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Video || Mika Brzezinski Says Elizabeth Warren is “on the Warpath”

She doesn’t even seem to get what she did wrong . . .

You have to listen to a bunch of stuff from Fauxcahontas, as Rush calls her, and then you get to Mika.

Here’s some video later on the day of Warren at another Hillary Clinton rally in Ohio.

17 Responses to Video || Mika Brzezinski Says Elizabeth Warren is “on the Warpath”

  1. Bloody hell. This woman lectures about the big money bankers backing Trump when Goldman Sachs is by far and away bankrolling Hitlery and Dollar Bill. Get a clue America!

  2. Back in the day, we called them “women libbers.”
    Now I hear the terms “feminist” and even “femi-nazis.”
    I think of them as “screechers.”
    They screech about some male-induced wrong all the time. They truly believe they are being wronged by someone or something every day of their lives.
    They are attention seekers and their greed for attention is exposed by those screeching voices.
    I just wish they would shut up and go somewhere to enjoy their ill gotten gains. Yes, Elizabeth – I mean you.

  3. Interesting article from Judicial watch headlined:

    “Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians””

    Two of the politicians named and shamed: Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.

    About Warren:
    –“Judicial Watch uncovered evidence that Elizabeth Warren gave false statements under oath regarding Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) activities when she served as the agency’s interim director.”

    Warren lied about her Cherokee heritage, she plagiarized a Native American cookbook and called the recipes her own, she got rich running a business which flipped houses to the detriment of the victims who lost their homes, she got paid almost $400,000 at Harvard for teaching one single course (after being hired because of her claim to be part Native American), etc etc etc. And she has the same Hillary-like screechy, yelling, blood draining voice when lecturing the American people about anything which happens to cross her mind at the moment.

    Oh, she’s a piece of work alright. Watch out for her.

  4. I just love how Warren screeches and carries on about the Republican being with Trump, but yet isn’t she from Massachusetts? Shouldn’t she be there and not North Carolina? Aldo, why is the New York Times endorsing political candidates outside of New York? Stay out of it and let the ppl of NC sort it out.

    • Warren is one of those people who’s from everywhere….Oklahoma, Texas, New Jersey and who knows where else. Moves around a lot, bascially untethered to any state or community. A lost soul looking for money, power and lots and lots of praise and applause where ever she can find it. Always struck me as a very needy person looking for validation. We all know people like that.

      Oddly, (hang on to your hat) she was a Republican until 1995. As I said, untethered.

        • When I worked in a paper mill, we used to see a lot of engineers–electrical, civil, chemical– come and go. They’d stay 3-5 years and go on to another job with another company. Sometimes they got more money with the new job in the move, sometimes not. Very weird. Couldn’t make them happy. We called them nomads—wanderers going wherever the spirit or mood took them. It was a challenge dealing with them because it took awhile to get them trained up on our equipment, processes and procedures, and about the time you could let them loose without worrying they’d blow the place up, they’d leave. What a headache. Luckily, we had some old timer engineers that stuck around for 30-40 years who kept the place going.