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Sunday Open Thread || October 30, 2016

30 thoughts on “Sunday Open Thread || October 30, 2016”

    1. Right you are. MsLynch was supposed to have a lid on all this.
      Here we have the FBI, the Fibbies, the most trusted law enforcement agency in the USA, doing their job and the Dems are outraged! How dare they!

  1. The Dems are furious at the FBI, just horrified that their candidate is “under investigation”, again!
    After a year of constant slurs, lies, bringing women forward that MrTrump made a pass at, insults to his supporters and a boatload of donated campaign funds, the Dem candidate is losing! los-ing! in some states.
    How dare the FBI! Why don’t they find something, anything, that MrTrump has done to investigate!
    Where’s his income tax returns, they have to be full of criminal stuff…stutter, blubber, whine, and cry.
    It’s not fair!
    Their anger is misdirected – it’s MrsClinton who caused all this.

  2. So far this week Ivanka Trump has left three messages for me on my answering machine, Eric Trump has left one message and Jerry Falwell, Jr just called.

    Also Mr Cohen, one of Trump’s attorneys, put a tweet out there for everyone to look for and find the homeless lady that was guarding Trump’s star on the walk of fame. Mr Cohen says Trump has a gift for her so be on the lookout for more favorable news in the coming days.

  3. another embarrassing news story for us:
    Obama spent part of Friday morning calling into SeriusXM with his Super Bowl picks, his NBA finals picks and his favorite rapper pick which was JayZ.

    Obama hates Trump for a few locker room comments Trump made years ago but it’s okay to think JayZ who sings about rape, murder, drugs, etc is the king.

    1. As long as we are talking “conspiracy” lets not forget Mr. Egg McMuffin on the ballot for sure in Utah and a few other states.

      There is a pix of Paul Ryan on Drudge. Headline Rat Ryan Under Pressure. Rat Ryan sticks as a moniker.

      1. Trump’s promise to clean the swamp always a roar of approval from his crowds.
        We the People are saying enough is enough.

        I don’t know who you are referring to as McMuffin in Utah.

        Ryan is from Wisconsin.
        McConnell is from Kentucky, and he’s another problem.

        1. Evan McMullin, an “independent conservative” who is supported by Republicans against Trump and who did well in Utah with the support of what has been called the “Mormon Mafia” — Romney, et al. You can research him easily. Bill Kristol likes him and he is an alternative to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for those the GOPe who cannot support their nominee.

  4. Judicial watch just posted again the transcript of the deposition of Huma Abedin re email server. Read it especially page 29-30 but read it all and after that try telling anyoen she is not up to her neck in this massive lie.

  5. Note the phrase being peddled today by virtually ALL the Clinton people re the revived investigation of the Clinton server and now Huma computer caper and Comey’s letter to Congress: “Comey’s letter (and one presumes the continuation of the investigation) goes against long established (Justice Department) protocol”.

    Really? Long established Justice Department protocol? Where is that in writing? Who approved that? More likely, who made that malarkey up? So if Hillary gets caught robbing a bank two weeks before Election Day, “long established Justice Department protocol” would prevent the FBI or law enforcement from addressing the issue because Election Day is so close? And her people are all using the same phrasing, their prissy, lying mouths all pursed in the same manner. Nothing like having a group of well trained seals simultaneously honking the outrage, eh?

    That there is what you call desperate.

    1. If it was a Republican the protocol would be dismissed.
      The rule of law has no time limits, and should be pursued on a timely basis, and the time is now.

  6. On a lighter side – Drudge Report, above the headline, has news that Hillary is hitting a bar in Florida. On this Sunday morning. Some of the readers’ comments are hysterically funny.

  7. On the discovery of new emails on Huma’s and Weirdo Weiner’s laptop, the FBI is now estimating that there are 650,000 new emails to be assessed, scrutinized, analyzed, categorized.

    Six hundred and fifty thousand!

    Who knows what the FBI will find? How many hundreds of taxpayer-paid government people will be assigned to work through all that stuff? How many times will the Clinton mouth breathers go on television and tell us “There’s nothing there. This is nothing more than an attack on a woman who wants to be President?”

    This is more proof that wherever Hillary goes, whatever she does, whoever she deals with, she creates yet another mess, destroys another reputation, causes whole swarms and herds of DOJ and FBI lawyers to drop everything else–including important cases they are currently working on, one would imagine– while they investigate the latest Clinton disaster.

    Can you imagine the gigantic legal messes Hillary and Bill will create (and put the nation through) if they get back into the White House?

  8. I’m listening to the talking heads on Fox now bloviating and parsing out our current situation with a presidential candidate being investigated and potentially being indicted by the FBI…what more does Trump have to do? You are either in or you are out. The mafia against the American people MAGA!

  9. Not to throw water on the party — but. I’m a little nervous about why Comey did this and if it was to right things with himself, it’s possible that nothing will affect HRC in the end. And if he is motivated by self, and Weiner who is cooperating is also, then it is most likely he will do what is best for him.

    I do not see either of these two weak men having the strength or the values to challenge HRC, no matter the evidence.

    Me. Cautious.

    Or maybe it’s really really YHUGE …. and will sink the Clinton Machine forever.

    Boo hoo Chelsea.

    1. We’ll need a William Shakespeare to sort out this whole sordid mess, to explain the secret motivations, self-aggrandizing ambitions, feelings of remorse (or not) in the major characters, illuminating the ironies, the vanities, the witches singing incantations over the boiling cauldrons. And to write all the long, sad soliloquies, of which there will be many recited in the future, you betcha. We’ll be hearing all the “explanations” about who did what to whom for many years to come.

  10. Sidebar. Mooch using military families yet again. Trick or Treat.

    Let’s hope she doesn’t wear a costume. Her normal look is frightening enough.

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