facts, not opinions.

      1. “You decide before any trial that a person is guilty because someone tells you this? That is so not right and not what America does.”

        First of all, you don’t get to decide what is right or wrong or what America does, leftist. So get off your damn high horse.

        Second, I can call Hillary a criminal if I want to. And she is. Are we in a court of law? No. Am I sitting on her jury? No.

        She is a liar. She is a crook. She is corrupt. And the fact there are still people out there like you supporting a liar and a crook shows you – not me – you are an enemy of this nation.

        So, stick it, leftist.

      2. The “Fact Checkers” pick and choose which statements they want to answer.

        If I were in charge, I could reverse their percentages and I would still be truthful with the facts.

    A mutiny in the FBI ?
    FBI agents felt they had adequate evidence to pursue the investigation of the Clinton Foundation but were repeatedly obstructed by officials at the Deputy of Justice. Despite the DoJ warnings the FBI agents continued to go forward leading to a tense meeting between FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe and a DoJ official. McCabe: “Are you telling me to shut down a valid investigation ? ”
    The Clinton/Obama people are desperate now. They have so much to hide. I am happy to see that there are tough men like McCabe and colleagues willing to expose this lawlessness.

    1. Yes, the Clinton sycophants, bunglers and nomenklatura are officially in desperation mode, screaming into their microphones, threatening Armageddon should Clinton lose her bid to rule us all from her throne in the White House. It is not a pretty sight to witness as we watch the Queen of Lies tremble and wobble her way through her throngs of worshipers to yell at us all at a fever pitch cry for help. Only a handful of days to go before the yelling stops.

        1. Yep, the polls and voting machines are rigged, as we have already seen from several reports in recent days. Hillary cannot win an honest election, so her supporters are pulling out every trick in the book.

  4. He is the president of all the people and has no business out on the campaign trail and nobody has done that for 100 years. His legacy is a failed healthcare plan, a failed ME policy and he has been a disaster for America.

    He is doing her no favors. Just more fans for Trump.

  5. Wow. Just listened to such a great speech by the president in Miami. I especially loved the way he presented the case re gridlock, explaining it was not something equal on both sides. This needs to be explained all the time so people realize how this works. He did it so well and the need for more Democrats in Congress! I only wish all the Democrats presented that case as he did today. It was a marvelous speech that made me stop what I was doing to listen to the whole thing, on msnbc, btw.

    Will surely miss President Obama.

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