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GOP Super PAC Uses Michelle’s Words Against Hillary

A pro-Trump Super PAC is running a new ad using 2008 footage of Michelle Obama questioning the ethics of the Clintons.

The ad, titled “Can’t Run Her House,” is by the Make America Number 1 Super PAC.

So many ironies here.

One, of course, is that Michelle Obama is out giving speeches about Donald Trump’s morals and supporting Hillary Clinton when she previously thought Hillary’s ethics weren’t much to be proud of. Seems like Mrs. Obama, who spends millions of taxpayer dollars traveling to her far-flung, exorbitant vacations and listens ardently to Beyonce and Jay-Z’s women-trashing music, is the new arbiter of what is right is what is wrong.

But what’s particularly delicious is Hillary’s new habit of quoting Michelle’s pseudo-maxim, “When they go low, we go high.” In fact, both of them know their way around gutter politics.

8 Responses to GOP Super PAC Uses Michelle’s Words Against Hillary

  1. About Michelle and the FirstLady thing:
    It was only a matter of time that someone would take the FLotUS title and use it to batter the public with unwanted DoThis/NotThat tirades.
    A strange combo of private citizen, but living in the WhiteHouse has led to some outrageous luxury travel at our expense, while claiming to only be doing what they have always done.
    There’s no one who can justify the Martha’s Vineyard vacay, or the jaunt to Hawaii as a normal summer/winter experience for the Obamas.
    Likewise, the trips to Africa, the Eastern Island nations, the skiing, the NYCity shopping sprees, et al were never a part of the Obama family experience.

    Now we have a FLOTUS sticking her nose into the Presidential campaign using OUR money to fly hither and yon to support the candidate she likes. She’s a private citizen and entitled to her opinion….but not when OUR plane has to take her to different locations to promote anyone.
    It’s too late in this Obama term to do anything, but we can only hope that future FLOTUSs show some restraint in their private travels, and stick to the private citizen description and keep their opinions private.

  2. So true, Keith. They have a PhD in Gutter Politics!

    What a difference a ‘legacy’ makes. It’s no secret that these two families despise each other. It was also Mooch who wouldn’t allow HRC to be the VP for her husband. She wanted her as far away from the WH as possible.

    It’s also no secret that the Clintons were never invited for a private dinner at the WH during Obama’s reign of terror.

    But Hillary now refers to MO as her ‘dear friend’ whenever she quotes her ‘we go high’ pseudo maxim. Ugh.

    Nov. 8 will be the sorriest day in history for the American electoral system. Will we be able to survive two back-to-back totalitarian regimes?
    Obama hasn’t even finished up his handiwork yet. God help us all!