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Video || The Third Debate Summed Up in Three Minutes

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  1. My comment at end of debate thread:
    I agree with Trump regarding abortion.
    That is one of the primary reasons I am voting for him. He bravely spoke his abortion stance last night. He told the truth about his stance…tearing babies piece by piece from the womb is not right. It is wrong. I agree.
    I also agree with him about immigration issues. Legal immigrants are welcome. Illegal immigrants must leave.
    Another reason for my Trump vote.
    I believe HRC is very ill – mentally and physically. So, for me, the possibility of a Kaine presidency is real.
    To me, that is a “horrifying” thought.
    I read HRC gave DJT the Obama finger last night….rubbing her nose with her middle finger. If so, she deserved to be called a nasty woman.
    And I wish someone in the media would point out that no matter who hacked the servers, the emails were written and sent by HRC employees and DNC henchmen.
    The primary issue is not who hacked – the issue is the fact that the information gleaned from these emails is factual and revealing about the true intent of the authors.

    • You’re right. The issue before us is the content of those, well, incredible emails seeking to manipulate people, massage the issues, shining a light on the complete corruptive cooperation of the media and the Clinton people. Their goal is obvious—to ultimately delude, betray and misinform the American voter. The Clinton/media level of subversion, debasement, decay and degradation of the election process is astonishing. THAT’S the issue before the American people.

  2. Trump must have done well — CNN is going nuts with wild charges against Trump. IMO, Van Jones has borderline personality troubles. He is so hateful, such an exaggerator, nearly nutjob extreme in how far he goes with his reactions and extrapolations. It’s hard to call him a commentator when his reactions are more of a mouth-foaming attack dog. It’s actually uncomfortable for me to watch him spiral into spasm-like indignation.

    • Van Jones is a self proclaimed communist. He was forced out of his job, despite Valerie Jarrett, and CNN and every outlet that uses him should make it known that he is a communist and not playing for America.

  3. Before the debate, I promised my husband I would try not to shriek at the TV LOL Thank you for having the open debate thread where I could silently rebut ‘Illary “$5M for Embassy drinking glasses, $0 for Benghazi Security” Clinton. And thanks to all the folks here who took part, loved reading your comments and rebuttals too. :-D

  4. I can’t believe Trump wouldn’t support the election results.

    Even Gore accepted the results of the election and threw his support to Bush . . . oh wait, that didn’t happen.

  5. Al Gore should end that election challenge issue but it will not. It does not exist in the Democrat “history”. Check Zinn.

    Hillary and the Democrats are playing a very dangerous game trying ultimately to pin Trump as a Russian collaborator, or agent. Because that is where they are going with this. And if Clinton loses, and challenges the election results which she will, i would not be surprised to see this argument used in election tampering.

    And nuclear weapons. i do not have the citation and I did not hear it, but people are saying the HRC divulged a classified bit of information when she discussed the amount of time from when a President gives the order and launch. I’ll look for it.

    • I just saw that statement being made by a person who commented on a story about Hillary cheating again last night. It was Political Insider that I was reading and one of the people commented that she gave away confidential info to the audience.