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CBS Anchors Bamboozled by Obamacare Rate Hikes

Have a look at the CBS This Morning anchors, totally mystified about why Obamacare premiums are rising. I mean, do they administer IQ tests to these people before they put them on TV?

Listen to Norah O’Donnell – “The premiums are skyrocketing!

She sounds like she just found out Martians had landed and opened up a chain of delicatessens.

OMG! Like, WTF?? What in the world is going on here #Obamacareissoooconfusing

Charlie Rose also is flummoxed, stuck in airhead mode. Acting like another blow-dried anchor, to the extent he still has hair. I thought he was supposed to be smart. Maybe not without a list of questions in front of him.

If they’d bothered to pick up a newspaper, they’d discover the well-known fact that premiums are skyrocketing because too many sick people are signing up and healthy people, particularly young adults, are just paying the fine instead of buying insurance. And so insurers are stuck paying for older, sicker patients and are losing money.

It’s called, like economics, dude.

Meantime, these two on CNN share the frustration of their colleagues on CBS but get the problem and have an idea of how to be helpful to Democrats: Punish people who don’t sign up even more. With their salaries, won’t be a problem for them.

24 thoughts on “CBS Anchors Bamboozled by Obamacare Rate Hikes”

  1. Because the PERFECT solution to the deplorables not having enough money to pay for overpriced insurance…is to take even more of their money, by force of government.

    Stamp Acts, Townshend Acts, Sugar Acts, TEA ACTS!…and when we DARED stand up like men…

    Who knows the rest?

    1. Keith: You’re very funny.

      Flummoxed Charlie Rose. Maybe cause he’s a lummox and not to be confused with a chain of delis.

      Thanks. I needed a chortle today.

  2. Those of us that live and work here in the real world knew this was coming. How convenient that the end to Obamacare is coming at the end of his presidency.

    I’d like to know how many trillions (with a T) of taxpayer dollars was spent, no, wasted, on this program that everyone knew would fail. How far would that money have gone to repair infrastructure, help with educational costs, etc, etc, etc.

    Barry did one thing better than any other president: he was better at spending other people’s money. Almost $100 million on travel costs for him and his family alone, when last I looked. Unbelievable.

  3. Tell the lady on the left there is no such word as ‘preventative’. The correct word is ‘preventive’. Where did she attend eighth grade?

  4. None can deny the obvious,…intelligence is not a requirement to be a news person.

    The very fact that congress exempted themselves from this debacle should tell you something.

  5. Ok im 46YO as is my wife we are very fit and healthy, no visits to doc in 2016 no claims of any kind at all or year prior. Last year premium per month was 506 new premium is 1,064. the 2017 premium has a subsidy of 285 per month. So really new premium is 1,349 vs 791 last year. No claims fit healthy and relatively young. Its a fix from top to bottom. I cant afford new premium no matter what.

  6. And tomorrow HIlldabeast turns 69(a fact avoided by the drive by media) Id like to see that wobbly old witch try to buy a health insurance policy as a private citizen.

  7. CNN info babe says the fine is $700.

    I spend that much in a month on insurance… at the moment.

    The only thing skyrocketing at a faster pace is the national debt and college tuition.

  8. Do these fools not understand that Obamacare is blowing up ‘by design’? Obama could not pass single payer in one fell swoop, so his solution was to do exactly what he did – bamboozle everyone.

    Unbelievably, Trump proved again that he is clueless – this time it’s about Obamacare. He states “I don’t use much Obamacare”, minutes after claiming “All of my employees are having a tremendous problem with Obamacare”.
    This type of ignorance is campaign malpractice, IMO.

    HRC will be the next POTUS, and she will finish Obama’s job – Single Payer. And this is also what Trump wanted several years ago when he was a Democrat. Caveat Emptor!

  9. I hear Justice John Obamacare Roberts just put an addition on to his summer home in Maine.

    Now that summer is over, perhaps the confused anchors could interview him. Or Zeke Dr.Death Panel Emmanuel. Or Guber Guy.

  10. Like tail-wagging sled dogs for their white House masters, the leftist (a redundancy)media is now confused as to why their master’s sled won’t keep going in spite of their pulling harder than ever.

  11. No one comments on how employer based coverage is riding also. Just because I have a job, does that make it ok to raise my premiums and deductibles so I have crappier coverage than I had the year before?

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