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Former Clinton Aide at State Took the Fifth More than 90 Times

It’s incredible. Watergate is unfolding before our eyes, but we are about to elect Richard Nixon president anyway.

Yet another a person who performed services for Ms. Hillary Clinton is taking the Fifth.

The man who was Clinton’s chief personal IT officer at the State Department took the Fifth in response to more than 90 questions Monday during a deposition in a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the organization said today.

John Bentel, the State Department’s former Director of Information Resource Management of the Executive Secretariat, invoked his Fifth Amendment rights not to answer questions on grounds he might incriminate himself after being ordered to testify due to suspicion he lied in his sworn testimony before the House Benghazi Committee. His office handled information technology matters for the Secretary of State.

Bentel, who was accompanied at the deposition by three government attorneys and two personal lawyers, refused to answer any questions about whether Hillary Clinton was paying his legal fees, offered him employment, or provided other financial incentives, according to Judicial Watch. Bentel told the Benghazi panel he was not aware while at State that Clinton’s emails were stored on a private email server, but emails emerged suggesting he did and that he ordered a staffer who had raised concerns not to discuss Clinton’s personal email system.

Bentel, in taking the Fifth, joins two others who refused to answer questions about issues related to their work at the firm that erased Clinton’s emails, as well as Bryan Pagliano, who took the Fifth when questioned about his administration of Clinton’s private email server. Pagliano invoked the Fifth more than 125 times.

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16 Responses to Former Clinton Aide at State Took the Fifth More than 90 Times

  1. There just are no words for any of this. Keith is right – we are on he verge of electing another Richard Nixon. This campaign is like House of Cards on steroids and it is beyond disgusting. I understand people not liking either candidate but to blatantly ignore all the Clinton scandals and dishonesty is beyond belief. Not just her but those surrounding her. I honestly believe it would not have mattered who the republican candidate was. If the Obama campaign was able to virtually destroy Mitt Romney for his “acts” as a businessman (who was an incredibly decent man) all of the primary candidates would be destroyed as well. Unfortunately I doubt any of them would have been able to stand up to the onslaught of accusations of being anti women, anti immigrant, anti just about everything. Sad time in America. Politicians for the most part are only concerned about being re-elected. It isn’t about the people or what is good for the country.

    • Agree. Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Christie, Fiorena, et al would have been ground into hamburger by the Clinton Machine by now. Trump is still standing and fighting. They can’t take him down, and they cannot figure out why. As Hillary herself noted last week, “I cannot understand why I am not 50 points ahead of Trump by now”. Well, Hillary, it’s because Donald sees through your BS and gives as good as he gets from the likes of you.

  2. Of course he took the 5th, like so many of the other Clinton/Obama hacks who enable, promote and even brag about the criminal activity of the current regime. If Bentel were to tell all he knows, under oath, he’d go to jail. Or be dead. He does have a right to not INCRIMINATE himself, and he would obviously INCRIMINATE himself if he told the truth. That’s why he took the 5th, for goodness sake.

    What we need here is a Nuremberg type trial to clean out Obama’s rat’s nest of traitors, liars, deceivers, money changers, malcontents, Muslim Brotherhood enablers, backroom dealers, blackmailers, thugs, miscreants, dunderheads, profiteers, shysters, and scalawags.

    Then maybe we can back to the proper business of our Constitutional Republic.

  3. Take the 5th? Any government employee who takes the 5th because of his job in the government should lose their job and pension automatically………

  4. Richard Nixon was a man of sterling character when compared with Hillary Clinton and Obama. When it came to obstruction of justice, Nixon had his inner circle; Hillary Clinton seems to have the entire stting government, including the AG and the “Justice” Department and the FBI, working on her behalf to obstruct.