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For-Profit “Bill Clinton, Inc.” Linked to Clinton Foundation

Bill Clinton appears to have used the Clinton Foundation as a vehicle for creating lucrative business opportunities for himself, according to a memo newly released by Wikileaks.

The memo was written by longtime Clinton advisor Doug Band, according to the Washington Examiner. Band’s firm, Teneo, worked to drum up business for both the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton — or “Bill Clinton, Inc.” in Band’s words — sometimes from the same entities.

A telling example is that of Laureate Education, a for-profit education conglomerate. According to the Examiner:

Band boasted in his memo that the former president’s contract with the company “evolved” from its ties to the foundation.

“Laureate is a Foundation relationship that evolved into a personal advisory services business relationship for President Clinton,” Band wrote. “I have managed this relations [sic] and, since 2011, Teneo partners have helped manage this relationship, which is very time-consuming. Laureate pays President Clinton $3.5 million annually to provide advice and serve as their Honorary Chairman.”

The memo indicated Laureate had donated $1,401,332 to the Clinton Foundation between 2009-11. It became a Teneo client in 2011.

The Clinton Foundation appears to have served so many wonderful purposes. It was a vehicle for Bill Clinton to enrich himself and a way to build ties with companies that could offer the Clintons high-priced speaking engagements, vastly overpaid “advisory” roles, and so forth.

Meanwhile, it was a place for the Clintons to park loyal staffers such as Cheryl Mills and Sid Blumenthal in high-paying jobs while they awaited the Clinton restoration to the White House. And, oh yeah, do some charitable work, perhaps contracting with other friends of the Clintons to perform the jobs.

What a complete and comprehensive basket of corruption.

10 Responses to For-Profit “Bill Clinton, Inc.” Linked to Clinton Foundation

  1. Each night I pray for a bolt of lightning to strike before HRC completes her oath of office on Jan. 20. Divine intervention is all that will save us from this cesspool of corruption. (It certainly was not Donald J. Trump!)

    • I don’t know if I am more afraid of lightening striking before she’s elected or afterwards. Her VP is less than desirable, and while HRC lost her soul decades ago, I believe her running mate might have purchased his from Soros himself.

  2. More , or at least as, corrupt as the Clintons are the media who will not cover this.

    Gingrich pointed out to MeAgain that 28 minutes of media coverage was on DT’s women’s comment and 53 seconds on HRC’s speech in Brazil to bankers with a Yhuge speaking fee.

    Unlikely that this will ever be seen on CNN at the airport nearest you.

    • Yes, given what we know about Hillary, it is incomprehensible why anyone would vote for her. But some plan to do just that. The unethical collusion between the Clinton Campaign and the corporate press, the bizarre behavior of Republican elites who refuse to actively support their own Republican candidate and, one supposes, the vast amount of voters who are highly suggestible types who actually believe what the MSM says about Trump, all play into this strange election.

      Example: My morning newspaper is today running an AP story of how Trump is 14 points behind and there is no way now he can win the election. Top of the front page, big bold headlines. What the story doesn’t say is that the AP poll is way, way out of synch with the aggregate of other polls which mostly show Trump slightly ahead, tied or slightly behind (all within the margin of error) in the race. In other words, AP is purposely misleading their readers in a very obvious manner. And so it goes.

  3. Ppl, ppl, ppl. You keep forgetting all of the good the Clinton Foundation has done for the world. So what that the way it helps ppl is beyond criminal. At least you knew the mob was criminal, the Clinton’s wave it off for the sake of helping. What a crock.