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The Peril of a Presidential Candidate Under Criminal Investigation

Good morning. Mrs. Obama said just last week that Hillary is some kind of beacon toward which the gazes of our children should be directed.

They could end up looking into a prison.

From a piece I have running today on LifeZette:

With just eight days to go in the 2016 presidential election, one of the two candidates with an actual chance to be president of the United States is under an active criminal investigation.

Electing someone president who is the subject of a criminal probe would put the United States in a category with every banana, pineapple, or passion fruit republic that makes corrupt government its standard of practice. And it threatens to destroy faith in our institutions at a moment when respect for our leaders is already at historic lows.

Please read the rest of the article on LifeZette.

29 thoughts on “The Peril of a Presidential Candidate Under Criminal Investigation”

  1. Read the article in Lifezette, Keith. Good round up of the Hillary issue(s) teasing and angering the American electorate in this election. Very good, indeed. Hillary and Billy Clinton are the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, and even the voters who initially thought they’d vote for Hillary are having huge reservations. She’s lost 11 points in the last week, for goodness sake. That’s a disaster. For her.

  2. Doug Shoen, long time Hillary and Bill supporter and pollster for them, last night stated that he can no longer support her for President. In was on FOX at 730pm, Harris Faulkner show.

    His premise is that the country cannot withstand the onslaught of inquiry and investigation that will happen if she is elected.

    This from Shoen, who was completely behind Hillary until yesterday….


      1. Sure AFVet: I often think who I would prefer in the WH – Hillary Clinton the criminal, or Tim Kaine who bears an uncanny resemblance to Howdy Doody.
        How has it come to this?

          1. I’m just happy you know who Howdy Doody was!
            And yes, I can see Hillary in cowboy drag. Maybe she can get Howdy to recite some Harry Reid Cowboy Poetry?

  3. “….in a category with every banana, pineapple, or passion fruit republic..”

    That line made day.

    If she wins, she can rename the country, The United States of Daiquiri.

    Where are the pundits, talking know-it-all that were suggesting Trump drop out after the lewd remarks he made many years ago?

  4. Good article and good slant to the children. How can you teach your children right /wrong or anything about justice if you vote for someone under criminal investigation to the highest office in the land?

    To Keith’s point — some of us remember the assassination of JFK, the resignation of RN, sex in the oval office and impeachment for perjury of WJC. Imagine == a Clinton Administration and the effect on the children of America.

    I have been wondering about Comey. Here is an interesting take on him from the Scott Adams blog. It makes him to be a man of honor. It is something I am willing to consider, because if not than he is just one more political hack — and that seems to be out whack with his lifelong character. Anyway, food for thought.

    If he is a man of honor, then I suspect the information is huge and if he is a political hack trying to curry favor with both sides, then HRC walks and most likely becomes President. The American electorate has changed — it elected Obama twice. You no longer have to be alive or a citizen to vote, many times if you like .

  5. Bravo Keith !
    Well said.

    Finally it appears that people are beginning to pay attention to what most of us have seen for years.

    Too bad it has come so late in the game.

    Trump, if he keeps his wits about him, is being handed this election on a silver platter.

  6. Hillary must have been licking her lips as The Wife praised her — remember how in 2008 dear Michelle said, “If you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House. No way. Can’t do it.”

    It must have been satisfying to Hillary to see Michelle demean herself in this way. It proves that the Obamas and the Clintons are birds of a feather — no depth too low if it means retaining power.

    I also wonder if Michelle is getting paid big bucks to do this — remember her open whining about there being no salary associated with being First Lady?

  7. When Barack Obama was first a candidate for the Oval Office, we asked – who is he, what’s his background, what’s he done in the past? We were told to ‘don’t worry about that”, he’s a Black man and if we elect him, we’ll show the world that the USA is done with Black/White racism, and peace will come to everyone, everywhere.
    If his opponents found some dodgy acts or suspicious comments in his past, we were expected to put all that aside as they were youthful indiscretions.
    Now. We have another Dem candidate with a dodgy past, but we know all about it. We’re learning more about the slimy, probably criminal, deals that made the Clintons multi-millionaires by selling government influence.
    The lies, the schemes, the lack of any ethical or moral standards is just mind-boggling to consider for any presidential candidate.

    This isn’t third-world, banana dictatorship government we’re dealing with today – this is supposed to be a country of laws, of holding our elected officials accountable for wrongdoing. We’re hoping there are enough voters who mean to send another message to Congress and everyone who refuses to acknowledge that MrsClinton is not qualified to lead our country in any manner.

    1. Good post, demonstrating two Alinsky techniques used by Clinton and Obama apologists–linguistic programming (mind control, the never ending effort to tell is how we should think about someone or a political situation) directed at the electorate and the old tried an true shaming and mocking of those who dare question the activities, background and resume of Obama and now the Clintons.

      It ain’t working anymore. We know what they are doing. Good stuff.

  8. Even if she somehow “wins” the presidency; she and her supporters and enablers will never enjoy it….she will only serve one term. Ill gotten gains and rotten fruit of the poisoned tree; her husband will probably molest some more women once he is back in the white house.

  9. Just a little sidebar regarding Comey and his role in the FBI investigation of the Clinton email scandals.

    Comey was never sworn in or served as an FBI agent. He never came up through the ranks to eventually get the top job because he was an outstanding agent. He was not trained at the FBI Academy at Quantico, never did field work as an FBI agent, never worked as a young, newly minted partner with another FBI agent to learn the ropes, never wore the FBI badge at any time in his history (not sure if he even wears one now), never made an FBI arrest of a dangerous, criminal suspect, never did a stakeout, never had a life threatening shoot out with a suspect on the run, never interrogated a suspect under the hot lights. He comes from outside the FBI world and “we always get our man” culture.

    He’s a lawyer, a political hack and a government hanger on. That’s all he is. Just for the record.

      1. I respect Scott Adams enormously, and even listen to his radio show (about the state of our political climate). But on this one, I part company with him. His explanation about Comey’s behavior is too convoluted. Too many what ifs and therefores. He wants Comey to be the hero in the story, but it doesn’t work for me, at least. Comey’s issue (here’s my convoluted explanation ;+}) is that he was seduced by the current corrupt political climate in Washington. He’s trying to please the wrong people and has gotten himself into a genuine mess. He works for Obama, and that alone is two strikes against him. But that’s me.

        1. He needed to drop the hammer on her back in July, but wanted to have it both ways…lay out her crimes, but then back off to “leave it up to the voters” in an election year (just like Justice Roberts did with Obamacare).

          Now, he wants to make up for his mistake…and yet he’s doing exactly what he didn’t want to do back in July – getting involved in the election.

          If he just did his job in the first place (indict her, invoke a Grand Jury, whatever), without considering the politics, he wouldn’t be in this mess now.

          1. The Grand Jury piece is the most important element of all. The fact that one was never convened illustrates all that’s wrong with how this case was handled.

    1. Thanks for the background, Marcus. I had no idea!
      It explains why Harry Reid spearheaded Comey’s confirmation hearings. He’s their guy!

      It’s baffling to me as to why Comey pulled this little stunt. He claims not to have read the emails and does not know if there is anything substantial contained therein.

      I wonder why he wasn’t fired on the spot for interfering with an election based on speculation. Makes no sense!

  10. “The country is simply setting itself up for another “long national nightmare,” ”

    I disagree.

    I think it will be short. And I think it will be violent.

    Not endorsing it. Just pointing out what a lot of people are already preparing for.

    1. I hope so jimg, but I don’t think the American people have the stomach to end this nightmare violently. This has been the longest and most painful hateful 8 years with Obama and now we face another maybe 8 years with the most vile and disgusting serial liar and greedy criminal Hillary Clinton and that includes Bill Clinton, her partner in crime who is right there with her and her robbing of money and power. Haven’t we had enough torture and even food is twice or three times more expensive under the anti-American fake President Obama? Enough already, but it would take an army to get rid of these horrible people.

  11. OT —voting fraud in this election. Bev Harris is probably the foremost expert on voter fraud in this country. She’s been at it for many years, and seems to have now discovered exactly how voter fraud is done at this time. Yes, it’s done somewhat at the local precinct level but much more so at the central tabulating centers. It’s an extremely sophisticated system of voter fraud, and with the help of Bennie Smith, a genius-level software expert who recently uncovered how the fraud is committed, is now exposing the whole thing.

    Here’s a 25 minute video where she explains how voter fraud is now and will be committed in this election. You will be astounded and extremely angry at how our “free and open” election process is being purposely destroyed.

  12. This just in – midtown NY accident, woman dragged by bus. Onlooker said, “It was horrible – all that was left was this swatch of dark brown hair under a bus tire – it was like she’d been scalped!”

    Another said, “It looked like a blonde woman was driving the bus. Damn women can’t drive …”

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