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Trump Supporters Make an Uninvited Guest Appearance on CNN

This is hilarious. CNN keeps trying to do these outdoor panels before the debates, and each time – this is the second I’ve noticed – Trump supporters show up to overwhelm the conversation with noise.

The panelists do a pretty good job of pretending nothing is going on, but it has to be disconcerting. Notice Dan Balz says Trump in the debate needs “to be more subdued,” which is probably which is probably a Freudian slip pertaining to the hostile crowd behind him.

I can’t imagine viewers are paying much attention to what anyone is saying with this spectacle going on. Which of course, is the point. They may as well be broadcasting from an Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day.

12 Responses to Trump Supporters Make an Uninvited Guest Appearance on CNN

  1. Geo W Bush made a distinction right after 9/11. He said, you’re either with us or against us.

    The same goes for this election. You are either willing to put up with the establishment or you are not.

    Its not about the candidate, its about the future.

    Unfortunately, most voters do not see through the front page headlines.


    • Actually, he said either you’re with us or with the terrorists.

      The left hijacked that quote and claimed W. was being divisive. Don’t fall into their trap.

  2. I had a laugh when the cameraman tried to shoot up from the floor to eliminate the background of all of the trump supporters but was unable to cut out the supporters.

    • Like Trump, they have learned to use Alinsky tactics–this time, of course, aimed at Hillary and Co. Does it get any better than this? Trump is a fighter, and the Hillary people don’t like it one bit.

      Imagine how Cruz, Bush, Marco, Carson etc would have reacted to all these endless attacks from the Hillary people. The Clinton Machine would have turned them all into ground hamburger by now. Not Trump. He gives as good as he gets, Alinsky tactics-wise. Must be driving the Clinton people crazy. Explains why they and the media seals are all whining like spoiled school children now. Hillary: “I can’t figure out why I am not 50 points ahead by now.” Your own techniques have been turned against you, that’s why, Hillary. Apparently, they don’t teach countermeasures in Alinsky School.

  3. Notice the opening graphic, shows Hillary already having more than enough electoral college votes–according to cnn!

    Not sure why we should hold election. Let’s just hand Hillary the clown car and the keys to the White House tonight.

    • The Washington Post declared (yesterday or today) that Clinton has already won. That’s how arrogant they are. Hillary cannot win this race honestly, and I do believe her own internal polls (which we’ll never see, of course) show she’s in big trouble. That’s why they are completely hysterical in Hillary land. She can only win if she cheats, rigs the election in any of the ways rigging an election has been raised to an art form by the Democrats.