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Iranian Prisoner Says Iran Wants $4 million for his Release

Well, apparently there was at least one entity that understood the Obama administration was lying when it tried to suggest that the $400 million sent to Iran on the same day it released American hostages was not ransom.

That entity would be Iran, which of course now is asking for more ransom money for another hostage.


According to the Washington Examiner:

Nizar Zakka, a Lebanese citizen and permanent resident of the United States, said through his attorney Tuesday that Iranian officials in April told him it would take as much as $2 billion to ensure his release from captivity. In September, Iranian officials lowered that amount to $4 million, and told him that he was spared the death penalty but would remain in prison for 10 years until the payments is made.

Okay, at least the price for Zakka has been discounted.

Everyone knows you don’t pay ransom for hostages. You simply are creating a business that specializes in the manufacture of more hostages.

I’m trying to figure out what was the worst part of the last Obama-Iran ransom deal.

  1. That we paid ransom for hostages.
  2. That the administration kept it secret.
  3. That the administration then lied and said it wasn’t ransom.
  4. That the money goes directly toward the sponsoring of terrorism.
  5. That is was done in part to smooth the way for a deal that allows Iran to have nuclear weapons.

I mean, seriously, how bad can a Trump presidency be after this kind of crap?

13 Responses to Iranian Prisoner Says Iran Wants $4 million for his Release

  1. Can we suggest that Lebanon be advised that one of THEIR citizens is being held hostage and to start putting some cash together to get him released?
    This unfortunate Lebanese man is in a real fix now. Had he gone the citizenship trail here in the USA, he might have some sympathy from someone who actually cares or who believes he was, what, innocently sightseeing in Iran?

    IMO, anyone who travels to a known war-torn country, or one at odds with the USA is at their own risk. To take this even further, any travel outside the USA is risky today and most Americans understand that.
    Since the hostage isn’t even an American citizen, then, well, we don’t care what happens to him.

  2. OT.. but we can put this in our “Suspicions Confirmed” file. This backs up up the Wikileaks emails showing the RICO-type collusion between the corporate press and the Clinton campaign operatives in their attempts to rig the election by manipulating the minds of the electorate.

    From the story:
    “In the twelve weeks since the party conventions concluded in late July, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has received significantly more broadcast network news coverage than his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, but nearly all of that coverage (91%) has been hostile, according to a new study by the Media Research Center (MRC).”

  3. Nizar Zakka, a Lebanese citizen and permanent resident of the United States,

    Lebanon’s problem.

    Unless, of course, the Iranian’s would consider an exchange. Barack for Nizar. And if that is a no go, sweeten the pot with Mooch.

    • Think Barack might be getting a kickback from these payments to Iran? After all, he wouldn’t want to leave the WH “dead broke” like the Clinton’s did.

      • Kickbacks to Obama, no doubt.

        As for Hillary — she now tops the 2015-2016 Islamist Money List! Maybe the Iranian’s should ask HRC for ransom money. As if she would part with a penny of her ill gotten gains.

        I do not think there is anyone on this planet, including Donald Trump, HRC could not justify receiving money from. She is deranged and obsessed.

        If elected I have visions of HRC as Miss Havisham wandering the Oval office amidst cobwebs in the inaugural pantsuit she refuses to take off.

  4. What the heck does that mean exactly…”permanent resident of the United States?”
    He is a Lebanese citizen – so-o-o….why do they want us to pay ransom?

    • Can’t get if you don’t try.
      They figured it worked once on The Feckless Dilettante, it could work again.
      I wonder how many more people the Iranians could trot out claiming they were “permanent residents” of the USA, in order for the US to pay ransom?
      Hey, its the new cottage industry.


      “An alien admitted to the US as a lawful permanent resident. Permanent residents are also commonly referred to as immigrants; however, the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) broadly defines an immigrant as any alien in the United States, except one legally admitted under specific nonimmigrant categories (INA section 101(a)(15)). An illegal alien who entered the United States without inspection, for example, would be strictly defined as an immigrant under the INA but is not a permanent resident alien. Lawful permanent residents are legally accorded the privilege of residing permanently in the United States.”

  5. I agree with you Keith… my wildest imagination, I cannot fathom how Trump could possibly do a worse job. In one sense, Hildebeast deserves to inherit Obama’s mess, but then she will just continue to blame Bush, for whom I now have no sympathy as he is a Clinton enabler. TRUMP 2016!