As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Video || Obamas Dance the Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Tragedy at last night’s White House Halloween celebration.

22 Responses to Video || Obamas Dance the Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

  1. Soon he can party and golf at other people’s expense. He can plot against the US until his heart’s content.

    He can live in a gaudy palace and surround himself with fanning Nubians.

    But he will never be able to snap his fingers or pick up the phone and order up AF1. No matter what.

  2. Somehow very fitting that these two serial law breakers, racists, utterly corrupt, and morally bankrupt America haters, awkwardly shimmy to the song of a brutal, drug addled, pedophile.

    Two and a half months to go.