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Michelle Obama: Our Children Need a President like Hillary

Take a look at the video below, if you can stand to watch it. Michelle Obama, dripping with sanctimony, appeared Thursday in North Carolina with Hillary Clinton.

Hard to see people who have done so much damage to this country looking so triumphant.

Michelle is right, this election is about our children’s future. Another four years of Democratic rule and there might not be any.

Because of her and her husband, your children will be living under the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb dropping on their heads. And constant government intervention in their lives, an economy that barely grows, a culture soaking up the lowest common denominator, $20 trillion in debt, a depleted military, and a Constitution that has been entirely subverted.

People like Mr. Obama, Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, and Mr. Clinton will now rule us, not laws or principles.

Here’s the most laughable part of the speech, Michelle portraying Hillary as a role model:

No, no, no, this election is about something much bigger. It’s about who will shape our children and the country we leave for them, not just for the next four or eight years but for the rest of their lives. (Applause.) Because as Hillary pointed out, we all know — we know the influence our President has on our children — how they turn on the TV and they see the most powerful role model in the world, someone who shows them how to treat others, how to deal with disappointment, whether to tell the truth. They’re taking it all in . . .

And when I think about this election, let me tell you, that is what I’m thinking about. I’m asking myself, what do my girls, what do all our children deserve in their President? What kind of a President do we want for them?

Someone who shows them whether to tell the truth? Hillary?

Mrs. Clinton should probably be in jail. And no doubt, at some point in her presidency, our children will watch her impeachment trial. At least they’ll get a civics lesson.

23 Responses to Michelle Obama: Our Children Need a President like Hillary

  1. Perhaps Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Clinton could tell us exactly who is trying to suppress the vote.
    Hillary simply cannot resist blowing that racism dog whistle.

  2. Could not listen …have heard ABC radio news picking parts of her yapping to contaminate the airwaves with.
    It is nauseating to even consider that lying hilz becomes pos. I keep returning to the thought that if she does ‘win’ (oh dear God, please no) it will be due to her shenanigans cheating & rigging the ballots to switch to her when the smart citizen voted for Trump. It’s already happening in Texas.
    …and moo has always hated hilz, more phoney bs from the grifters in our WH.

  3. I can’t even. I have no words. Where does one even BEGIN?

    Just reading the excerpts will keep me out of Burger King for a week. OD’ing on Whoppers, KWIM?

    Fortunately, the election is in less than 2 weeks, and I will be seeing VNV Nation in concert tomorrow night. Jannus Live, St. Petersburg. Going to be AWESOME.

  4. I saw an excerpt on TV – sans sound.
    Their facial expressions…a product of acting lessons?
    Shaking their heads to signify agreement.
    Smiling and shaking their heads for emphasis while clapping heir hands.
    Do they have a stage manager? Who coordinates all those emotional expressions?
    And why was the “yuge” American flag hung in the background?
    And why were the empty seats shrouded in black cloth?
    Really and truly: how many people were in attendance? And in what age group were the participants?

  5. I am praying Hillary is soundly defeated.

    There is nothing that would please me more than seeing this whole arrogant and dishonest bunch crushed like bugs…

  6. Michelle … count your blessings thus far because you have been very fortunate to live the entitled life you have at the taxpayers expense. You go girl

    • For sure. Hillary was at her most bizarre, Lovejoy’s Law-wise, as (was it during the third debate?) she was braying on about “guns” etc. when she actually said that we had to protect toddlers from getting guns in their hands so they won’t be shooting themselves and family members.

      So has their been a rash of murderous killer toddlers on the loose shooting up the place, or robbing banks with their Uzi’s, or involved in drive-by shootings in South Chicago? I must have missed that story. No guns for toddlers!!! That’s what I always say.

      Can we now all agree that Hillary is batshxt crazy?

  7. Assuming everyone is holding responsibility in their areas of responsibility, like parenting, fathers leading and working, mothers mothering, there is no need of government to be involved with children. Period. Whomever is president of the USA. Although quite possible if government walked out of the schools went to the closest alter, ask God to please come back, just maybe we might see the morals tick up on the positive.

  8. Who is she? Besides Mr0’s wife, she is no one. Just like Hillary was at the end WJC’s presidency.

    So why should anyone listen to her or believe her?

  9. My God, the stupid thinking behind this kind of stuff is enough to kill me!

    First, the idea that I should cast my vote based on “role modeling” (a verb created by Mrs. Obama) instead of character and competency.

    Second, here at last, I guess we see the pay-off for all the painful constructing of the idea that Hillary loves the children.

    Third, we all know the Obamas and Clintons don’t like each other.


  10. Thank you Keith for providing the text to read as I am unable to watch the video due to technical difficulties (i.e., she makes my head explode).
    I can only assume her remarks were said in sarcasm, especially the part about telling the truth.

  11. She’ll be shoved down America’s throat in a few years as our “First African-American Woman President.” With no relevant experience. But that doesn’t matter.