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Video || Bill Clinton Messes Up the Job

Bill’s not quite as smooth on the campaign trail as he used to be. Or at least, not as disciplined talking up someone other than himself. Or at worst, there’s a little Freudian voice in his brain that doesn’t want Hillary to be president too.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

4 thoughts on “Video || Bill Clinton Messes Up the Job”

    1. Isn’t he still flying on the “pedophile express” with his buddy and sometimes not even with secret service detail?
      Also saw somewhere (I have CRS)
      can’t remember where that on one of these trips HRC was onboard also and stayed in a villa on the island. ugh

  1. Both of the Clintons are in their declining years and nothing they do or say can hide that fact.
    Not all Seniors fade as fast as the Clintons.
    He might be shaky, but we have to believe he knows what he’s doing out there.
    MrClinton has a right to claim HE’s the “PresidentClinton” and not want to share that with anyone else named Clinton.
    Human nature and all that, I guess.

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