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Haunted, Harried Hillary

From a tongue and cheek piece I did that ran Monday on LifeZette:

What’s scaring Clinton this year is people — some of whom didn’t seem scary at all just last week! But now their masks are on, and like a zombie army they’re marching toward her, relentlessly, threatening to chase her far away from the White House.

FBI Director James Comey seemed like such a nice man. Not only had he failed to recommend an indictment for obvious wrongdoing by Clinton, but he gave her potential co-conspirators immunity so they would “tell all,” and even offered to smash their laptops for them.

But with Halloween approaching last Friday, the pleasant-seeming Count Comey began growing fangs and showing an aversion to light and crosses. He was Dracula, it turned out, and he wrote a letter to Congress that scared Hillary to death! He revealed he had just decided to restart the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server for classified information.

To see some of the other ghouls and goblins haunting Hillary Clinton, read the rest of the article on LifeZette.

16 Responses to Haunted, Harried Hillary

  1. I truly believe that Trump loves this country and will do what is best, in the long run.
    I pray he surrounds himself with good men and women to guide him.

    HRC cannot be elected president.
    She is a grifter, as you have pointed out and so much proof has come out.
    She deserves to have nightmares as she goes home to NY and sits with her daughter and grandchild,as others who’s lives she’s ruined and ended haunt her. I believe in redemption, but she can do that hopefully in private life, never again to have her name pass in front of me.
    I am so sick and tired of this family of criminals. For me and all who had to live through the 90’s corruption, please, Hillary, just go away, for good.

  2. The Daily Mail is running a story summarizing the sleaze games the Clintons and their associates have been involved in for years. It’s the story the US corporate press simply won’t run.

    The headline of the story:

    “Influence peddling, acting for Putin’s ally, hiding classified secrets and sexting – how FIVE separate FBI cases are probing virtually every one of Clinton’s inner circle and their families”

    The Clintons have been one step ahead of the law (mostly) their entire lives. From Hillary’s firing for unethical behavior as a Watergate lawyer, to WhiteWater, to CattleGate, to TravelGate, to Vince Foster, to Monica Lewinsky, to the Bimbo eruption team, to stealing White House property, to Benghazi, to the incredibly corrupt Clinton Foundation to all the issues re the election we read about today. And lots of stuff in between all these events.

    Their continuous life of life of greed, self serving behavior, and flaunting of the law is truly astounding.

  3. …why is it at 3pm/1500hrs EST do I have to turn off FNC when Shep “obnoxious-snarky-biased” Smith is on…?
    I turn on “NFL Live” on ESPN to avoid that obnoxious Shep

  4. This ies a reader comment and link from AOS about a counter coup to Clinton coup. Steve Pieczenik has creds (check his bio on Wikipedia). I don’t know what to think, but it is most interesting. Very short and worth at least a listen.
    I would assume that this has already been shared here at the HQ, but if there’s anyone who missed it, please watch this 4 minute video. It reveals the counter-coup being waged by the FBI against the Clinton machine et al.

    If this turns out to be too bizarre, fake or in anyway dubious I will let you know.

    • oops. Didn’t read the controversies part on this guy Wikipedia. So maybe Creds gone cray cray. But who knows in this world. I mean, look around us.