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Video || Obamajam Hits Los Angeles

Apparently, the presence of Barack Obama in Los Angeles raising money has it’s own term in the city, where gridlock descends when he is in town.


Obama also messes up Manhattan, invading the borough during afternoon rush hour to collect funds.

Kind of funny, but I can’t say I blame him. As the leader of the Democratic Party, it’s his job to personally ass-kiss major donors, and Los Angeles and New York is where the big Democratic money folks can be found.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

4 Responses to Video || Obamajam Hits Los Angeles

  1. Bull cookies. The only reason he’s messing up traffic is that the fundraisers are in residential areas at the big donor’s homes or castles in CA. There is no reason why the donors can’t go to him in some posh resort outside the city.
    The same goes for NYC fundraisers. They don’t have to be inside the city at all.
    All of the Obama’s national trips are a pain for the residents of that area.
    None of their trips are necessary. The cost and manpower to oversee a jaunt to anywhere is enormous.
    We’ve seen the dozens of presidential vehicles, the massive police escorts, and of course the jets that make all this possible.

    • Well said srdem.

      I always envision him riding in the beast with flashing lights all around him disrupting traffic and saying to himself that I am the president of the United States, look at my power.

      Guess what Barry, your time is over.

    • A friend sat on the runway at LAX an extra 40 minutes yesterday because of ObamaFarce One. He was not pleased. Obama always heads into NYC at rush hour. No reason he can’t have his fundraising functions at JFK.

  2. Homeless down and out folks beg for money as well. Which is necessary for survival. At the other end of the begging class are the rich and famous, title holders, office seekers, also begging for money. Looking into their eyes. notice the similarities. Both unable to return your observing stare, both seem shifty, both look a little ashamed, even dishonest, like lost pride, dignity. Both have a far a way look that says; “I’d rather be playing golf.”