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Video || Clinton Aide Types Message for Andrea Mitchell Before She Asks Question

In the video below, you can see an aide to Hillary Clinton, during her brief post-debate press conference Wednesday night, type out something and show it to Andrea Mitchell.

Andrea Mitchell Clinton aide message

The video then fast forwards to a softball “How did you feel” question by Mitchell. The same aide is then clearly texting and communicating with another reporter.

9 Responses to Video || Clinton Aide Types Message for Andrea Mitchell Before She Asks Question

  1. The “nasty woman” thing, again.
    MrsClinton has entered the arena assuming that the I Am Woman is a pass that would prevent any retaliation from her harsh words and devious actions.
    While the MSM incredibly does all they can possibly do to protect her from scrutiny, from revealing her true health picture, and makes coordinated attacks on her opponent, the question remains – will the public buy it.

    What is it about MrsClinton that the MSM so adores and needs to protect? They lie, accept guidance from her staff, and still call themselves journalists. Unbelievable.

    • There are probably a number of reasons why people compromise themselves initially and them lie down with the dog.

      Having done it once, you will have to decide what to do the next time. And like in any circle, there is peer pressure. In politics this can be fierce, career ending and sometimes dangerous.

      I have no sympathy. Particularly when you consider the likes of Sharyl Attkisson.

      • Agree.
        It still begs the question – why?
        They know she’s a proven liar, a sneak, a greedy money-grubber, she’s ill, and probably will be unable to fulfill the duties of a President.
        Is their hatred, their distain so intense toward MrTrump they would abandon all sense of truth to promote someone they wouldn’t trust with their own money or children?

        • “…they would abandon all sense of truth to promote someone they wouldn’t trust with their own money or children?”

          Yes. It’s all about power and implementing the liberal agenda – stacking the Supreme Court, EPA edicts (global warming), DOJ edicts, et al. After eight years of GW Bush (who many Dems thought was an illegitimate president after the 2000 election), Barry gave them a taste of the dictatorial style they’ve wanted for years.

          They have changed the country radically the past eight years and don’t want to give up that power, no matter who they have at the top of the ticket.

  2. The fact that this is on video everywhere to me indicates that the Clintons and the media have no shame about the collusion. It is very in your face and if you don’t like it lump it. As America lists even further toward a country that is “ruled” by petty tyrants.

  3. The democrats are low-class petty tyrants alright, that about describes them. They love that Obama thinks he’s a dictator and they want to continue the anti-American theme forever. This way of thinking harks back to the 1960’s, the socialist/communist dream they inherited from their parents? or their grandparents who migrated to America from a communist country who threw them out and with that background they still love communism? Even after America took them in and gave them freedom,they still want to change America to the horrible controlling communism/socialism? right along with the oldest hippie Hillary Clinton who has always hated America and the Republican party. Her thinking goes all the way back when it was fashionable to burn the flag and burn the bra. She “dreams of open borders and open trading”. She is a true anti-American communist who is finally fulfilling her dream of destroying America. Go Hillary, you will also destroy yourself very soon. Take a look at Cuba with their socialist/commie life and Educador and other countries who have always failed with communism, Russia included. Even Russia wised up about Communism, finding out that it never works. Its good for the Presidents and the Dictators who take all the money from their people in socialist/commie countries and then the people have nothing and their country becomes an ugly falling down grey shabby part of the world. Thats what socialism and communism does to countries. What idiots! They have no idea how dumb they are.