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White House Won’t Confirm Obama Will Stay in U.S. if Trump Wins

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest Monday dodged a question about whether President Obama would flee the country if Donald Trump wins the presidency.

Obama Air Force One

From a briefing aboard Air Force One in California:

Reporter: Josh, does the President feel comfortable living in an America where Donald Trump is President?

Earnest: Well, I think he alluded to this in his remarks over the last couple of days, indicating that despite the significant differences that he had with his opponents in 2008 and 2012, he had confidence that despite those vigorous disagreements, that those — that both Senator McCain and Governor Romney would at least pursue the country’s best interests as they saw it. He doesn’t have that same kind of confidence about the current Republican nominee. And I think he’s spoken to that in more colorful detail than I just did.

Reporter: So he wouldn’t move to Canada or New Zealand if Donald Trump is elected?

Earnest: He’s working very hard to make sure that nobody has to move — has to leave the country as a result of an electoral outcome that the President doesn’t support.

Now why would the White House be providing people with another reason to vote for Trump?

38 thoughts on “White House Won’t Confirm Obama Will Stay in U.S. if Trump Wins”

  1. It’s not lost on the American public that those who live in fear of a conservative, or even Repub administration are all recipients of government perks and/or monies.
    There aren’t any Trump supporters threatening to leave their homeland if MrsClinton is elected. They will buckle down and look to 2020 to try again.
    If all the entertainers, politicos, and the Obamas wish to move out of the USA, there are a lot of us who would be happy to help packing up the dinnerware, put the living room sofa in the moving van, and generally cleaning up their former residence after they have moved on.

  2. That’s incentive to get out and vote for Trump for sure. 8 years and Barack Obama never learned to conduct himself as a President. Still just the low life grifter that he was going in — if possible, perhaps worse.

    And I just finished an article about illegals going door to door to support possible. In the country illegally, living off of taxpayer money, and standing on your property, knocking on your door, asking you to support someone who will destroy your country. This ain’t “livin’ in the shadows” that’s for sure.

    1. Obozo has committed many crimes and could easily arrested for treason. On immigration alone he has gone around the law. Forcing EPA to make insane standards. How about all the Muslims he has appointed? How about having Creamer the Dem crook in over 300 times…..on and on….Obummer is a crook..Organized crime on the American people.

      1. I still say using a government agency (the IRS) to attack your political opposition is high treason.
        But, Barry relies on the color of his skin to ward off impeachment proceedings.
        That’s some weapon to have at your disposal.

  3. He’ll take a powder, to be sure.

    There’s no golf in Leavenworth, and with the O’Keefe tapes and Emailgate both showing fingerprints out of 16th and Penn, King Barry knows it’s just a matter of time before a Trump AG would frogmarch him.

    He’ll bolt for some pissant hellhole that will let him live it up for life, and refuse to extradite him.

  4. Nice question from the “reporter”
    Has that ever been asked before.
    Please Lord, I beseech You. Let’s help sent
    O’Bozo back to Kenya from whence he came.

  5. I suspect Trump is looking forward more to the Grand Opening of his new Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave. next month than winning the presidential election.

    The ‘soft opening’ of the hotel was held last month..and what a surprise! The opulent Lobby is decorated entirely in BLUE, including the uniforms worn by the hotel employees.
    What was he thinking? Hmmm.

    It will be interesting to see how many DEMS will be staying at Trump’s place for Hillary’s inauguration celebration. (At least the color scheme will be appropriate).

    1. P.S. Just heard the Hotel opening will be TOMORROW (not Nov.). Trump plans to spend the next few days in D.C. instead of on the campaign trail.

      Why doesn’t he let his kids take care of the Grand Opening?
      He’s not interested in living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – that’s why!

      1. Actually, per the schedule on his official site, he has two rallies later the same day in North Carolina, and two more in Ohio on Thursday.

        You’re entitled to your own opinion, however misguided. You are NOT entitled to your own facts.

          1. CNN…what a riot…most people with a brain don’t even watch the clinton news network…maybe you should switch to Fox, where news is FAIR AND BALANCED!

  6. If only.
    What is he going to do? Be a late night talk show host in Kenya?
    Actually, the Obama’s would not get 1/10 of the media attention they have grown to love and need, if they leave the USA.

    1. Don’t tell Obama that. He might stay if Trump wins! I mean don’t tell him that he won’t get the media attention where he is going. Anyway, I hope he stays and if Trump wins, Obama will be in a lot of hot water along with Hillary Pig Money Hungry Greedy Clinton! I have never saw two family who are such liars and they are almost like bank robbers, (where is the $6 billion missing, stolen by them WHILE CLINTON WAS THE FAKE SECRETARY OF STATE) Bonny and Clyde (but not cute looking), all the truth is out now about them from Wikileaks and Trump too! These so called “President” Obama and “candidate” Hillary Clinton, words can’t describe how crooked they are! It is so scary to know the truth about these people! Grifters, money grubbers, thieves, etc. best describes the Obamas and the Clintons. Unbelievable how dispicable they are, and they don’t even try to hide their evil intentions toward the U.S. and the American people!

  7. since I am in moderation on crimes O has committed, I submit this zero hedge quote

    … countered with something quite stunning:

    we need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that the president not only lied, but did so with the clear intention of protecting the Clinton campaign.

  8. Obama best get his skinny criminal butt off to a country we don’t have an extradition agreement with, say, Burkina Faso, Yemen or Niger. If Trump gets in, I’d like to have him unleash a proper criminal investigation of both Barry and Hillary for high crimes against the United States.

  9. Oh, I always wanted Trump to win but now I will pray every day that he wins and with all my heart hope and pray that Obama gets the hell out of here, he really should go and live in the Middle East as he loves them so much, hope he does and hope they chop his head off for what he did to America and America’s small businesses, coal industry, successful people, cops, and the list goes on and on. If Hillary Clinton wins Obama will be up her ass every minute telling her what to do. The Obamas and the Clintons are nothing but traitors and because of them a lot of Americans have died from terrorist attacks. If Clinton wins it will be because of viscious women like Megan Kelly on Fox News who idiotically calls Trump a sexual preditor every night of the week, without any real evidence, I would add, women who were paid to come forward by the Clinton campaign who are known to ruin peoples’ lives for their desperate vampire need for sucking power and money out of the U.S. All of a sudden they have 11 women coming forward towards the end of the rigged election for Clinton? Desperate measures, where were ANY AND ALL of these women before Trump’s candidacy? Trump is 70 years old and no one ever complained about him before he had to go head to head with the Clinton evil machine. Megan should be fired calling Trump a sexual preditor every night on Fox. Do the bosses at Fox tell her to say sexual preditor every night? Hope after the election Trump sues Fox too for calling him a sexual preditor just to make him lose the election. The women and Fox along with all the other politically motivated NEWS? shows should be sued for defamation. In the end on her show tonight and for the past many weeks, not only is Megan Kelly ugly on the inside, she looks like an 80 year old woman on the outside now? Fire her Fox, she has no right calling false names because she is so evil and hates Trump because he knows what she really is, he was right, she is a nothing, an ugly bitchy woman who wants to become a communist with Hillary Clinton. Nothing will stop Trump now, he may or may not win the election but at least he let everyone know how that the American media is now just like a third-world country media, all lies and fabrications, they are like the Enquirer now, the media, but at least the Enquirer tells the truth about people, the media does not, just spews evil stuff about people they don’t like, lies and as crooked as the Washington politicians who don’t have much longer as the people are now aware of the criminal activities now told to us by Donald Trump, thank God, the truth is out now.

  10. I’ll say it again — I hope and pray this MF gets out of here. Megan Kelly is the worst, no respect to Neut Gingrich who runs rings around her for intelligence. Tonight she had an absolutely filthy disgusting mouth. did her bosses tell her to go after Trump big time because they know Trump is winning? How could he not win? He gets crowds 20,000 at a clip and Hellary has to pay an audience and speak to small crowds ’cause Hillary Clinton is not well liked, Her demeanor is so smug and she doesn’t even have the strength to be President, she can’t walk and stand up on her own without a podium and this evil granny wants to be Pres? Please, her and Megan Kelly are out of their minds when they talk! I never heard sulch filthy talk tonight from a woman? Is that what she is? about Trump? She’s the one that sounds like a sexlual preditor, not Trump. Newt’s right, she is obsessed by sex and I guess MEGAN KNOWS TRUMP’S NUMBERS ARE HIGH NOW, THUS THE ANGER IN HER VOICE, NOT NEUT’S. SHE NEEDS MORE THAN ANGER MANAGEMENT, LIKE TRUMP SAID, BLOOD IS COMING OUT OF HER EYES, VAMPIRA? MAYBE? SCARY WOMAN WHO MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE, SOUNDS DUMB AND LOW-CLASS, SHE’S BEATING A DEAD HORSE WHEN IT COMES TO TRUMP. IF HE LOSES THE ELECTION, JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO MEGAN KELLY, SHE WILL BE OVER AT CNN, I HOPE, SO WE CAN WATCH SOME FOX IN PIECE, ALTHOUGH I HEARD THERE IS GOING TO BE A MASS PROTEST ABOUT FOX SOON AND PEOPLE WON’T BE WATCHING HER ANYMORE.

  11. Both he, and Clinton (and probably several others) will leave because their crimes will become public knowledge and there is a possibility they could be charged and convicted. (In fact, that would be very, very good for the country.)

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