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Trump Leads in Average of National Polls Released Tuesday

Four national tracking polls have been released so far Tuesday. Average them out, and you get a one-point lead for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton has crashed in the ABC/Washington Post poll, which just last week had her up by 12 points but which today shows a one-point lead for Trump. The LA Times/USC poll, which has for weeks by the most favorable to Trump, puts him up by four, though it had a slight lead for Clinton last week. The InvestorsĀ Business Daily/TIPP poll, which was the most accurate in 2012, has Clinton ahead by one, and a Rasmussen Reports survey puts the race at a tie.

If anything, polls probably underestimate Trump’s support slightly, since some of his supporters might be bashful about admitted they back him.

Enthusiasm also seems to be with Trump. But don’t necessarily count on more of his supporters getting to the voting booth, since the Clinton campaign has a superior get-out-the-vote operation.

They’re going to need it, much more than they thought.

Other interesting polls released today come out of Virginia, which was supposed to be a lock for Hillary Clinton. A Washington Post poll has her up by six, while an Emerson University survey puts Clinton’s margin at only four points. But a Franklin & Marshall poll has Clinton leading by 11 points in Pennsylvania.

7 thoughts on “Trump Leads in Average of National Polls Released Tuesday”

  1. closely related. The use of technology, government and private enterprise collaboration, personal data and future elections.

    Linked is an email from Eric Schmidt of Google to Cheryl Mills. It deserves to be read, if for no other reason than to see how the technology companies will provide the body politic with all the information they need to know about you.

    I have long held that Eric Schmidt is an evil and dangerous man to the well being and independence of the United States. I have a similar view of Google who ironically started with this “Do No Evil”.

    Note that Schmidt references the use of his plan in Chicago and the use of Amazon cloud services.

    1. Even by early 2015, Google officials had already visited the Obama White House 230 times. Almost two years later, who knows how many more times Google–Schmidt or some other Google big shot–sat down with Obama or some underling. What were they taking about that was so urgent and needed so much intense updating? We can pretty much guess.

      You bet something very smelly was/is going on between the Obama and Google.

  2. Just heard Ed Rollins and Pat Caddell on Cavuto…they both said this election reminds them a lot of 1980 in its final week.
    Interesting because they were opponents back then.

    1. I ran a post here a couple of weeks ago on exactly that situation. In 1980, Reagan was pretty much behind or sometimes tied with Carter for most of the election, according to the polls. In the very final days, the polls showed Reagan had caught up to Carter, and was ahead 1-2 points, within the margin of error. Final results of the election: Reagan beat Carter by 10-11 points. The polls missed the actual election results by a mile. Same thing happening now, I bet. We’ll see.

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