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Obama in 2010: Obamacare Will help Premiums Go Down

Ahh, another broken Obamacare promise.

“What the American people care about is the fact that their premiums are going up 25, 40, 60 percent, and are we going to do something about it?” he said to Fox News’ Bret Baier in 2010.

One thing’s for sure, Obama followed through on addressing his angry complaint about the system “fattening the profits of insurance companies.” Insurers are now losing money because they are being forced to provide one-size-fits-all coverage to sicker patients who are signing up for Obamacare. So they’re exiting the system. AND RAISING YOUR PREMIUMS. You can thank Obama’s hostility to their “fat profits” for your new costs.

24 thoughts on “Obama in 2010: Obamacare Will help Premiums Go Down”

  1. Awww, his namesake, his legacy of affordable health insurance (or health care as the Dems call it)is a miserable disaster and hated throughout the nation.
    Who to blame now – can’t blame MrBush II, no Repub voted for it, and insurers tried their best to make it work.
    There’s some talk that the fines for NOT buying health insurance should be raised. The thinking that a more harsh punishment would force young or healthy people to buy in and save the program from collapse.
    It’s the old ..beatings will continue until morale is improved…thinking the Dems cherish.

  2. Some of us in the ignorant masses have some basic economic education so we knew this was a guaranteed failure.
    I hope and pray that there are enough of us out there to know that single payer is not the answer either.
    Less government involvement and free market competition is the answer to all health care costs.
    Mr. Trump’s plan is feasible and sensible.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Agree. A graduate degree in engineering sets my compass. Socialism and capitalism don’t mix, and since pure socialism doesn’t work, less government = better.

  3. If HRC gets elected I would think her solution would be single payer. This would be the second vindication of HRC. And I would imagine there is a pretty long list of things she will decree and people she will ruin. She is a vindictive woman and remembers well the humiliation of her first healthcare efforts.

    1. Obamacare was always intended to be a springboard to single payer. From that perspective, it functioned exactly as intended. Russ Feingold told me this personally at a town hall in 2010. He had become very agitated and bitter and shouted loudly at those in attendance after threatening to have anyone attempting to speak to him without permission arrested by the Brown County (WI) sheriff’s department.

  4. It does mention Obamacare. Most of us have heard about the Michael Moore comments about Trump and some of us read Motus as well as WHD.

    I brought this over from Motus. I never stopped to look at the tape because MM is repulsive to me. Here is a video and a transcription. MM makes sense and I can believe that this resonated to his audience, the former middle class who has lost everything.

    Also it is interesting to note that he further arms Trump by noting that even the 1%ers, the top echelon are against him.

      1. Marcus, I hear he is still going to vote for her. This makes sense in the Progressive world.

        But I suspect this talk lost HRC some votes and I was surprised to hear it make so much sense. It is worth a listen or read — something I resisted.

  5. OT Re. Voting

    If you get a “defective” voting machine — can you tell at the time your vote is misdirected? I saw a video somewhere that it did. If so, what do you do to have your vote correctly recorded? Ask for a paper ballot?

    We use paper ballots, so I am curious.

    1. I vote absentee Grace.
      I fill in the little circles for my choice and then take it back to them, (the Board of Elections).
      They told me that they scan them.

      Nothing would stop them from collecting the ballots they don’t like and destroying them.

      It’s all built on the trust of the system to represent us and our vote.

      But we all know that the system cannot be trusted.

      With their ability to manipulate the popular vote, the electoral vote is therefore changed.

      This is why many people do not vote.

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        I volunteered at my local election office counting ballots at the last election. I was curious whether there could be cheating by the workers, which all seemed pretty granola-ish to me. My impression was that it was far less likely than I thought before I volunteered. However, I live in a pretty honest, old-school area (Montana).

        But all it takes is one determined jacka$$…

    2. Here’s a really interesting article on Soros’s voting machine company, Smartmatic, which is at the heart of the concern about voting machine fraud in this election. You will have no doubt whatsoever about what Soros and Smartmatic is up to in this election after you read it.

      From the article:

      –The chairman of Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, who sits in the British House of Lords and on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. He was formerly the vice-chairman of Soros’s Investment Funds….”

      –In addition to a close relationship with Soros, Malloch-Brown has worked with consulting firms that are well-connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

      –Smartmatic has already encountered controversy in the ongoing presidential contest. It ran the online balloting for the Utah Republican caucus last March, when many critics said it was impossible to secure personal electronic devices that are used to register and vote.

      And lots more. It’s an eyeopener. Here’s all the stuff Hillary, Obama and the rest of the Progressive cabal absolutely don’t want you to know about Soros’s voting machines..

      1. thanks. Its after 5 pm here so I think I will have a scotch first. Or maybe two considering it is Soros (criminality, fraud, manipulation) related.

    1. Being self-employed, I’m almost to that point. I had a conversation with a neighbor down the hall last week – she’s a Dem, and rather clueless…around 55 years old (I’m 51), hasn’t worked in several years, and is on a “dollar-a-day” Obamacare plan (whatever the heck that is!) She’s milked it for virtually everything the past year (preventive stuff, a minor surgery, etc.), paying virtually nothing out of her own pocket.

      I told her about my recent premium increase (from $367/month to $450/month) and informed straight out that I’m paying for her! We’re friends, so she didn’t take any offense, in fact admitting that “most of her friends with jobs” tell her the same thing. Of course she’s voting for Hillary, and doesn’t understand why Obama gets such a bad rap about everything…a classic low-info voter if there ever was one!

      We’re doomed.

    2. It needs to be opened up across state lines to promote competition.
      Exactly what Trump is proposing.
      To have only one choice of a medical insurance company in your state is nonsense.

    1. Well Vet, when I saw Illinois, my first thought was, that’s gotta be Chicago.
      Chicago, where Democratic voter fraud is a science.
      How so.?
      Old joke.
      A Chicago suburb was short of voting machines, so they borrowed a dozen or so from the Chicago Board of Elections.
      After the election when votes were counted then Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley had won.
      Stuffing ballots easy peasy

      1. Likewise, when I saw Pennsylvania I immediately thought Philadelphia.

        It seems that they either stuff them or lose them.

        I sure hope hope that the troops have a say in this election.

  6. The 2016 Maine Student Mock Election was held today in 155 school and here are the results:

    Trump–10,785 votes, or 42.3 percent;
    Clinton–10,077, or 39.5 percent.

    I can tell you the teachers, Democrats, Progressives and talking dunderheads on TV cannot figure it out. “Something went wrong”, one said.

    Forecast of things to come–in a couple of weeks?

    They voted for Trump even in the face of hate crimes like this from teachers:

    “Maine student says faculty mocked his Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ hat”

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