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Video || Stephen Colbert Helps Obama with His Resume

16 thoughts on “Video || Stephen Colbert Helps Obama with His Resume”

    1. For you Patty. Scott Fovel has been fired.

      James O’Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII

      BREAKING: @scottfoval one of the operatives in the tapes has been FIRED! @seanhannity is reporting live now! #BirdDogging #Veritas

      Unfortunately it is probably a typical Dem move. Make an example of him, after they did the deal and placed him elsewhere and made sure he had means for a comfortable life.

      That said, by recognizing this “one bad apple” the door inches open a little wider for voters on the fence.

  1. He’s never going away, is he. Barack and Michelle will be sticking their noses into everything after January thinking they have the answers to America’s problems.
    Will a PresClinton appoint MrObama Sec of State – a quid pro quo promise made years ago? Will the Mrs be appointed as Ambassador to the UN or will some new job title be invented to keep her close?
    Will a PresTrump be able to keep the former WhiteHouse occupants at arm’s length and out of sight?
    The thought of an Obama face in the news after January 2017 is discouraging. ach.

    1. “The thought of an Obama face in the news after January 2017 is discouraging.”

      Not to me. I haven’t paid any attention to those two grifters for years. Any time he or she come on the TV? Click.

      That won’t change one bit after January. Permanently on ignore.

    Wikileaks has exposed another Quisling.
    Glenn Thrush, chief political correspondent for Politico, sent an article to Podesta for approval and wrote ” because I have become a hack, please don´t share or tell anyone that I did this “.
    Well,this is incredibly embarrassing for any decent man, can Thrush go on as a journalist after this ? There is absolutely no reason for reading anything from his pen after this.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I was unaware of the comment and share by Thrush. The wikileaks are rich with media and party collusion and corruption and they will barely see the light of day in the American MSM or get seen by the voting public.

      Thrush — he will remain a hack. He will be published, lauded, and accepted.

      I saw an article somewhere about Sweden allowing the flying of the ISIS flag. Hard to tell what is and is not true and put it in context.

      Probably the first thing HRC would do is lower the American Flag at WH and put up her own. It will probably have a crown on it.

      1. Grace, I believe that the context is that a Syrian man , living in Sweden, ( unfortunately….) posted a merry picture of himself waving this flag on his Facebook. It was reported to the police as “hate-speech” but the prosecutor decided not to prosecute. ISIS flag was not, according to her decision, to be considered “hate speech” while a Nazi swastika is. Well, I certainly see no difference between these two symbols. Stupid decision.

      1. As far I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with using the word “pussy”, as I believe it’s short for someone who is pusillanimous:



        1. lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; timid.

        2. proceeding from or indicating a cowardly spirit.

  3. For someone who snottily suggested the Presidency isn’t a reality show, this clown sure does seem to spend a lot of time on TV doing just that.

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