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FBI Reopens Hillary Clinton Email Case

Well, now this is a bombshell.

The FBI today wrote to lawmakers to inform them that it is effectively reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for State Department business. They’ve found some new emails, though we don’t know what they contain. But it must be pretty bad to do this eleven days before the election.

I can’t underemphasize what a big deal this is. The election is actually quite close. The key factor that will tip it is whether swing voters are more uncomfortable with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. This will have voters wondering whether by voting for Hillary they are electing someone who either could wind up in jail or will be under constant investigation.

Not to mention someone wholly unethical.

Doesn’t matter if in a few days the FBI says it’s sewing the case back shut again. The damage is done, and it’s considerable.

Here is the meat the letter from FBI Director James Comey:

In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.

I am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday, and I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.

Although the FBI cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant, and I cannot predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work, I believe it is important to update your Committees about our efforts in light of my previous testimony.

I don’t know what’s in these emails, but it must be pretty damned significant for them to start this up again 11 days before the election.

UPDATE: Fox News is reporting that the emails were discovered during the investigation of Anthony Weiner’s sexting. Oh, this is all so perfect. These immoral hedonists all doing each other in.

Here is some video of Trump’s reaction during an appearance early this afternoon in New Hampshire.

88 thoughts on “FBI Reopens Hillary Clinton Email Case”

  1. uh-oh. Something’s up.
    The rational for not asking prosecution of MrsClinton in the past wasn’t the classified e-mails, but her intent to misuse or allow misuse of those documents.
    Do they now have evidence that she knew they would be or were misused, or do they now have information that she allowed people without security clearance to read and pass on these documents?

    1. Good thing this was not released yesterday when Queen Michelle was stumping for Horrible Hillary. THIS IS AN OCTOBER SURPRISE WORTH HAPPENING.

          1. There’s so much crap out about her that the FBI has to do something, or lose all credibility they may still have…somewhere in their hallowed halls….

      1. Call me pessimistic, but I don’t think anything will happen at all.
        These f’ers are slippery devils. They didn’t get to where they are by telling the truth, admitting guilt, or giving up.

        1. But so many people have access to Wikileaks’s info. It shows a history of complete disregard for the law, something needs to happen. I’m pessimistic also. I am relying on Faith at this point.
          It is time for Veritas !

      1. Speaking of timely. YouTube HAD a video up of “Morning Joe” discussing Clinton staffers bemoaning apparent conflicts of interest, showing articles from WaPo and NYT (which I couldn’t find, even using the exact title). An hour later the video is gone with this notice:

        “10/27/16 (Morning Joe) Dest…” This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by NBC Universal.
        Sorry about that.

        NBC is sorry to block data that shows Hillary in a bad light. Really?

    1. Yep. Proves the old adage: Tyrants always sow the seeds of their own destruction. It’s just a matter of time before the rope noose they have created for their enemies gets put around their own neck by Lady Justice. For Comey and the FBI to swallow their own pride after refusing to recommend indictment of Hillary, they must have uncovered something huge. Or Comey got his backside vigorously kicked by certain members of Congress for previously issuing his previous “get out of jail” card to help Hillary. Just for fun, here’s a little something: Comey’s brother is a lawyer working for the Clinton Foundation.

      Can’t wait for the movie. ;+}

      1. Movie? Hah! Good one!

        Any screenwriter who tried to sell a story like that as a work of fiction, would get laughed all the way out of California.

        Kind of says something about how screwball this election is, yeah?

    1. Someone is going to be thrown under the bus as it crosses a rickety bridge.
      Huma? Podesta?
      WikiLeaks found something in Podesta’s e-mails, IMO. Did someone forward a classified document to him asking for an opinion, or did he comment on a document?
      This is just, wow, big.

  2. Keith:

    Thanks for the update, and for an apt illustration of language usage.

    You wrote you can’t underemphasize what a big deal this is (meaning to underscore, or stress).

    Hillary and her cohorts in the media will definitely underemphasize this, to the point of it being a “non issue”.

    What will the voters do with it?

      1. If she becomes President she can, as I understand it, pardon herself for crimes she committed. It would be unprecedented in our history and would set the Supreme Court in a turmoil, but it could happen, I believe. Stay tuned in for the next chapter.

    1. I’d guess 10:38 PM, DC time, on election night.

      But if Trump wins Pennsylvania earlier than that, it’ll come down faster than a pizza delivery.

    1. o.m.g. Antony Weiner? The FBI is investigating him, what on earth for?
      I’m almost (not quite) ashamed that I find this all most exciting political news – is the scorned hubby spilling the beans of all he knows?
      Did Mr Carlo Danger have e-mails from MrsClinton, did he have the “lost” Clinton devices hidden in his apartment freezer…..oh, how divine watching the Dems squirm.

    2. … this is all so perfect. These immoral hedonists all doing each other in.” Indeed.

      Plus, a few weeks ago when Huma and Anthony split DJT said it was good thing and that allowing Weiner so close an access to sensitive information held by HC was problematic. Trump said it better.

      Also Comey really can’t afford to screw this up. Spotlight is on him.

    1. Yup. Martial Law right behind it. Confiscate the guns and shut down the news organizations who are not in the tank for the Dems.

  3. Podesta and the Clinton Presstitutes are already out there peddling the, “nothing to see here” narrative. They are “confident” that this investigation will yield nothing, just like the last one.

    1. Yea, they’re playing it like, “It’s too early to tell what’s going on here, we don’t have anything more on it, what could this all be about? There’s nothing to see here.” In other words, the media hacks aren’t going to do much about it, will try to minimize the development, and serve Hillary’s campaign in every way they can, at least initially. You can bet your entire farm, including the horses, that the Clinton people are beating down the doors of the Washington Post, NYT and all of their media friends, insisting this is an evil Trump plot. It won’t work this time. As Election day is just about upon us, huge numbers of voters are now at their most alert to issues like this. Even the Rip Van Winkles are brushing the sleepy dust from the corners of their eyes and paying attention.

  4. If Hillary had a smidgen of integrity, she would step out of the race.
    But, we all know her overwhelming sense of entitlement will not allow that to happen.

    1. Right? All these scalawags stepping down from their exalted jobs because the don’t want to be a distraction – ha ha, but not Hillary.
      She will stay until the bitter end.

      1. Looks like the bitter end is whipping around the windlass now. (nautical references, if not familiar, I will be happy to explain)

    1. Yep. Her lawyers know if she tells what she knows, tells the truth, she incriminates herself and she may find herself in the middle of a big legal mess. She can’t be compelled to be a witness against herself, which is what could happen if she answered questions under oath. . So… “I refuse to answer on the grounds that this may incriminate me.” I read that as, “I’ve done some very bad things, and I don’t want to talk about it.”

      1. I’m thinking that some members of Congress had a “come to Jesus” meeting with Comey and told him to pull his head out of his butt and do the job he was hired to do. Otherwise, he would be hauled up before a Congressional committee for severe and embarrassing questioning. So Comey “discovered” more evidence. I think it’s that simple. I don’t believe for a second that the FBI “just” discovered this information.

  5. Did Keith mean underemphasize – is he underwhelmed by this revelation? Or is that a typo?
    I think it is damning. I just don’t know if it is going anywhere that will make a difference to keeping her out of office.
    It seems the noose keeps getting tighter and Hillary just keeps on breathing.

    1. Yes, great reminder.
      All of the pay-for-play and corruption happened during her term as Sec of State.
      Bad words and profanities are probably being shouted at the White House now.
      Why am I so pleased at this – Who’s a deplorable, irredeemable now MrsClinton?

    1. It’s an interesting idea. Could this be long term revenge for Bill Clinton’s remark to Ted Kennedy that “Obama would be getting us coffee’ a few years ago”?

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  7. The #FreeCrap crowd will still vote for their hand outs. But hopefully this will cause some people to wake up. Maybe the indictment will come on election day, one can only hope…

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      That would be awesome, if the state police were to arrest Hillary in the middle of a campaign speech, and take her away in ‘cuffs :-)

  8. Can you imagine all the screaming, name calling and ash trays and vases being thrown around and “what do we do now?????” yelling around in the Clinton War Room right about now? It warms my heart.

      1. I’m amazed Hillary’s handlers have been able to keep her sober and dry enough to appear publicly a couple of times a week during the campaign.

  9. Oh, I bet Queen Michelle is angry. Just yesterday she said that we should vote for Hillary because “the children” need a President who can model good behavior for them.


  10. Oh, this sounds great, maybe too perfect….Because I am pessimistic, nothing happens by chance during the corrupt Obama administration.Plain truth is never allowed to prevail. But I do have a glimmer of hope that there still is so much resilience left in the American Body that some, who works for law and order, make a try even though the price will be high.

    1. And I guess that it is time for a new bombshell on Trump from the Hillary campaign. A really big one. Maybe they can find someone whom he patted on the behind 1988 ? Who still have nightmares about it ? Then the MSM will completely forget about this “reopened investigation”.

  11. Worth considering:

    Knowing Hillary’s track record, and how vindictive she is, would Comey have moved on this if he thought it was flimsy?

    If you’re going to strike the king, don’t miss, to mangle the adage.

    Now add in WikiLeaks saying they have material that will get her arrested. Now multiply that, by Hillary exhorting her voters to make use of early voting at her presser.

    I’m thinking what Comey has, may well be Game Over material.

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