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The October Surprise, Part 2: The November Surprise

I can feel it. Like a dog who barks before an earthquake, I just know it’s coming. And just like that dog would, if it could, I hope I am wrong. But I believe The November Surprise will soon be upon us.

The Great Clinton Exoneration is on its way. One way or another, the Justice Department will announce in the next seven days that there’s no evidence of classified information on emails Hillary Clinton exchanged with her protégé Huma Abedin, and, everyone please ice up the champagne again for the Clinton coronation.

I don’t know how it will happen exactly. But it will happen. Because the Democrats will win this at any cost. Losing means allowing Trump, the crude usurper, to undo everything the magnificent Obama did. And the revelation that Clinton is under investigation yet again is a serious threat to her candidacy, and the Democrats know it.

Here’s one possible scenario for making the problem go away.

FBI investigators are currently racing through Huma Abedin’s emails trying to rule out that Hillary Clinton sent or received classified information to any of Abedin’s private, Anthony Weiner-supervised, email accounts. They are under enormous pressure by political appointees in the Justice Department to get the deed done before Election Day. The agents will do an honorable job, though, and it does not appear they can possibly complete the task in a thorough manner before Tuesday. To be done seriously, the job of divining which of thousands of emails may contain classified information takes time.

Time would seem to work against Hillary Clinton in this case. But time can also work for her.

The very fact that investigators cannot conclude by Tuesday that no classified information was exchanged between Abedin and Clinton also means they cannot conclude there was any. And so, presto, some kind of “preliminary finding” gets cooked up that the emails contained nothing more threatening than Yoga appointments, pantsuit sales, and Friday night gatherings of the Wellesley Alumni Scrabble Club.

Maybe, at that point, agents will even have “viewed” all the emails but not yet completed the process of having agencies scrutinize the missives to determine whether information was classified.

You can just hear Loretta Lynch proclaiming: “At this point in the process, we can announce that the FBI has reviewed all of the emails and has not found that any of the information within them was classified.”

Technically, correct. But as a practical matter, meaningless.

But as a political matter, pure gold.

FBI Director Comey will be instructed to find a comfortable monastery and stay there until Wednesday. If he wants to resign in protest, he must not do so before Election Day, since staging a dramatic departure before then will “interfere” with the democratic process and undo the Republic.

Such a scheme may not be enough to reverse Clinton’s declining fortunes. Some of the damage has already been done, in that the electorate has been reminded that a Clinton presidency promises an endless series of scandals, investigations, and dyspeptic-looking individuals clinging to the Fifth Amendment before the House Oversight Committee.

But at least it will suggest to voters that Clinton isn’t likely to take the Oath of Office one day and an oath on the witness stand the next. Loretta Lynch, she of the open-plane-door-policy, may yet fly to Hillary’s rescue.

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  1. No. I will not go there. I need hope. I need to believe that horrible criminals will not run our government.
    All the good, patriotic Americans need the upliftment than President Trump will bring.

  2. I have to disagree. The FBI and the NYPD have already read the pertinent e-mails.
    All they need is one, just one, e-mail with the tiny (c) on MsHuma’s laptop and game over.
    The investigators will check her printer to discover what and how many State Dept emails or documents were printed ( they can do that).
    There isn’t anyone who believes that MsHuma sent documents to her own accounts because it was easier to print them out at home – just writing that sounds ridiculous and stupid.

    If you are right, MrK, the thunderous roar of “It’s Rigged” will sound across the land and do more harm than letting this investigation take it’s natural course.

    1. You forgot the part about Anthony Weiner’s forthcoming “suicide.”

      It will be tragic and unexpected, or so the Legacy Media will claim.

  3. As someone who has commented here before, but does not do so often, and as someone who clearly does not share the same inclinations of the majority of readers on this site, this piece is one of those examples of thoughtful and insightful journalism that we lack so much on both sides.

    Even though the tone is not lost on me, you make a fascinating point about how far Democrats are willing to go to retain the White House, especially in the face of a candidate like Trump (I tried to avoid adjectives here). Your comment about the damage already being done is also right on point.

    Keith, while I don’t agree with much of what you write, you are nonetheless someone who I am glad to have in my inbox every day – you make me a better writer and more thoughtful citizen. I hope that whoever wins next Tuesday you will keep your pointed approach to the West Wing, and to how the 45th president of the United States approaches her or his job.

  4. Spot on, Keith!
    For over a year I have been dreading the ‘day of reckoning’ when those reptilian Clintons finally achieve their life-long ambition of being the ‘First Everything’ as they slither over the finish line and into the annals of history.
    They did it by hook and by crook!

    I still question the fact that the bar was set so low for the Clinton crime enterprise. Their only competition came from an old old hippie Socialist ‘foil’ and a sketchy real estate guy turned ‘reality tv star’.
    (Still have my suspicions about Trump. Was he a set-up? He ran the worst ‘non- campaign’ in history, and yet he defied all the odds. Go figure!)

    Funeral arrangements are now being made for the GOP. Burial will be private. In lieu of flowers, a permanent tombstone will be erected in front of the Capitol Bldg. with a simple inscription:
    “She Was So Beatable. RIP!”

    **Still praying for Divine Intervention!

  5. Keith, please do not take the tiny glimmer of hope away from me, from us. Because what you say sounds very possible.
    “The agents will do an honorable job, though”, you write. After everything rotten exposed during this campaign ( thank you, Wikileaks), I believe that corruption has its tentacles in the FBI as well.

    This is an excellent article by Tomas Frank, The Guardian. He writes that the e-mails significance goes far beyond the mere scandal. They are a “window into the soul of the Democratic Party and into the dreams and thoughts of the class to whom the party answers ” And he continues on describing this class, a gilded, self conscious elite mixed with ruthless capitalists etc.
    Very well written indeed.And Assange has done what every true journalist should have done, exposed a rotten power structure.

  7. Except…unless other information keeps coming out..

    There is just too much out there now…and at this point FACTS don’t matter and people are pissed that someone broke into the teacher’s office and stole the answers to the test or this or that or whatever and they just want to throw out the old bum…and because he is out anyway… his team’s gal.

    Obummer ran in 2008 against Bush… not what’s his name. People want someone that appears to be ready to just kick some ass. Trump is an ass kicker.


    1. and…. working your dog analogy…my neighbor’s dog barks at leaves and shadows and whatever else it imagines… I’ve stop listening… Americans have stopped too.

      The ball has been kicked….it is in the air… and …it will not cross or hit the uprights until 11-8-16 poll closing.

  8. Too little. Too late.

    If they let it stand, inconclusive, the map will look like 1980. It still might, regardless.

    But if they do yet another 180, the public may well conclude that they’re a 21st century Keystone Kops outfit that is trying to keep the illusion up like Charlie Chaplin in “City Lights.” The alternative scenario would be that they don’t know what’s on second.

    So, either the G-men are incompetent–which is bad enough–or they’re part of the coverup. Neither would inspire much confidence.

    So I don’t think they’ll pull another 180. They can’t. If they Indian-give an entire scandal in a week, right before the election, voters may well opt to clean house, and Cacklepants won’t forget. So before we find out what size leg irons those cankles REALLY take, she will see to it that Comey decides to take a sudden interest in BASE jumping…off the New River Gorge Bridge…with a conveniently nonfunctional parachute. And don’t think Comey didn’t factor that possibility in.

    Bill Clinton always chose someone besides Hillary; America will do likewise next week.

  9. Why isn’t the white house under investigation? If the Clinton’s were THIS GOOD at pay to play and corruption, just think how much corruption it took to knock her out of competition in 2008? There must have been some agreement from the Obama team that the Clinton’s could continue their scheme as secretary of state.

    If Clinton is elected we’ll never know how far the investigation can go.

    1. Sean, respectfully, I would point out that Hillary is a very stupid woman. Time and time again she’s been caught redhanded in some malfeasance and so she denies, denies, denies and then says that perhaps one of her aides did it or she was misunderstood.

      Describing Huma the other day, she dismissed her (the second daughter) as “one of my aides.” And off to the races we go.

    2. It’s a tough one to predict. The difference, perhaps, in this election are the revelations of both Project Veritas and WikiLeaks. They are doing the job the highly partisan corrupt corporate media refuse to do, and their findings seem to be resonating in much of the electorate. We will know the impact these findings only on election day. But it sure will be interesting.

  10. Perhaps I’m ‘whistling in the dark’, but allow me to suggest another possible scenario:
    The Great Exoneration play — maybe better referred to as a “Hail Mary pass” — happens Thursday or Friday — and falls flat. Because the steady drip-drip-drip of the WikiLeaks revelations, plus the FBI’s Huma bombshell has done its damage. The Justice Department, and especially AG Lynch, are outed as the left-wing apparatchiks and Clinton button-men they are. And — pardon a further mixing of the metaphors — the Clinton Cavalry has arrived too late to save her scalp.

  11. My money is on Podesta calling Kadzik to the rescue. In the America previous to the Obama/Clinton politicization of the institutions of government, most importantly the IRS. DHS, and DOJ, this man with these political and personal connections to Podesta (and hence Hillary) would never be allowed within a government corridor of this investigation. Now he will insure that Hillary is crowned.

    Loretta Lynchmob and the Rapist of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue worked it out on a private plane with no witnesses present. The Fix is in.

    The question is What Will We Do About It?

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