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They Put Obama in Office, and They are Accused of Worse Than Trump

I don’t dismiss all the charges against Donald Trump. While some of them are probably false, some are probably true. It’s just too many women, and they are alleging things he bragged about.

And I think it’s disgusting.

But the hypocrisy of the Democrats in an uproar at the charges — especially the outrage expressed by Michelle Obama — is also abhorrent. Because they have accepted far worse from the two greatest modern icons of the Democratic Party, two men instrumental in putting Mrs. Obama and her husband in the White House.

Perhaps the pivotal moment in the 2008 primary battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was the January 28 endorsement by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy of Obama. Obama had momentum, having just beaten Clinton in South Carolina, and Kennedy’s timely nod set him up to win a string of primaries that made his lead insurmountable.

Ted Kennedy killed a young woman, Mary Jo Kopechne, in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts on Martha’s Vineyard in July 1969. The married Kennedy, suspiciously alone with her late at night in a car, accidentally drove off a bridge and plunged into the water. He made it to the surface, she didn’t. He didn’t report the incident until the morning, likely, in my view, so he could have a few hours to sober up. But that’s not a problem for the Obamas, or just about any Democrats, as far as I know.

The 2012 decision by Bill Clinton to bury the hatchet and work aggressively for Obama’s reelection may well have provided the small margin of victory Obama was able to achieve over Mitt Romney. Clinton has now been accused of raping two women, both of whose charges are bolstered by people attesting that the accusers told them at the time of the incident. One of the women, Juanita Broaddrick, had bruising that was witnessed by others at the time. She’s not in for the fame, she resisted coming forward for years. But that’s not a problem for the Obamas, or just about any Democrats, as far as I know.

Michelle Obama’s emotional response to Trump the other day was rank hypocrisy.

The speech of course was feted by the media, which anointed Michelle Hillary’s new star surrogate.

Here are the Obamas dancing with Ted Kennedy.

Mary Jo Kopechne would be 76 this year.

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28 Responses to They Put Obama in Office, and They are Accused of Worse Than Trump

  1. Democrats seem to have lost their ability to assess and remember events. It’s all about the outrage of the day. They seem addicted to the high of being angry and don’t care what foul source feeds their addiction.

    This is why they are so easy to manipulate and “their” candidates win — candidates selected by the elite to further their personal power.

    • The sad truth has come out. We are serfs who do the bidding of the MSM.

      Thru out right propaganda they control the masses. Who then vote for the candidate the MSM has chosen.

      Make no mistake the GOP is in on it as well.

      We are not really free. We are controlled. We have the freedom to vote for the chosen one by the MSM!

      Vote Trump or die…….there is you choice.

  2. MrTrump is a heterosexual man who likes attractive women, just like every man like him. He has been a single man, off and on, for some time in his adult life.
    He pursued women- he didn’t rape them or attack them or use his position to demand they do as he wished.
    A man like MrTrump – attractive, rich, famous, and socially acceptable would be a magnet for some women.
    What the MSM and the Dems are doing to MrTrump with accusations of perfectly acceptable behavior turned into some vague ‘sexual assault’ is exactly what they did to Herman Cain to ruin his image with the public.

    The only reason MrsObama can attack MrTrump with the surety that HER husband never did anything she claims happened to those women is that Barack Obama only ‘dated’ composite women – what they call the blow-up doll at sex toy stores.

    • Agree on everything, srdem. Spot on.
      Besides, I am re-reading Tom Wolfes absolutely brilliant novel, ” Bonfire of the Vanities”. The world hasn´t changed much since. The hero in the book, Sherman Mc´Coy, was involved in a car accident and afterwards a campaigning mayor, in cohorts with the DA´s office and the media , construct a case against him he couldn´t win because of race-politics. They all know it is all more or less a lie but they still do it. Just like the “sexual offense” cases that are now fabricated (probably) against Trump.
      And I of course agree with Keith, Michelle O´s show the other day was rank hypocrisy. I do not take anything seriously, coming from her or her “husband”.

  3. I thought Chappaquiddick was the fault of the Civil Engineering that layed out the bridge. He was 1/2″ off to the right……Kennedy was too far left…..

    Trump is right. The system is rigged and it just doesn’t matter to the media who drank the DNC Clinton Koolaid

    The story from the WSJ about an asst.director at the FBI wife receiving $500k in campaign funds from Terry Mcaulife is just sickening………this country is done.

    • Yes, PBB, I find it so sickening too. And if Hillary wins, the editors and journalists will have a ghastly morning after…..and four long years of remorse and repentance. To work for the MSM will be as honourable as working for The Mafia.

    • When Ted died my mom asked me if I watched his funeral. I about fell off the floor. I said he was a bad man, she said he did good things, but couldn’t name one. I said he killed a girl & she said, “well that was a long time ago.” (!!!!!!)
      I said how would you feel if that was me & she had no answer. For some reason that conversation just sticks clearly in my head.

  4. Michelle Obama can drink a nice, big cup of STFU for all I care.

    She’s not a holder of elected office. She holds no position of authority.

    She’s just a snarling wench who hates America.

  5. A man “hits on” a woman. The woman always responds one way or another.
    All woman have the ability to rebuff untoward advances.
    DT was 50 something when these alleged flirtations occurred. In my experience, this is a time when men exhibit behaviors we call “mid life crisis.”
    Frankly, I could not care less what DT said 10-20 years ago in social settings. He has yet to say anything I have not heard countless times before – from men and women.
    This is a non issue that the media deliberately blew completely out of proportion in an effort to hide the issue of HRCs health and her felonious actions as well as those of the DNC and Clinton Foundation.
    To infer that these possible flirtations are as heinous as murder and other illegal, felonious acts is ignorant and ridiculous. And – this issue is yet another item in the LONG list of irresponsible reporting of the main stream media. I refuse to call any of them journalists.
    For MO to express her horror at DT’s words is her right. Those words were rude, crude and socially unacceptable. It’s just a shame that no one asks her how she feels about BHO showing his erection during a campaign flight. Did he apologize to her for that nasty behavior?
    It would be interesting to know how she feels about Beyonce’s song that included the lyrics, “Bow down bitches.” Does Beyoncé encourage MOs daughters to use that language and “twerk?”
    Does MO object to Joe Biden’s creepy touching of women and young girls? Would she leave her daughter’s alone with Joe?
    The media may think they have completely brainwashed the American public…but the real news flash is that there are still those of us who can utilize our critical thinking skills to reasonably assess the given political/economic situation within our country.

  6. Anything is ok by the Democrats as long as it keeps them in power.
    By that measure, people who choose to ignore the criminality of the Kennedys, Obamas and Clintons, and go ahead and vote for them, are putting their stamp of approval on the behavior.
    The Clintons have never had to pay for the vile things they have done and continue to do b/c the American people refuse to hold their feet to the fire.
    Enough is enough.

    • Those ok with all their combined bs are what numnuts said; “the stupidity of the American voter.” It’s horrible & terrible & way too many voters fall into that category.

  7. Right Keith, and, we only know by observing the scum on top. What we don’t know has been nicely hidden away. I once heard of a talking mouse, that lurked around Washington DC. When ask to repeat things he had heard, could only choke and puke his response. Guess he heard some pretty bad stuff.

    • I have read some awful things about our politicians. Sickening things that I really do not want to know or consider. Terrible, terrible things. The worst of the worst.