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College Clinton Supporters Can’t Name any of Her Accomplishments

These students at Georgetown University, which is supposed to be a damned good school, are stumped when asked what particular accomplishment of Hillary’s leads them to want to vote for her.

Oh, well, poor kids, they can be excused, because there aren’t any.

Trump certainly has his warts, big ones. But the answer, in this case, his easy.

1. He’s made billions of dollars.
2. He had a hit TV show that ran for years
3. He’s written more than a half-dozen books, including bestsellers.


I think this goes straight to the point of the election. Hillary Clinton is the status quo. She is nothing. She’s done nothing. Trump is dynamic and promises change. We don’t, uh, exactly know what he’ll do. But we have some idea, and we know he will do something.

Something HUGE. And with the country on track to dissolution, many have concluded that only huge change can save us.

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    • My daughter applied and after the interview (it was conducted locally by an alumni) she said she hoped she didn’t get in. The interviewer was upset that she hadn’t done an on campus tour before applying. My philosophy was, wait util you get accepted and then go look. But really? That was the most important thing to him? Not her accomplishments?

  1. Trump does have his warts.
    So did JFK while in office.
    Bill Clinton made a mockery of the presidency.
    And we can add to that list Obama, who goes overseas and rips America.

    I don’t care if Trump isn’t some saint that now the left is exposing.
    He was a private citizen then.

    Now he has said that he wants to make America great again.

    He has the reputation of hiring the best people for the job at hand.
    His new job is to save this country from ruin by the liberals.

    Our inner city slums are the result of years of democratic corruption.
    If given another chance, they will do the same to the entire country.

    Trump wants to make America great again.
    The politicians it seems are determined to destroy it.

    I say, give the successful businessman a chance.

  2. Oh, she accomplished quite a bit.

    She was able to find a man who was going places, got him to say “I do,” and stood by him through all of his assorted sorta sordid sorties with other women.

    She was able to parlay a marriage of convenience into a Senate seat, then a posh office in Foggy Bottom, while she was globetrotting on the taxpayers’ dime.

    And now she’s just a few weeks from the tyranny of the ignorants elevating her to “Madam President.”

    Nice scam, if you can make it work.

  3. Well, sure she’s got accomplishments. For example, she’s now accused of stealing furniture from the State Department to furnish her Washington residence. That’s an accomplishment, isn’t it? She got caught stealing stuff from the White House and got caught, so she tried to plan the State Department theft more carefully. Looks like that might not turned very well, either.

    And this:
    “FBI docs show Hillary was accused of stealing furniture from State Dept.”

    • My dream in jr. high was to go to Georgetown, major in History-Political Science-International Relations, and have a career in CIA or National Security…(I read too many Tom Clancy novels -LOL)
      Yet over the years I have seen how Georgetown has become an overpriced liberal/left wing/PC cesspool.

      • I was lucky. I got in and out before the crazies took over. Good education, good career. Also in grad school we were part of the consortium so what GU lacked we could take at GU, American or Catholic.

        The President of GU turned it into the cesspool that it is. I refuse to support it anymore.

      • LS – That was the career dream of many of my classmates. Many of them are locked in windowless rooms working away. First one of those I saw … freaked me out.

        But then some are living the Clancy dream. :) And I’ll bet you made wise career choices since jr high school.

  4. You have to know that your examples of Trump’s accomplishments put him on par with Kim Kardashian. Despite his billions he has accomplished nothing of substance or that added to the world in any meaningful way. On the contrary has often detracted from it. I have no idea what gives you any sense he’ll be able to accomplish anything except continue to be the worst sort of blowhard. He is and will continue to be an embarrassment as well as an awful, awful role model for children. That’s not to say he’s not the best candidate, but man I need something more than ‘The Apprentice’ to not feel utterly depressed as I pull that lever.