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Obama Schedule || Monday, October 24, 2016

11:55 am || Delivers remarks at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser; private residence, San Diego
1:00 pm || Departs San Diego
1:35 pm || Arrives Los Angeles
2:50 pm || Tapes the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show; El Capitan Entertainment Center, Los Angeles
5:50 pm || Participates in a fundraiser for the DNC and Clinton; private residence, Los Angeles

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11 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, October 24, 2016”

  1. Ron in Ohio Asks:

    Where in the hell should this crap be paid for by ALL of us taxpayers?
    AND – Why is it not displayed as it is, merely as just another Dim-O-Crap – NON- Federally fundraising, “environmentally invasive” junket to support another Dimo-Crap hypocritical objective?


    1. Russian fleet sailing towards Syria thru the English Channel.
      Brits following close by.
      NorKor threatened to explode another nuclear device.
      Iran holds American hostage(s)
      and wants “billions and billions of dollars”
      And this waste of space, Obama is out campaigning.
      Dereliction of duty.

    2. Obama pretty much checked out of his proper responsibilities as POTUS several years ago. Not that he was interested in acting like a President in the first place. He’s spent his Presidency gurning and tutting his way through the years and, of course, implementing the most destructive agenda in the history of the Presidency. He’s spent a lot of time honing his “delivers remarks” skill set, so he knows how to pile the BS higher and wider than he did 8 years ago. He’s just coasting now, at taxpayers’ expense. He knows the corporate media will continue to do his work for him, so he’s not even trying to hide his plans to fool the American people anymore.

  2. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but disqus has disabled the down arrow BUT you can still up arrow

    and yahoo has removed the thumbs up or down-you can’t like or dislike a comment anymore

  3. I don’t know what to write… thousands of things come to my fingers…

    4 more years of Obama with a Clinton vote — same policies and more dismissal of the real issues that face you.

    Ask a friend to vote for the candidate of your choice. I am asking for Trump votes. Friends, I am asking for your vote. Need more reasons, ask me. I can lay out a few (hundred).

    1. Trump has my vote, no matter what.
      I was going to try to get two diehard Obama supporters to vote for Trump.
      Didn’t need to.
      Much to my surprise they’re already on the Trump train.
      The same as other Trump supporters.
      Secure borders and lower taxes.
      Islamic terrorism because “we don’t want to be shot or blown up.”
      I guess Trumps platform has struck a chord.
      Color me very surprised.

  4. While Obama continues his lollygagging and rapscallion ways, as shown in today’s schedule, we note that the corporate press is barely mentioning Trump’s First 100 Days Gettysburg speech–as noted in other posts on WHD. When they do mention it, they do so in the most mocking manner possible. And we know why, don’t we? Because Trump has targeted most of the money-making schemes the political cabals in Washington have used to make big bucks for themselves.

    Here are the points of the Trump First 100 Days Plan:

    1. Appoint judges who will “uphold the Constitution” and protect the Second Amendment.
    2. Change immigration rules that will allow Americans to get “good-paying jobs.”
    3. Stand-up to countries that “cheat on trade.
    4.Cancel rules and regulations that send jobs overseas.
    5. Lift restrictions on energy production.
    6. Repeal and replace job-killing Obamacare.
    7. Pass massive tax reform to create millions of new jobs and lower taxes for everyone.
    8. Impose tough new ethics rules … to the office of Secretary of State.

    No wonder the D elites and the R elites and the lobbyists and the media hotshots and all those on the take have joined forces to destroy Trump.

  5. So is he staying there? Going to visit the families of the major deadly crash in his little love nest near Palm Springs?? He and his wife campaigning for BILLARY on the taxpayers $$$$$$$ should be illegal.

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