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Obama Schedule || Week of October 30 – Campaigning for Hillary

President Obama is at the White House Monday, but he will campaign for Hillary Clinton the rest of the week.

On Tuesday, he will be at an event in Columbus, Ohio. Wednesday, he’ll travel to Raleigh, North Carolina for a rally and then continue on to Miami where he will remain overnight. On Thursday, he will stage events for Clinton in Miami and Jacksonville, Florida before returning to Washington.

Obama also plans to make an appearanceĀ for Clinton on Friday, but details are not yet available. Presumably, he’ll be where the polls say he is needed.

41 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Week of October 30 – Campaigning for Hillary”

    1. Obama and his family should have been thrown out of the white house a long time ago. They are so stupid and dumb, crazy only for power, have no right to campaign for Hillary Clinton, a proven liar and under criminal investigation and not only that, Obama should be working in the White House, and not spending millions of dollars on traveling in presidential planes, etc. I blame the people of the United States for putting up for the Obama welfare family abusing the office of the president and letting them get away with it for eight years. the Obamas have no right interfering in the election, they had their time in the White House and they have so little class that they will do anything to keep the power. I hope Trump wins and investigates these grifter Obamas. They have no shame, no sense of fairness, they hate Israel, they are campaigning for a criminal presidency and this has never happened before where a President should be impartial in an election and he is spending Americans’ money to goof off and instead of working he is “campaigning”. Obama is a lost cause and he should also take care of his own mother-in-law too instead of having hard working taxpayers pay over $100,000 “Pension” for Mrs. Robinson. Obama is so selfish he wouldn’t even take care of his own family, he is so dishonest that he steals tsxpayers’ money every day for his jaunts rather than at least try to solve America’s problems. And the Obamas are also babykillers, just remember that babies’ lives also matter, not just black lives. Can’t wait until they throw the Obamas out of the White House for good, troublemakers that they are, always spending other peoples’ money, not working in the White House as Obama should. Live is a picnic now for the welfare Obamas but one day, they will have to spend their own money, the selfish pigs.

        1. Apparently, the story that Marion Robinson will receive a $160,000 annual pension for babysitting the Obama kids for the past 8 years is false. But it was a fun story anyway. Originally published in the “Boston Tribune” (there is no such newspaper), the story spread fast and must have driven the White House crazy. So it was worthwhile in that respect ;+}.

      1. You are a hateful person. The Obamas are the best people and very gracious. I hope Trump wins and you will check your pocket book because he will con you too like he did in Trump University, Putin Lover. Make America Hate Again. Make America Russia dictator. Very disgusting

      2. You don’t know what you are talking about. They’ve been very good for this country. How dare you call my president and his family a “welfare family.” You’re a moron. Don’t know what you’re talking about.

  1. He and the wifey should have remained in the WhiteHouse and the background instead of putting what’s left of their integrity in the Clinton campaign.
    No one would be surprised if MrObama developed a mild case of “pneumonia” and had to cancel all these scheduled trips.

    1. He is desperate to maintain his legacy.
      His efforts to destroy this Country is now in jeopardy if Trump gets into office.

      Obama knows that if that happens he is open to investigation for the obvious crimes he has committed in the past and gotten away with.

      He still holds the opinion that he is the charismatic leader of this country, and he is going to try to the very last to cast doubt on the one person that can destroy the reputation that the media has created for him while denying the fact that he has bypassed the congress on many issues.

      Time for the People to take our Country back.

      The silent majority has at last found a voice, and this election year it is sounding strong.

    2. As I understand it, the President is exempt, along with the VP and people appointed by POTUS and ratified by Congress. (I believe that would include Comey. If anyone has violated the Hatch Act, it seems to be accuser Harry Reid, for claiming Romney hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years.

      Obama’s violation is of the public trust, of the taxpayers who are spending millions of dollars for him to campaign in defense of his legacy, rather than doing the job he is paid to do.

      1. Well 0bama sucks at “the job he is paid to do”.
        His “crowds”, as well as hilz’ don’t compare to the ginormous crowds Mr. Trump generates.

    3. Good question, JG. Had to look that up. From Wikipedia: “The Hatch Act of 1939, officially An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities, is a United States federal law whose main provision prohibits employees in the executive branch of the federal government, except the president, vice-president, and certain designated high-level officials of that branch,[1] from engaging in some forms of political activity. The law was named for Senator Carl Hatch of New Mexico. It was most recently amended in 2012.”

    1. Few, if any, Repubs wanted Bush on the campaign trail in 2008…his approval rating was quite low. Obama, remarkably, has a good approval rating at the same juncture, thanks to the MSM and lo-info types.

  2. B.H.O. More likely not campaigning for H.R.C. But is concerned a Trump president would clean house, and take out all the trash, including all the POTUS EO’s. Rip and shred ACA. Leaving little evidence we ever had an Obama administration. Now Hillary, wouldn’t even think of messing with 8 years of inept leadership. With her, all of BO’s would remain, then add more of the same..

    1. And Trump needs to clean up past presidents website to eliminate Berry’s additions of himself to former presidents accomplishments.

  3. Today the Clinton campaign is running an ad featuring the ‘Daisy Girl’ in the iconic 1964 Johnson/Goldwater battle for the presidency.

    What a perfect opportunity for the Trump campaign to do an oppo ad with Obama touting the Iranian nuke deal – the deal that Hillary fully supported! Nuclear bombs bursting in mid-air with Hillary singing the Star Spangled Banner in Farsi.

  4. My random thoughts and questions:
    1. BHO is throwing HRC and WJC under the bus for the “getting me coffee” comment of years past. The BHOs are so assured of their national hero worship that they have no fear of their party losing this election…it’s not about this election – it’s about their legacy.
    (I do wonder what ValJar is doing these days.)
    2. Apparently HRC is having a Twitter meltdown tonight regarding DJT and the Russians. Just so happens Podesta and daughter have a close financial relationship with the Russians. Maybe not a good Twitter rage for HRC? Which leads me to my next comment…
    3. Huma was the public persona of HRC. She led, cajoled, suggested, sobered up/drunk down, or whatever it took to get HRC to behave appropriately in the public arena. Huma is gone. For good, I think. Robbie and Podesta have no more control over HRC than I do. The next few days I am betting we see the real HRC. And it ain’t gonna be a pretty sight.
    4. The saved emails were absolutely squirreled away by Anthony. He is way more politically savvy than Huma, who is definitely a mole for the Muslim Brotherhood.
    James O’Keefe’s 2nd video release (I think it was the 2nd and will try to link) included a segment featuring Huma. She sounded and acted like a high schooler to me. Hence my assessment of A vs H.
    4. The FBI agent in charge of examining these new emails is allegedly the best friend of Podesta. So – the question is: does Podesta have the favor of BHO and can he bestow it upon the agent to ensure the Cs are a done deal?
    5. Rumor has it the Cs transferred over 1 billion to Qatar week before last…new home for one or both?
    6. Persistent rumors of government wide pedophilia again here and there in the Internet. Anyone guilty of that disgusting unforgivable act should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.
    The end for now.

    1. Outstanding. You are hereby hired as the scriptwriter for the upcoming movie: “The Clinton Crime Machine: How It Fooled And Robbed The American People For Thirty Years.”

      1. Actually it’s worse. Kadzik is not FBI — he is Asst AG at DOJ. Lynchmob’s group who decided that they will jump him like eager beavers and assist the FBI. So, given Kadzik’s link to Podesta and DOJ swarming all over FBI (remember earlier they were not going to issue a warrant)– the Department of Justice is not only interfering with an election but most likely assisting in a HRC cover up. From the day WJC met Lynchmob on that plane this whole investigation should have been turned over … to what I don’t know. But this is definitely mob justice.

          1. The DOJ is really the power and they carry a lot of it over the FBI.

            Loretta Lynch is really a criminal. And HRC could put her fat butt in a SCOTUS seat.

  5. BO may want to reconsider..once you have been sprayed by a skunk you need to burn your clothes and take a bath in tomato he up to the task? Doubt it

  6. The man who brags about grabbing women’s genitals should not be the leader of the USA. Period.
    Not for nothing that Mr Obama is popular and has own two elections. Becoming racist, sexist and clueless might feel ” he is one of us” to some, but there is a vast majority of descent Americans who would not vote for Mr. Trump

    1. I am a decent American. I am a darn fine American as a matter of fact. Worked hard, treated people right and paid all my taxes for my entire life. I will vote for Trump to drain the swamp of the likes of our current professional politicians.
      The woman who believes killing a baby in the womb should not be President either. Period.
      Always interesting that the only people who are for abortion weren’t aborted.
      And Trump may say things but Mrs. Bill Clinton does things…terrible things.
      Obama is like Bush – he is over and done.
      A lame duck.

    2. You’re right, Deb. Obama is popular for no apparent reason and America is in a descent to the bottom, unless Trump wins. And he will!

  7. One more chance to use the taxpayers’ money for something that won’t benefit us.

    He’s aware that he’s a failure, is still grasping at “historic” firsts, fearful his “legacy” will be swept away (and it will be as soon as we identify any). I wonder if he has learned anything in his journey from God on Earth to Possibly Worst President.

  8. This is great news. It’s funny the Dems are so inspirational but the GOP are so bleak and uninspiring. I want to live in a country that is inspiring if I wanted bleak I would move to Russia! Just saying!

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