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Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 20, 2016

10:35 am || Departs White House
1:10 pm || Arrives Miami
1:55 pm || Delivers remarks about the Affordable Care Act; Miami Dade College
4:05 pm || Delivers remarks at a Hillary for America campaign event; Florida Memorial University, Miami
5:30 pm || Participates in a fundraiser for Democratic governors, Miami
6:40 pm || Departs Miami
9:10 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

6 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 20, 2016”

  1. When will Obama appear on SNL….. its only a matter of time…right? Imagine him, and the actors as candidates…..they would be funny, he’s still a stiff


  2. Delivers remarks about the Affordable Care Act–

    This is the part of the traveling Obama Vaudeville Show where the dude tells us the Affordable Care Act is the most successful healthcare delivery program ever devised in the history of humankind. Premiums are cheap, every single person now has full health care, and everyone kept the doctor they liked.

  3. I didn´t watch the debate, I am beginning to feel depressed when thinking about the degradation, the decay of democracy. And it is the fact that the shocking revelations by Wikileaks have no effect at all, at all, that has been the big awakening to me.It is not even analyzed or discussed, it is plainly ignored. So, it is all fixed, it will be her. The rest is KABUKI-theatre.
    The headlines all over are that Trump maybe will not “accept the outcome of the election” and media find it so shocking and stunning. One commenter wrote this fine summing up: ” When Podesta is openly encouraging illegals to vote, when media is in collusion with the HRC campaign,when the HRC campaign is inciting violence at Trump rallies, when AG, POTUS, the FBI director are in the tank for Hillary ignoring her crimes, when Soros connected companies are supplying the voting machines, when numerous dead and felons remain on the voting rolls… he should accept the outcome ?”

  4. College and university auditoriums – reduced to that? If they picked pro sports arenas, that might be more of a “big deal.” But they can’t fill one, can they.

  5. Salvation is from God alone. Damnation is man’s choice alone. Both last for eternity. The first is safety beyond description. The second? We can’t print it here.

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