As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

21 Responses to Video || Democrats Claiming Rigged Elections

    • Any and all pretends that we are a free people has been destroyed by the Podesta WIKI leaks emails.

      The collusion of the Dems and the media to create a fake reality is now proven.

      Low info people (most) are fed propaganda that they really believe is the truth. So the elites control the population and the people go merely on their way believe complete nonsense as fact.

  1. Wow. That was some fancy dancing Mika!

    Horrified that Trump would suggest HRC and the Democrats, already wounded by the many elections stolen by the Republicans, would “rig” the elections.

    And nary a mention of the verified voting fraud by Creamer and Fovel.

    The shock and awe of Donald Trump.

  2. Speaking of rigging, they must really be worried since the polls ARE rigged…. because here comes Gloria Allred with another woman accuser:

    A New York yoga instructor came forward Thursday as Donald Trump’s 10th accuser of sexual misconduct and said the Republican presidential nominee groped her in 1998, leaving her feeling “intimidated” and “powerless.”

    Karena Virginia said Trump touched her breast while she was waiting for a car after attending the US Open tennis tournament in Queens in 1998.

    Nine women have previously come forward to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct. Trump has denied those allegations. NBC has reached out to the Trump campaign for a comment on Virginia’s allegations.

    Virginia said she had never met Trump before the incident occurred. She said she was waiting for her car when she saw Trump talking to other men and overheard Trump tell the men: “’Hey look at this one. We haven’t seen her before. Look at those legs.’ As though I was an object, rather than a person.”

    She said Trump approached her, grabbed her by the arm and touched her right breast.

    “I was in shock, I flinched,” Virginia said. “‘Don’t you know who I am?’ That’s what he said to me.”

    Virginia said she told her husband and others about the incident, which she said made her feel “intimidated” and “powerless.”

    She said Trump’s actions made her ashamed that she wore a short dress and high heels and that for years afterward she struggled with what to wear so as not to attract unwanted attention from men.

    Virginia said she saw Trump about five years ago in a business setting with other people present and that he “looked her up and down” several times at that event.

    “I had come to the realization that I was the victim,” she said. He had violated me when he groped me years earlier.”

    Trump has said that he’s never met some of his accusers and claimed that Hillary Clinton campaign was involved in fabricating allegations against him.

    Virginia said no one has asked her to come forward and that many people advised her not to speak publicly fearing Trump would attack her for speaking out.

    “Perhaps you do not remember me or what you did to me so many years ago but I can assure you I remember you and what you did to me as though it was yesterday,” Virginia said. “Your random moment of sexual pleasure came at my expense and affected me greatly.”

    Virginia’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, said Virginia is not considering a lawsuit against Trump. She said the celebrity businessman’s statement at the debate Wednesday night that “nobody has more respect for women than I do” is “ludicrous.”

    Allred, who is supporting Hillary Clinton for president, said she had not been in touch with Clinton’s campaign about Virginia.

    Allred held a press conference with another one of Trump’s accusers last week, who said he forcibly kissed her and thrusted his genitals at her. Summer Zervos, a former contestant on “The Apprentice” reality show, alleged Trump made the inappropriate sexual contact at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2007.

    “Today’s victim is also noteworthy in that her allegations demonstrate how Mr. Trump selects his victims at random,” Allred said Thursday.

  3. By the way, I thought I heard it correctly last night and I just watched the clip here to confirm it. The first question asked of Shrillary on the plane was NOT about Trump’s response to Chris Wallace’s question regarding accepting the results of the election.

    On the plane, Shrillary was asked “Will you accept the results of the election?” She chose not to answer that question and instead took the opportunity to opine on Trump’s “horrific” reply at the debate.

    Why is no one pointing this out? Shrillary was not asked the question at the debate. When the question is directly put to her on the plane, she dodges it by talking about Trump’s answer.

    Trump’s people need to bring this up!!

  4. Eight freaking years of ‘selected not elected’ and NOW they’re concerned about legitimacy?

    Spare me your selected outrage, leftists.

    Actually, no. Shove it instead.

    • Agreed, but at least it looks like bad timing for Shrillary in light of the Catholic-bashing emails revealed by WikiLeaks. Cardinal Dolan wants Shrillary to apologize:

      The statements “are just extraordinarily patronizing and insulting to Catholics,” Cardinal Dolan told ABC affiliate News Channel 13 on Monday.

      “If it had been said about the Jewish community, if it had been said about the Islamic community, within 10 minutes there would have been an apology and a complete distancing from those remarks,” he continued.

      “Hasn’t happened yet,” he stated.

      The cardinal, who is chair of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, then said he’d like to see the Democratic candidate disassociate herself from the offending comments.

      “I’m hoping that she’s going to distance herself from these very insulting remarks by her chief of staff,” Cardinal Dolan said.

      He also told the news station that he trusts people to be guided by their moral convictions, and he expects people to be “acquainted with the issues.”

      • Trump brought it tonight and got booed — Hillary was worse and even went after Guiliani personally and she was cheered. And probably by Dolan as well.


  5. Rigged elections? Are we talking like the Black Panthers at the Philadelphia polling place? Oh yeah those Dems know how to rig it alright. Including 110 percent turnout for Obama in precincts last go round…Rigged …. got it!

  6. More on today’s Gloria Allred “victim” that I posted about above. She did a Facebook post about Trump on October 8th, and it looks that’s what got her the attention she’s seeking. The Facebook post is in this article, along with quotes from her and Allred at today’s staged, crocodile tears press conference, (Allred flew out to NY for this):

    This woman’s husband is a NY labor union attorney and she’s a former actress/model and currently a “Yoga Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Guide, and Certified Healer” according to her website. You have to read the ridiculous, kooky nonsense on her website:

    Also, on her homepage, she has a quote from Bruce Springsteen: “The gift of Karena is that she offers a whole new perspective on life.” – Bruce Springsteen

    Fame seeking loser…

    • That was so not uplifting:) so embarrassed by the one Sunny or whatever her real name is last week with the Gloria press conference. She is from my hometown and had a successful snack bar on the beach I grew up on and apparently needs more attention, shame.