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Saturday Open Thread || October 29, 2016

55 thoughts on “Saturday Open Thread || October 29, 2016”

  1. Oh, come on, gang, do I have to do the coffee AGAIN?!

    All right, let’s see what’s left from Friday night’s frivolities…

    Brandy…I can work with this.
    Benedictine… well now.
    Amaretto, Irish Mist…check and check.

    Cold press coffee…excellent.

    Beccacinos, anyone?

  2. MsHuma sent or received “tens of thousands” of State Dept emails at her private account.
    The FBI already knows what they are and what they mean, so the “investigation” is just cover for what’s about to come down from the Hoover Bld and land on MrsClinton and/or MsHuma.

    Putting government information on a private device could be considered a theft, at best, and/or an attempt to transfer that classified information to another party.
    Could MsHuma have been forwarding the info on her personal laptop to her mother, to a foreign enemy, or just using it as a form of blackmail fodder?
    The FBI knows something BIG, something that will make a difference in our national election and they are stuck between a desire to remain neutral and doing their jobs.

    1. All of this seems out of proportion when you consider how little has actually been addressed in terms of National Security and Classified information. Perhaps that will somehow tie in to the elections at the end of this very messy, entangled web of corruption and deceit.

      It is truly amazing and embarrassing that our government and party system is so thoroughly corrupt that Hillary Clinton is running for the highest office in the land, without shame.

  3. Frivolous thinking: will Weiner Schnitzel and A is for Arab flee the country? Did she send materials to her parents? Did Weiner Schnitzel hang on to stuff to blackmail his way out of sexting 15 year olds? Did A is for Arab aid and abet his efforts?

    A seems to have been very reluctant to jettison Weiner Schnitzel – given rumors of their extreme closeness, will Hillary die of a broken heart if A for Arab chooses the dick (literally)?

    The above is merely to amuse and is not by any means serious speculation.

  4. Best entrant for Hypocrite of the Decade award:

    “the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately.”

    –Hillary Clinton, world class cover up, avoid the press, turn off wifi, delete, divert, Bleachbit and “I don’t recall” expert.

    1. Hillary has the audacity to tell the FBI how to run an investigation. She knows that’s for Loretta Lynch to do. Just like everyone else they do the dirty work for the Clintons.
      The Clintons never get in trouble for corruption, it’s just everyone else surrounding them.

    2. This just in: Hillary has won the Hypocrite of the Decade award by unanimous vote of the judges. There is some talk of retiring the award because no one will surpass Hillary in this award category.

  5. “…yet if Trump wins it will be an amazing moment of change because it would destroy the power structure of the Republican party, the power structure of the Democratic party and destroy the power of the media. It would be an incredible release of energy… at a moment of international tension and crisis.’

    Camille Paglia. She has written some good stuff about feminism today vs. the past and Hillary Clinton. One thing about Paglia, she is a free thinker and does not back down.

    1. The left is going nuts.
      Finally we peer at what may be the end of the Clinton’s and their corrupt dynasty, and that includes the current administration.

      Drain the damn swamp.

  6. So what is Hillary’s next step? It’s figuring out how to throw Huma under the bus over this matter, which bus to throw her under, the best timing for said throwing Huma under the bus, and finally how Hillary can most effectively cover her own tracks. And, oh, yes, how to blame Trump for the whole thing. The corporate press is anxiously awaiting Hillary’s plan to destroy Huma. They are ready to cooperate fully.

    Mzzz Abedin is about to learn a very important lesson when dealing with Hillary: Hillary has no loyalty to anyone or anything.

    1. Best election ever Marcus.
      We are voting for the Country this time.
      Trump can be a little bit rough around the edges but I like his economic plan to restore America.

      His America First is ringing true to the middle class.

      Hope is on the horizon.

      1. Yep. We note that for Hillary this campaign is all about, well, Hillary. For Trump, it’s about the future of the country. That’s the difference. And people are noticing that difference.

      1. I was very surprised at the positive tone of the article, because we read so many articles. local and nationally, about Trump being the son of Satan and all that. Lots of enthusiastic young people there which I interpret as a result of family conversation around the supper table. That’s where and when our political views are first formed.

  7. I think Comey is going to get thrown under a bigger bus than Huoma ….the newest article on the Daily Mail is that Loretta Lynch advised Comey NOT to send a letter to congress but he broke away from her and sent the letter and therefore us small folks now know about it.

    The article is quiet lengthy but very interesting.

    1. Yes, DOJ concerned it “goes against procedure” or something like that, and it might possibly affect the election, etc.

      Of course, Lynch didn’t care at all about “procedure” or affecting the election when she met with Bill on the airplane.

      1. Interesting: I just saw footage on Fox of Shrillary boarding the plane in NY earlier today and I noticed that on a very cloudy day she’s wearing sunglasses. She does not wear sunglasses often at all, even on very sunny days. She did wear them at the 9/11 memorial last month, right before she collapsed.

        Also, I went back to that article that I link to in my comment and there are several pics of Shrillary wearing her sunglasses on the plane while talking with staffers. Odd. I wonder what’s up. Is the stress causing her eyes to bounce around in different directions again?

        1. If she has any humanity at all, her eyes should be puffy from crying in frustration, anger, sadness, or knowing the ‘jig is up’.
          Even if she should win this election, she is a goner, toast, and a liability to us, to the USA and to the Dems.

          1. This is the same woman who lied to four families over the coffins of their dead sons. Any hope of humanity was lost long ago with this woman.

    2. Yep. Comey has completely lost his brand of being a non-partisan, justice-first, follow the trail of truth and evidence no matter where it leads type of guy.

      I have an old friend who is a retired FBI agent, pretty high up in the FBI when he was active. He tells me that the agents–active and retired–are furious at Comey for that “free-Hillary”, she didn’t intend to violate the Espionage Act press conference. He’s been talking to them a lot. Turns out, retired FBI agents see themselves as always and still being in the FBI, in a sense, and have a special feeling that they served an honorable organization they really love. They don’t like what Comey has done re the Hillary mess. Not one bit. They are very angry about that because it reflects badly on the FBI.

      1. Bill O’Reilly was off last night and Eric Bolin (I think that’s how it’s spelled) was taking his place. O’Reilly called in during the show and was happy with what Comey has done. O’Reilly said that he has talked to some very high up FBI agents also and they were about to go over Comey’s head and tell the public what they knew. So maybe Comey felt some pressure there also.

        1. Something big–inside the FBI and/or the Congress– was going on for sure. Comey had to be bulldozed into doing the right thing. It must have been a blow to his ego and all the people who talked him into that position re Hillary.

  8. Connor Cruce O´Brien a feisty Irish political commenter, said this about Irelands scandal ridden PM of the day, Charles Haughey, who survived numerous disclosures of corruption and wrongdoings. O´Brien; “If I saw Haughey buried at midnight at a crossroads with a stake driven through his heart, I would still continue to wear a clove of garlic around my neck, just in case.”
    Well, true in todays political situation too.

  9. Busy week coming up campaigning for HRC on our dime:

    President Obama has a very busy week ahead of him. According to a schedule released by the White House, the president plans to campaign Tuesday through Friday next week for Hillary Clinton. He is likely to keep up the vigorous campaign schedule in the days leading up to the election.

    The president is planning a sort of “tour de swing state.” On Tuesday — exactly one week before Election Day — he will head to Ohio to campaign for Clinton at a “Get Out The Early Vote” campaign in Columbus. The next day, he’ll be in North Carolina for a similar event in Raleigh. And on Thursday, Obama will travel to Florida to campaign for Clinton in Miami and in Jacksonville. The president will also attend a Clinton event on Friday, though details on that one have not been released.

    That’s a highly unusual move for a sitting president. Obama is the first president in nearly a century to campaign strongly for his chosen successor, as NPR’s Domenico Montanaro reported.

    The president’s schedule for next week represents a ramping-up of what he’s been doing all month. Since the start of October, Obama has been campaigning at least once and as many as three times each week for Clinton. He’s already been to the battleground states he plans to visit next week, and has also visited Nevada and California on behalf of the Democratic candidate.

    1. Yes, it’s an unusual, and frantic effort by a sitting President. It tells us that the Clinton camp is in full panic mode. Perhaps their internal polls are currently suggesting Hillary is losing this thing.

      1. I think Obama is more worried about his own legacy being devalued (a boot to its throat?) than he is about Hillary being the first female POTUS.

        When was the last time a sitting First Lady hit the trail to stump for a candidate other than her husband?

        The emperor desperately wants to hang on to his “close”.

        1. By choosing to continue fund raising for her, Obama defiles his precious legacy.

          The time is past for his denials of not knowing to be believable. Apparently not even Barry will disobey Soros and the globalist thugs.

    2. I’m surprised that Barry hasn’t disassociated himself from the entire Hillary debacle. How can he stand there and promote her, and lie and lie and lie, with a straight face? Oh wait…

      1. There was some talk about him cancelling his HRC fundraising efforts, but apparently not. His days on AF1 are limited.

        Also I find it difficult to believe that Comey did this without Obama knowing and I am scratching my head about Comey doing this without consent of Lynchmob.

        Actually I have no idea why Comey is doing this.

  10. Sharyl Attkisson has an answer to Podesta, Lanny Davis and all those clamoring for Comey to spill the beans about the emails. She counsels:

    There’s no mystery as to what’s in the Huma Abedin emails–to Huma. She can fill in the Hillary campaign.

  11. I suspect Comey was bullied the first time into “letting the public decide” Hillary’s fate, but as the facts of her multiple corruptions piled up he began to look for a way to reopen the FBI investigation and this time do it right.

  12. I watched Trump give a speech in Colorado this afternoon and just watched him give a speech in Arizona a few minutes ago. Both speeches were broadcast on FOX. He is PUMPED UP and so are the crowds surrounding him. I hope and pray that all of his hard work for us LEGAL Americans will not go down the tubes.

    Keep praying!!!

    1. It’s a plausible possibility. Her parents are both high level Muslim Brotherhood officials (her mother is a leader in the Muslim Sisterhood) who are pushing Sharia law around the world. Or perhaps she’s been in communication with the ayatollahs in Iran, or various other terrorist groups.

      As we know, Huma herself was assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs working under her mother, who remains editor-in-chief. She was at the same time also working in the White House as an intern for then-first lady Clinton. It all fits with the Muslim Brotherhood agents Obama has placed at very high levels in our government. Birds of a feather.

      So Huma is now in “hiding”, as the press reports. My guess is that her devious role has been exposed on that computer and now she’s on her way to Saudi Arabia to seek protection. But we’ll see.

      1. Whatever was or is being discovered, it must be something very, very big for the FBI Director to do this just before a general election.
        I am lead to believe National Security was on the line.

        1. Big enough, perhaps, to bring the entire Clinton campaign the complete unraveling and toppling of the Clinton empire. Could Huma be a double agent for the MB or terrorist organizations? Calling John le Carré.

          1. Someday I’ll master the English language and learn to write….

            Meant to write–Big enough, perhaps, to bring down the entire Clinton campaign and begin the complete unraveling and toppling of the Clinton empire.

          2. We can only hope…but it may happen after she’s already in office. It’s going to be an awful time for our country, but worth it if she is ultimately indicted and (hopefully) resigns. But, then again, we get President Kaine…yikes!

            My head hurts – just hoping Trump wins to avoid all of this.

  13. As yet another Clinton/Huma scandal floats by on the shark infested waters of the Clinton campaign, here’s a tidbit from the New York Times: Hillary first introduced Huma and her wacko job husband, Tony The Weiner back in 2001. You just can’t make this stuff up: From the NYT story:

    “Mrs. Clinton played a part in introducing Ms. Abedin and Mr. Weiner, then a brash and outspoken Democratic congressman from New York. In August 2001, the young congressman asked Ms. Abedin, then an aide to Mrs. Clinton in the Senate, if she would go out for a drink. Standing behind Mrs. Clinton, Ms. Abedin waved her arms at her boss and shook her head “no.” “Of course all you young people should go out,” Mrs. Clinton said.”

    And the rest is history; sordid history, of course, but nonetheless, history.

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