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Clinton Ends Press Conference When Asked About Undercover Videos

Hillary Clinton stopped taking questions aboard her plane last night once someone asked about Democratic dirty tricksters who were filmed talking about provoking violence at Trump rallies.

Notice the softball questions she was getting from the press until finally someone asked about the revelations, which were filmed by activist James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

One “journalist” sets her up to dump on Trump, asking a question to which the reporter already knows the answer, “Will you accept the results of the election?”

Then Andrea Mitchell, who of course has positioned herself next to Clinton, asks her favorite candidate a “How did you feel?” question, including how she felt when Trump called her a “Putin puppet.” Except, it was Clinton who started that one.

Whoever asked about the videos was brave, because it’s not easy to contradict the fawning consensus and get dirty looks from other reporters because you might be “one of them” — that is, a Republican.

Wow. Clinton’s campaign has allies playing dirty tricks. This woman truly is Nixon in a pantsuit.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.

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    1. By a few orders of magnitude.

      Consider: If all her deleted emails were converted to spoken audio, how many eighteen-and-a-half minute tape gaps would it fill?

  1. I didn´t watch the debate, I am beginning to feel depressed when thinking about the degradation, the decay of democracy. And it is the fact that the shocking revelations by Wikileaks have no effect at all, at all, that has been the big awakening to me.It is not even analyzed or discussed, it is plainly ignored. So, it is all fixed, it will be her. The rest is KABUKI-theatre.
    The headlines all over are that Trump maybe will not “accept the outcome of the election” and media find it so shocking and stunning. One commenter wrote this fine summing up: ” When Podesta is openly encouraging illegals to vote, when media is in collusion with the HRC campaign,when the HRC campaign is inciting violence at Trump rallies, when AG, POTUS, the FBI director are in the tank for Hillary ignoring her crimes, when Soros connected companies are supplying the voting machines, when numerous dead and felons remain on the voting rolls… he should accept the outcome ?”


    1. A lot of us are as confused as you are, SL, about the odd question to MrTrump.
      It’s an American tradition to question the outcome of some elections, to demand a recount of votes, or to sue for election day fraud. It’s not un-patriotic or even unusual to not accept the outcome of any election.
      The MSM has decided that MrTrump has already lost and are trying to force him to cede the election.
      The whole issue is MSM driven and not something the American voters are worried about.

          1. “Dr. Sabato” this morning on Fox declaring the election is over…he’s an “election expert,” so I guess we can all just stay home now.

          2. I’m somewhat optimistic too, SL. I joined a pro-Trump Facebook group last Thursday. The number of members was 71,000 when I joined. It’s at just under 110,000 this morning. And they are smart, passionate, engaged people.

      1. The MSM has decided that MrTrump has already lost and are trying to force him to cede the election.

        Good point. I had not thought of that implication.

    2. I would bet that there’s at least one of this morning’s media pearl-clutchers that has said, at some point in the last decade, that Bush stole the 2000 election.

      To tweak a movie quote, Why are Democrats’ moves so smart and noble, and Republicans are always idiot pieces of shit?

      1. “Why are Democrats’ moves so smart and noble, and Republicans are always idiot pieces of shit?”

        They learn that tactic when they attend Alinsky school.

  2. 1. Watch the guy in the suit behind HRC. Types on cell phone and shows it to Andrea. Is that her question?
    2. Guy in striped shirt watches HRC likes a hawk.
    3. Podesta…trying to make sure he’s still in the inner circle?
    4. How old is Andrea Mitchell? (I will look it up.)
    Me being snarky: her belly button must be up around her throat.
    5. HRC is not well. It is obvious.

    1. She’s resting today until the dinner tonight. Then, tomorrow she finally gets back to doing rallies after a ten day absence from the campaign trail. See my post with the schedules below.

      1. I’m thinking her schedule is like a vampire’s. She doesn’t do well in direct sunlight–stumbles, falls, faints, needs help going up stairs, etc. She’s much healthier after the sun sets. Just something I’ve observed.

        1. LOL.

          Actually, I saw some video on Fox earlier where they showed Shrillary boarding the plane last night in Vegas. It was dark and she climbed the stairs very slowly, slightly hunched over, hand firmly clenched on the railing as she carefully stared at her feet the entire time. Then she reached the top and shuffled into the plane.

  3. What is “Horrifying” to me is the thought of a near term baby being aborted and MURDERED! And she is horrified that Trump won’t automatically align himself with her and this Corrupt administration should he lose he race?? Seriously?! And why wasn’t at same question pose to her? I thought Chris Wallace was terrible by the way.

  4. “The closing that they gave us at the last minute”
    Odd remark…is HRC saying she wasn’t given “advance knowledge” of this opportunity?
    “No more naps” ? Who naps? (Full disclosure: I do occasionally.)

  5. Unless HRC has also gone blind she cannot miss the huge corpus of Al Gore.

    Kudos who brought the issue up. I “wish” it would be brought up in public venues and when the voter fraud and rigged elections came up it would have been great if Trump had referenced the OKeefe tapes and the Creamer and Fovel by name and the policy to move people across state, and in the example cited, have legal hispanics vote multiple times for themselves and then for illegals.

    But that was not the strategy for last night I guess.

    BTW, I do not recall Richard Nixon ever wearing a white pantsuit…but could be wrong.

    1. Not only does she not look anyone in the eye, I wanted to wipe that shit-eating grin she manufactured 100 times, right off her lying face!

  6. She also ended the Pay for Play question about the CF at the debate. It was essentially I plead the 5th. She did it at the end of babbling about the CF and all the good it did so there was no recourse. And there probably will be no MSM discussion about that either.

    1. She noted also said the CF was rated very high by auditing agencies. Not true. Charity Navigator, the go-to group evaluating charities, put CF on its watch list because of “mysterious” and peculiar accounting practices.

  7. We were watching Hannity last night when they cut to her comments on the plane and we both laughed when she cut it off as soon as that question came up. Typical Shrillary.

    She’s home in Chappaqua resting tonight while Trump has a rally in Delaware, Ohio at 12:30.

    Tonight they will both be at the annual Alfred E. Smith dinner/roast in New York. Trump and Shrillary are supposed to be seated one seat apart with Cardinal Timothy Dolan between them. It should be interesting, especially since Cardinal Dolan said yesterday that Shrillary should apologize for the Catholic-bashing remarks that her team made in the Podesta emails. Also, it’s a white tie event. Will Shrillary finally don a dress? Well, it would be a gown so she can at least hide her cankles.

    By the way, here’s Trump’s schedule for the next few days:

    Thursday 10/20: 12:30 pm – Delaware, OH
    8:00 pm – Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner – Waldorf Astoria, Manhattan

    Friday 10/21: 12:00 pm – Fletcher, NC
    4:00 pm – Johnstown, PA
    7:30 pm – Newtown, PA

    Saturday 10/22: 3:00 pm – Virginia Beach, VA
    7:00 pm – Cleveland, OH

    That’s six rallies in three days in four states, plus tonight’s dinner in NYC. Shrillary, meanwhile, hasn’t had a rally since last Tuesday. She finally has a rally in Cleveland, OH tomorrow. That’s TEN days after her last rally!

    Shrillary’s upcoming schedule:

    Thursday 10/20: napping, rehearsing snarky jokes for tonight’s dinner
    8:00 pm – Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner – Waldorf Astoria, Manhattan

    Friday 10/21: Cleveland, OH – Get Out the Vote rally

    Saturday 10/22: Pittsburgh, PA and Philadelphia, PA – Get Out the Vote rallies with Tim Kaine

    Monday 10/24: New Hamshire – Get Out the Vote rally with Elizabeth Warren

    Tuesday 10/25: Florida – Get Out the Vote rally

    Wednesday 10/26: Florida – Get Out the Vote rally

    That’s five rallies in a period of six days, (taking Sunday off), in four states. While Trump is doing six rallies today, Friday, and Saturday in four states.

    Also, starting next week, Shrillary will be deploying “celebs” for “Get Out the Vote Performances” in the final stretch:

    Thursday 10/27: Pittsburgh, PA – Jon Bon Jovi

    Saturday 10/29: Miami, FL – Jennifer Lopez

    Saturday, 11/5: Tampa, FL – Jon Bon Jovi

    Saturday, 11/5: Philadelphia, PA – Katy Perry

    1. “She never did answer the question whether she would accept the outcome of the election.”

      At this point, what difference does it make?

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  9. My gut feeling is her support is somewhere south of 25% with the actual voting public. Maybe way south. The illusion that she is winning is strictly media driven AstroTurf.

    Horrible personalty. Not at all likeable. Grins like a ventriloquist’s dummy. Serious, well known health issues. Complete lack of crowds. Can’t fill a High School gym.

    Trump is blowing out the walls in large venues.

    If this goes the way I think it will, bet on massive suicides on the 9th..

  10. Hopefully the plane wasn’t in the air when the brave reporter asked the question? It could have been quite painful to have been kicked out.

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  12. Hillary, Donna Brazile, and Jesus all suffered persecution — their importance in that order.

    So that’s how they do it, “I don’t know nothing,” “Those thief in the night emails — I seen doctored emails.”

    Funny how Donna Brazile goes ebonics when she gets emotional — wonder if it’s real or if she’s spinning for the AfAm sympathy. I am ashamed that I used to respect her and thought her a smart and unbiased person.

    And, yes, Hillary is a nasty woman.

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  14. Have democrats honored the results of the many referendums and propositions on the ballot around the country? Heck no! When conservative thought wins these votes, the left runs to their buddies in the courts and gets them overturned. Think about how many times this has happened. Don’t lecture us about honoring the will of the people!

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